10 Types of guys in a nightclub with whom you are “lucky” to meet

Types of guys in a nightclub

Guys in a nightclub: Girls are constantly waiting for their Prince charming. It seems that knock on the door and the threshold will be It! Look with loving blue eyes, cast in the direction of the unruly blonde curl, and call for him in a distant kingdom. It is unfortunate that in real life is not so simple, you have to take the initiative in their own hands and to meet simple women’s happiness.

With the advent of the Internet, search second half became a little easier. A few clicks – and you are already registered on the popular dating website and after a few minutes I start to receive letters from potential Boyfriends. However, the soulless exchange of e-mail will never replace live communication, no matter how many smileys you are attached to the text.

People are less likely to get out of the house, meeting on the street turned into an atavism. Only a few places where you can relax and meet my only. Boys and girls go out to nightclubs for a variety of purposes. Some wish to party after a hard week, while others strive to communicate with the opposite sex. And really, really amid alcoholic fumes and loud music to find true love?


Types of guys in nightclubs

As you know, the psychological characteristics of different social groups dictate certain behavioral framework. That is why, before answering a vital women’s issue, it is necessary to deal with the most typical representatives of the club subculture. Imagine ten of the subject, which can be found at almost every nightclub in any city in the country.

1. Majors

Rich boys just escaped from under the wing of parents, behave very aggressively, and consider themselves the center of the Universe. I emphasize I do not take into account adequately secured visitors. Majors disrespectful to serviced staff, seek to humiliate waiters, thus attempting to point out its superiority. Absolutely all aspects of life making money. If you find yourself unworthy of such a gift as he won’t have to watch him with awe, then the relationship will fall apart in a matter of minutes.

2. Fish sticking

It all starts with the innocent question, “girl, can to meet you”, but to end or not. In case of refusal, the pursuer will require to explain why you ignored his society, you literally have to be on the Lam or to seek protection from the guard. God forbid, in the early stages you show interest. In this case, the consequences will be much worse. The annoying fan will walk behind you, accompany you almost to the toilet. Very annoying unreasonable outbursts of jealousy, because you know only half an hour.

3. Clear guys

Found in cheap nightclubs. Hallmark – inappropriate clothing, for example, a sports jacket and dark sunglasses in a white frame. The kid came to continue the fun, they were pretty “under the weather”. Almost do not depart from the bar, drinking the cheapest beer or vodka. Reluctant to dance, moving awkwardly, mentally calculating how much alcohol you could buy instead of going to the club.

4. Crouching tiger, hidden dragon

Imagine you’re with your girlfriends at a bachelorette party dancing peacefully, suddenly feeling his waist someone’s sweaty palms. The guy you are absolutely not familiar, and already getting handsy. Agree, similar situation. Unfortunately, the face control at the entrance does not require a certificate from a psychiatrist, and the club is not always allowed decent people. There is a high probability that through the turnstile gets a lover on the sly grinding on the girl’s thigh.

5. Bored

Two options should be considered here: a) the girl was forced to come by his girlfriend; b) he is in the club for work. Statistics show that in a stable relationship, most men are domesticated. They do not need to once again lift the ass from the couch and head to the club in search of a partner.

Bored, who came with their second half, patiently wait for the beloved to spill energy on the dance floor, drink a cocktail and look at the clock. It is clear that to get acquainted with them is not the most brilliant idea. The working contingent includes photographers, marketers of the club, security, journalists, and so on. In this case, everything depends on you.

6. Party people

Neon light – the habitat of a partier. He’s on the short leg with all the staff, from the guards and the bartender, ending with the cleaning lady aunt Glasha. Haunter knows every place in town and flitting from one party to another. Special category – Amateur substances that expand consciousness. It is important for them to use and enjoy a trip to the accompaniment of sounds from the speakers. Ask yourself if you need a guy who disappears at night and swallows dope.

7. The star of the evening

Have you ever paid attention to the contests in nightclubs? MS pulls out of the hordes of tipsy visitors and invites them to embarrass themselves for a symbolic prize. So, there are individuals which do not feed bread, give to participate in leisure activities. They rush to the scene and ready for crazy things for the sake of their own vanity (or immeasurable quantity of alcohol boiling in the veins). The star type is not interested in the relationship in principle, and without them is quite fun. Importantly, the next morning was not ashamed.

8. Foreigners

I perfectly relate to visitors, but sometimes visitors from abroad are behaving too defiantly. “Hey, girl, what legs”, “your mother doesn’t need a son-in-law” and other scrawny little words cause only disgust.  As a rule, foreigners are not looking for a serious relationship, and act on the principle of “stuck, stuck, ran away.” I especially want to mention guests from Muslim countries.

The problem is cultural dissonance. Eastern women dress much more modest than our compatriots, so many, but not all, Muslims consider Slav as a very available girl. If you are satisfied with the sex for one night, feel free to get acquainted with a foreigner at the club. Remember, a citizen of another country is not liable under our laws (the maximum deported), so be extremely careful and do not mess with shady characters.

9. Generous soul

In this subject, there are two subspecies. The first is “drunk friend,” littering money only during the condition of deep alcoholic intoxication. To know him is simple: uneven gait, shouting “I’m buying, can afford,” around him a lot of hangers-on, wanting a free drink. Of course, that’s not the person I want to Wake up in the morning.

The second subspecies is a “dedicated hunter”. The guy spent the whole night laps along the bar in search of the perfect victim. He periodically sits down next to the bored girls, treats them with cocktails, and then offers to go to visit him. I don’t need to explain that the love and light feelings here and does not smell.

10. Normal guys

Almost endangered species, the size of which is only 10% of the total number of visitors. Unremarkable, calm attitude to failure, but if you want you can just treat any girl (without any second thoughts). The night with a normal guy ends with the exchange of numbers and future dates outside of the club.

As they say, those who seek will always find. My best friend met her husband in a nightclub, but not before she ran into 9 types, quite unsuitable for the role of the true chosen one. The main thing is not to get upset and continue to strive to embrace the present, sincere love. Good luck to you!

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