Alexander the Great

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Alexander The Great

Alexander the Great: The Macedonian king, a successful man, the greatest commander, a brilliant military strategist, the most famous and richest man of his time, without fear and doubt, who changed world history, the one who was at the remains of which Gaius Julius Caesar shed a tear, because he realized the full scale of the personality of this once living embodiment of inhuman strength of mind, and also realizing for himself that Caesar could not reach the level of great Greek. His name is Alexander the Great (Alexander the Great).

Alexander of Macedon was born on the territory of modern Greece in 356 BC. At the age of 20 after the death of his father Philip II, Alexander became king of Macedonia, after which he completed the work of his father, the unification of Greek lands into one state.

It should be noted that Philip II made a huge contribution to the future of the legendary son. It was in the battles under the command of Father Alexander that an invincible Greek army was born. The base of the troops was the phalanx – a combat formation, which is a dense formation of soldiers with a depth of usually up to 8 people. The Greek phalanxes were armed, among other things, with long spears (saris). It was this type of weapon that was one of the first to accept the battle.

In addition to the specified technical characteristics, Philip actively used the “Hammer and Anvil” tactics in battle, when the phalanx moves in the frontal area of the main forces of the enemy, and the cavalry enters from the flank, “collapsing” the enemy. Alexander honed this principle to perfection.

In the spring of 334, at the age of 21, Alexander the Great began the legendary campaign to the East and completely conquered the Persian Empire, but it seemed that nothing could stop Alexander the Great in his aspirations. Having become the lord of half the world, Alexander sent his troops towards India, and only at the insistence of his soldiers, tired of a constant stay in military campaigns, decided to turn back.

In almost every battle, a turning point came when the Greek army seemed to be defeated, but Alexander the Great possessed an extraordinary ability to act according to circumstances and change military tactics during the battle. Another noteworthy fact is the difference in the number of enemy troops. The number of soldiers in the Greek army was usually much less, and almost twice: discipline and training did their job.

Alexander was famous for his resourcefulness. When it was necessary to force the Indus and Gidasp rivers, the Greek army built prefabricated watercraft, which, after crossing, were again dismantled and moved in this state to the next river.

When taking the fortress located on the island of Tire, half a mile from the mainland, Alexander tries to conquer it with cunning. Alexander of the Tyrians who met him says that he wants to make a sacrifice to Hercules in a temple on the island. Tyrians understand that letting Alexander in is to surrender the city.

They politely replied that there is a suitable temple on the mainland. Alexander could not restrain his anger: “I will soon show that you live not on the island, but on the mainland.” To the surprise of the Tyrians and their own troops, Alexander decided to take the fortress in an unprecedented way today: he built a kilometer-long pier with a paved road and connected the island to the mainland. 7 months after the start of construction, Tire was captured.

Did Alexander the Great experience fear on the way to achieving his goals? Definitely we will never know, but according to modern historians, the answer is “No.” He was so obsessed with a thirst for victory and conquest that nothing could frighten such a man. Alexander did not sit behind his warriors; he was among the vanguard. Even if fear entered the heads of the Greek army, watching their young king in front, the soldiers did not think to retreat.

Alexander the Great is one of the most prominent representatives of a single-minded person. If you want something, and your intentions are so strong that you don’t even think about fear, you can get everything you want.

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