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Website Promotion

It’s impossible to overestimate how important it is to properly implement a website’s promotion. Without this, you can not only attract visitors but also achieve the delivery of your site in search queries. There are several basic principles on which to build. But you need to start with the main thing – to make the semantic core of the site.

The semantic core is a complete list of queries for which the site will be determined by search robots. How does it work? It’s simple – users enter a query into the search bar, and the robot displays a list of sites that match the query. For example, if you want to find resources about construction, most often ask: “Building a house”, “building materials”, etc.

The requests themselves are divided into several groups:

  • Low-frequency.
  • Mid-frequency.
  • High frequency.

To achieve a high position in the search engine robots among high-frequency queries is almost impossible – competition is too high. And low-frequency does not bring the desired result – they are rarely searched, no more than 300 per month. In comparison, high-frequency queries are introduced up to 10,000 per month.

Therefore, in order not to go in vain, you need to find the best solution. That is, to compose such key queries that will have a small competition, but a high search frequency.

It is important with all the responsibility to approach the question of making requests – this will directly affect the effectiveness of website promotion in the search engines. Initially, you need to independently examine the information provided on your site and think about what queries you would be looking for. You can even ask for advice from friends or relatives.

Thus, you can create a so-called primary list of requests. Of course, it will not be final, in the future, it will have to be corrected several times.

It is also important not to oversaturate the pages of the resource with requests, otherwise, the search engines will perceive it as spam. The ideal number is 3 requests per page. Therefore, if you need to optimize, for example, 60 requests, you will have to create at least 20 pages. Of course, this can not be done immediately, so you need to start from the main page. It is she who has the highest chances of getting into the leading positions of search engines.

Later, when you clearly define which keys you find, you can simply remove superfluous requests.

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