In the archives found 29 of the funniest marriage announcements of the 19th and 20th centuries

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Funniest Marriage Announcements

Funniest marriage announcements: In our time, very often meet on the Internet: Dating sites, social networks, interest groups. Regular information about himself now sounds like this: “Man, 28 years. Seeking a girl for a serious relationship” or “Girl, 18. Looking for a loving guy.”

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But in the late 19th-early 20th centuries were acquainted with completely different purposes! People gave ads in Newspapers marriage and often looked for a good rich party. Offer you to get acquainted with the marriage announcements of the past years, most of them may seem fun and funny.

Funniest marriage announcements of the 19th and 20th centuries

1. Rich

In Canada, farmers 2 assistant, with the goal of marriage wish to enter into conversation with young widows and young ladies. Biography and photograph to be sent: Moscow, Leontief lane., d. 17, edited by Sidorova, “the Canadian”

2. Spare sailor

Spare sailor, 28 years old, wishes to meet the lady, not over 24 years. The purpose of marriage. I’m alone, no one to unburden himself, I want a quiet family life. Looking for money, highly educated please do not worry. The anonymous postcards will not answer.

3. Wish

I wish only a General marriage of active goals.

4. Beautiful with mermaid eyes

Beautiful, mermaid eyes, all woven from nerves and originality, calls for a celebration of life intelligent, a very fine gentleman, capable of strong vibrant feel; the goal is marriage.

Beautiful With Mermaid Eyes

5. With a very full

With a very full lady, even though older, will meet a respectable gentleman 40 HP, provided by the service. The purpose of marriage.

5. A single man

A single man of 33 years wants to get acquainted with a special, mutual sympathy marriage. Pretty sympathetic character, the merchant, don’t smoke, don’t play cards. The secrecy of correspondence is guaranteed an honest word.

6. Intelligent

Intelligent, lone merchant, 37 years old, has about 20 years of business. The annual turnover of about 1,511.53 United States Dollar, wants to meet for the purpose of marriage with the young lady or widow, not over 30 years. Would prefer a brunette, tall, full, with a capital.

7. Address

Address for letters wanting me to come the quick way of life of our human body in the growing movement to infinite eternity: Kiev, Aleksandrovskaya str., 5, a new artist.

8. Parents are looking for

Parents looking for his son a good wife, with a dowry as he is a good public position and has their money. Responded will not regret it. Please write all the details, truthfully. The past does not concern you. The purpose of marriage.

9. A young independent girl

Independent young widow, pretty. From an aristocratic family, calling for a happy marriage. Distance not to be shy. Preference to the military.

A Young Independent Girl

10. At the age of 37

At the age of 37, I wish to marry the right person age and looks. Intelligent and businesslike. Desirable picture. To apply in writing.

11. Pure relaxation poetry

Who does not accept the narrow bourgeois prose of life, seeking rest in pure poetry? The landowner’s daughter, a hereditary noblewoman, divorced, 25 years old, speak very pretty and interesting, brunette, of medium height, moderately plump, with a deep soul and a sensitive, responsive heart, much to suffer and almost lost faith, would like to meet intelligent assistant, upper class, seeking, like her, the possible embodiment of beauty in life. Requests to write seriously and in detail, if possible with a photographic card.

12. I’m thirty years old

I’m thirty years old, brown hair, average height, have 20 000 annual income, would like to meet a pretty woman. To visit theatres, ride in the best city in the frosty night, and then warm up over a glass of wine. After the serious study of each other, I do not mind to marry and to offer a lady all the pleasure of life.

13. Son-in-law in the house

Son-in-law into the house looking for decent, young, and educated, at least without funds.

Son-In-Law In The House

14. Come on, ladies!

Come on, ladies, don’t be lazy, write soon if you wish to marry a young officer with a good and cheerful character. Only need kindness, cheerfulness, and grace. For yourself means not looking, but they are necessary for your own security.

15. The poet is mad

The poet-madman, the mystical anarchist, who walks over the abysses, calls from afar the one that dares to go hand in hand with him on the path of life and learn everything. The offer is serious.

16. Come … Charuy … Love …

Want lasting happiness with a handsome, well-endowed person. Law student of the 3rd course. Details in correspondence.

17. I’m so young

I’m so young and the sadness has penetrated into my soul and asks tender feelings. Respond beautiful, kind, musical young lady or widow, honest, moral, vivacious officer-Siberian, 25 years. Never been a fan of filthy lucre, but life has a claim, and therefore it would be desirable a small provision, although it is not the goal. The purpose of marriage. Write to write seriously. Desirable would be a photographic card.

18. Want

Want a beautiful feeling. Would like to meet a strong spirit, an elderly person, an intelligent, educated, sensitive, responsive heart. Call him live many days in love, in truth, in beauty. Youngish, good-looking, intelligent, well-off. The purpose of marriage. The cards will not answer.

19. Poor but honest

Poor but honest girl 23 years old, beautiful and intelligent, looking for a man who’d saved her from poverty and Vice, where she pushes a hard life. Will be grateful to my future husband.

Poor But Honest

20. Come to me

Come to me husband, friend, not under 40, wealthy and kind man. Happy, to warm your lonely life. Widow, 32 years old, intelligent Armenian woman wyaconda., interesting. Thirst for perfect love. Languishing mental solitude. Anonymous did not answer. Goal – marriage. The secrecy of correspondence is guaranteed an honest word.

21. Challenge

Challenge only widows. Cute southerner, student Engineering Institute wants to meet you. The purpose of marriage.

22. Beauty

Beauty, 24 years old, intelligent, brunette, very elegant, blasts in Moscow and Paris in beauty and clothes, looking for Dating goal is marriage, a millionaire older years. Please seriously. Anonymous did not answer.

23. Call

A challenge is thrown to women of the USA by a handsome, young gentleman. I marry a rich person, summer is indifferent.

24. Educated lady

20 years old, educated young lady looking for a husband of a millionaire, certainly the elderly, in order to avoid infidelity.

Educated Lady

25. Without friends, there is no consolation

Without a friend no consolation,
Heart crushed by anguish,
Loneliness without enjoyment,
tends To the bottom of the head.
And in my mind crowding
Duma of the sad crowd,
Friendship, want to respond,
Load divide we are with you!
You examine the fossil
And my call go
Thoughts give flight the courage
And the rewards wait.
I need peace,
On the costs here is not a speech;
I’m looking for in a watch longing
Head on his chest to lie down.

26. Two interesting young ladies

Two interesting young ladies, blonde and brunette, I wish to meet you in order to marry in sympathy with the students by the students or officers of the cavalry.

27. Interesting blonde

Interesting blonde, 20 liters, modest, with a beautiful figure, with beautiful looks, seeking Dating to marriage, only quite wealthy, respectable gentleman. Anonymous did not answer. The secrecy of correspondence is guaranteed.

28. Bride

The intelligent noblewoman, wealthy, good-looking, of medium height, 17 and 18 years old, brunette, educated abroad, looking for fun people to higher education with little support. The goal is marriage, the photographic card needed, anonymous will not respond.


29. Really miss wherever you go

I deeply miss, where I will not go,

Everywhere I wander lonely with anguish,

I cannot find anywhere consolation.

Am I really born that way?

Respond! Comfort Your heart is waiting for a modest

On the chest, you will only find solace,

Only in your caresses, I need

I am young, the riches are rich,

But this is not the point, understand!

You will meet in me only humility.

And quiet happiness in the family will be our lot to both of us.

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