Reasons why even happy couples break up?

Break Up

Break up: for many, it happens that an ideal married couple seems to live somewhere nearby. You look at them with envy, because they are so happy: they never swear, they spend the whole weekend together. And suddenly, like a bolt from the blue, they divorce. Why? What happened? How is this possible? Let’s try to understand why even immaculate relationships are crumbling.

You think of an affair as a betrayal, it is a “reset” of relations

From childhood, we are hammered into the head that there is no place for a third person in a relationship. The basis of a strong union is monogamy. So lived our parents, the parents of our parents, etc. However, let’s be honest. At all times there was adultery, only then they were more carefully concealed.

Today, many psychologists interpret the concept of treason in a completely different way. They compare this sinful act with extreme sports, which cause people to release adrenaline into the blood and as a result, a clearer awareness and understanding of their mortal existence.


He suddenly feels a thirst for change, and you are all quite happy

In essence, all people are different. Their dreams and desires are not always similar either. One sees the meaning of life in family happiness, a cozy home, endless care for children. Others feel alive only in constant search for something better (place of work, place of residence and rest, etc.). If your views coincide – of course, this is very good. However, if they are diametrically opposed, then sooner or later they can become a stumbling block in the family idyll that you managed to create.


Missing physical attraction, and it annoys him

Physical relations in the life of two people play an important role. If your temperaments are the same, you can avoid a lot of problems. But most often the opposite happens. One of the partners to calm the number of intimacy is calm, and the other is beginning to annoy. Over time, anger accumulates, dissatisfaction with the partner, which provokes scandals and quarrels, pushes to commit rash acts.


You value relationships, and he prefers loneliness

The times when conscious loneliness was something unacceptable in society have sunk into oblivion. In the modern world, according to the forecasts of specialists, very soon there will be more such people. Therefore, do not be surprised that one day, one of your friends can lure your chosen one to your lonely camp. And this after many years of living together.


Aware, it means armed. Now you know what can ruin your relationship. Be on the alert, and do not think that problems will be solved by themselves. Constantly communicate and find compromises with a partner. Do not allow situations where the only way out is separation.

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