Trip to restaurant: rules of conduct

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A trip to a restaurant for a woman is usually an exciting event – it’s not every day that we allow ourselves to indulge in an elite setting. There is a special etiquette of behavior in such institutions. Consider the basic rules for women to feel comfortable and natural in a restaurant.

Rules of conduct for the trip to the restaurant


Before you choose the toilet, it is good to know which institution you go to. Try to find out more about this place. If this is a high-class restaurant, where the appropriate level of service, you need to choose a luxurious outfit and elegant makeup. If this is a thematic institution, then you can dress up less elegantly. But everything, from hair to shoes, should be consistent with the image as a whole.


At the entrance

Leave outerwear, bags, bags in the wardrobe. If a lady is allowed in a restaurant in a raincoat, then, sitting down, you should not begin to straighten it. Mirrors in the hall serve to make sure that the appearance is immaculate. If you notice that you need to fix makeup or hair, leave the bathroom.

If the table is already booked, the satellite itself leads you to it. If not, then the head waiter will take you to the table. The first is followed by a woman, and behind her – a man.

At The Entrance

Etiquette at the table

In accordance with the rules, a man chooses a table and a place where you will sit. He is also obliged to move the chair back and help you get settled.

You can be the first to break the prolonged silence, but you absolutely cannot make noise and laugh loudly. Behave naturally: even tone, calmness, and ease – this is quite enough.

Etiquette At The Table

Choose a dish, most often, the woman allows the satellite. But you can do it yourself. If you are interested in an unfamiliar dish, invite a waiter, he will tell.


When choosing dishes, think about how neatly and aesthetically you can use it. Pay attention to more simple dishes. A quail, baked bony fish, or tough meat is better to ignore. If it turns out that the menu is in a language you don’t know, feel free to ask for advice.

Do not order a lot. Prefer hot meals and snacks. According to the rules of etiquette, a man should offer his lady a dessert. But if this does not happen, and you really want it, feel free to order it yourself.


As you can see, there is nothing difficult in restaurant etiquette for a woman. All rules are simple and logical. If you follow these recommendations, the meal will be pleasant and easy. And of course, do not forget to say thanks to your companion for a great time.

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