5 Major disadvantages of wives, according to husbands

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Wives: The behavior of the partners until they meet and when they begin to live together, is very different, and these inconsistencies often cause the deterioration of relations or tears. We tried to make a list of the major annoying features of female behavior in couples living together. Look to see if you have similar habits, which keep quiet about your significant other?


Women in the period of romantic encounters are more loyal to the right partner to communicate with other ladies. But as soon as the man decides to share living space, he becomes the subject of ownership, infringement of which is regarded as a mortal sin and a cause for scandal out of the blue. Wife’s reproach to any fleeting look at the opposite sex, a call from a person with a female name, chat with classmates or colleagues in social networks. Jealousy is cute, yet not break the line. After that, jealousy is annoying and causes negativity.



No one is saying that self-criticism is harmful on the contrary, in moderate doses even it is useful. But women tend to engage in self-flagellation without complying with the measures. The most common claims related to his weight, bust size, age-related changes, and appearance in General.

A man tired of continually whine about the fact that his wife has a fat ass, a crooked nose, or short legs. He has chosen you, and it is said that he does not share your criticism of yourself. Even if the wife has little flaws, he considers them insignificant and sees them as much more positive for that love and appreciation for her. Permanent discontent of his wife’s appearance in it kills any desire to contradict and in the end, he will accept her imperfections.

Excessive emotionality

Women by nature are too emotional and sensitive but do not uncontrollably pour out their sentiments to her husband. In the opinion of men, wives overreacting creates unnecessary tension and grounds for conflict. They can ruffle any detail from conversations by SMS to repository Cup.

Excessive Emotionality


Many men complain that women almost always despise men, emphasizing their own superiority and importance. Yes, nature has given us the ability to produce offspring, but do not poke in the face of the man every time you argue. According to husbands, women believe that they are more loaded with commitments and responsibilities that give them the right to blame and criticize men. We, of course, the weaker sex, but to use it at every opportunity is unfair.

The spirit of competition

Men do not understand why women always have to compete and compete. Is that blood? Why can’t you live without comparing yourself with others? The girlfriend’s husband is successful, my neighbor took the child to a better school, a colleague’s salary is higher, and my sister made parents a more precious gift. Why look up to someone, if you can live your values and be happy with what we have?

The Spirit Of Competition

No matter how many claims the men were not wives, they rarely Express them out loud, because you still love and appreciate their chosen ones with all their flaws and problems. But you can relieve them of this task is to love us – eliminate some annoying habits. This will benefit not only you but also your relationship.

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