Facial booster: 3 reasons to buy a remedy

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Facial Booster

Facial booster: Serum, cream, primer or booster? We know the differences and advantages of this tool and are ready to talk about all the subtleties of use.

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Facial Booster (boost – enhancement, acceleration) is a beauty product that acts as a catalyst and helps the active components of your care to penetrate the skin better and work more efficiently (acts as a conductor). The facial booster penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin and is able to retain moisture, but most often its texture is very light, so it can not replace the usual face cream. Especially if you have dry skin.

The composition of such products can be very different. Among the active ingredients: antioxidants, antibacterial ingredients, essential and vegetable oils, vitamins and nutrients. Recently, brands have increasingly begun to include probiotics in them (“living microorganisms”, which in the right doses have a healing effect on the microorganism). They saturate the skin with vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins and beneficial elements.

The concentration of active substances in the booster is much higher than in serum. Impressive?

Three reasons to buy a facial booster:

1. The main goal is to make the skin’s general condition

So simple and totally complicated. This distinguishes the product from serum, which does not affect the general condition, but solves a specific problem (most often one). The facial booster stabilizes the protective barrier to our skin, which fights against toxins, irritants and the negative effects of the external environment. In addition, this tool retains moisture in the cells.

2. Your care will be much more effective.

All active ingredients will not only affect the skin but also improve the penetration of others. Therefore, wait for the “magic” effect of the funds that have long been used.

3. Transform the skin after a “tumultuous party”

A facial booster with active ingredients is able to “revive” your skin no worse than a detox mask. If this is already in the arsenal, add a couple of drops to it. You are guaranteed instant results! Vitamin C is often added to the booster, which will refresh the skin and give a gentle glow from the inside.

How to use

It all depends on the brand and the product. The technique of use is completely different. Most often, such a tool should be applied before a care product – serum or cream. You can also add to your face cream or mask, as this product blends well with others. But it is better not to neglect the recommendations in the instructions – this is where manufacturers write about incompatibility with some components. Sometimes booster or serum may contain ingredients that make the skin more sensitive to sunlight. Cream with SPF has not been canceled!

Can a booster be an independent tool?

As we already said, the booster is able to retain moisture in the cells. This distinguishes it from other means. Yes, this product can be used on its own (without other care). But this option is suitable for combination or oily skin, as it has a very light texture. Good base on hot days. For dry – moisture will not be enough.

When to wait for the result?

It all depends on the “concept” of the booster and the active components (composition). It can be instantaneous or “cumulative”. Such a product is worthy of attention, because it is not necessary to use it every day, but can be used as an SOS tool if necessary.

By the way, initially the booster was a cosmetic product for the face, but now there are products for hair, nails and even lips. This once again proves that the beauty market is developing very fast!


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