The skinny people of the world: women and men: Top 10

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Skinny People

We live in an era when many women and men are trying their best to look “thin like a reed.” The cult of a lean body has become an obsession for some celebrities, leading to anorexia.

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But not all the thin people in the world intentionally subject their bodies to suffering in order to avoid hated kilos. There are those who are forced to live with a serious illness that makes them look like a victim of a concentration camp.

We present you the brief history and photos of the skinny people on Earth.

The thinnest women in the world:

5. Ioana Spangenberg – weight 38 kg

Ioana Spangenberg

The Romanian model assures that her lean body is a natural gift, not the result of starvation. In most interviews, she disputed rumors that her appearance was caused by food restrictions. She even said that she was trying to gain weight by leaning on high-calorie foods, such as kebabs, and was still snacking on pizza and chips.

The waist of Ioana is only 50.8 cm in volume, thanks to which she received the nickname “man-hourglass.” However, she is still far from Katie Jung, recognized as the “queen of the corset”. The waist volume of this 81-year-old woman is 38.1 centimeters. She first wore a corset during her wedding in 1959 and has since worn it constantly. In fact, Katie was dressed in a corset 24 hours a day.

The exact cause of Joana’s thinness is unknown, but some health experts attribute this to rapid metabolism.

4. Elizabeth Velasquez – weight 29 kg

Elizabeth Velasquez

Born March 13, 1989, Elizabeth (Lizzie) Velazquez is currently considered the ugliest woman in the world. But this is not the fault of exhausting diets, but of the extremely rare Wiedemann syndrome – Rautenstrauch. Only three people on the planet suffer from it, and Lizzy is one of them. This condition also causes premature aging – just like progeria. Now the girl looks older than her age.

To live, Lizzy must eat every fifteen minutes. Therefore, it consumes from 5000 to 8000 calories per day. Despite such a painful condition, Lizzy is a well-known motivational speaker and author of the autobiography book “The Story of the Ugliest Woman in the World Who Has Become the Happiest”.

3. Valeria Levitin – weight 25 kg

Valeria Levitin

Until 2014, Valeria was officially known as the thinnest woman in the world. A resident of Monaco weighed only 25 kilograms, and it remains only to be surprised how she was not blown away by the wind. She suffered from anorexia, and all her desperate efforts to regain her lost weight were futile. Anorexia is a very insidious condition that has no single reason. Most experts believe that it is due to a combination of psychological, environmental and biological factors that lead to a destructive cycle of behavior.

Valeria Levitina is a source of inspiration for young girls who want to learn from the mistakes of others. She traveled to different parts of the world to warn girls about the dangers of an extreme diet. And she hoped to someday get better in order to fulfill her dream of becoming a mother. However, in 2013, Valeria died.

2. Natalya Zhultaeva – 21 kg

Natalya Zhultaeva

In 2014, the title of the weak woman in the world (of the living ones) went to the Russian woman, a resident of the village of Forstadt near Verkhneuralsk. After breaking up with the guy, Natalya from a beautiful, moderately well-fed girl, gradually began to turn into walking “skin and bones”. She ate very little and only when her family insisted on it.

As a result, Zhultayeva’s weight reached a life-threatening mark of 21 kg. An ordinary six-year-old weighs so much.

Her story gained all-Russian fame after, in December 2014, Natalia and her mother took part in the popular program “Let them talk.”

Fortunately, thanks to the efforts of doctors and the care of her mother, the girl was able to overcome her condition. In 2015, information appeared that Natalya was recovering.

1. Kristina Karyagina – 17 kg

Kristina Karyagina

Food problems began with 26-year-old Christina in her childhood. And the result is obvious. 17 kilograms – that’s how much the weak person in the world weighs. More precisely, weighed. To save the girl from the terrible consequences of anorexia nervosa took the therapist Jan Goland. He worked with his special patient for free.

Thanks to his efforts, Christina was able to believe in herself, began to eat right, and recovered by one kilogram. For people with an eating disorder, this result is already a huge leap forward. Now Koryagina has big plans for the future, she intends to enter graduate school and defend her thesis. However, so far she is the thinnest woman not only in Russia but also in the world.

The thinnest ( skinny people ) men in the world:

5. Tom Staniford – weight 65 kg

Tom Staniford

The Briton, born July 1, 1989, is one of eight people in the world who suffer from MDP syndrome. He has no subcutaneous fat and cannot gain weight. The reason for this rare condition is still a mystery to doctors.

However, this syndrome failed to break Tom’s life. He leads a perfectly normal life – both professional and personal. In 2011, he even became the Paralympic Cycling World Champion.

4. Christian Bale – 55 kg

Christian Bale

“Is he really the skinny person in the world?” – reader may exclaim indignantly, looking at the photo of the magnificent Hollywood handsome man. And you look at him in the movie “The Engineer”. For the role of a man who has not been sleeping for a year, one of the most beautiful actors in the world has thrown off 30 kg. And with a height of 186 cm, it began to weigh 55 kilograms, resembling a walking skeleton. And could you make such sacrifices for the sake of art?

3. Jeremy Gillitzer – weight 30 kg

Jeremy Gillitzer

Once upon a time, Jeremy was a star in the modeling business, with stunning shapes and great biceps. But he was dissatisfied with his weight and decided to lose weight. Usually, people are happy when they get rid of a couple of extra pounds. Jeremy was not enough. He took laxatives to become even thinner, although he looked like a mummy. Gillitzer struggled with anorexia and bulimia for almost 25 years.

As a result, his body was so empty that the man could hardly stand. Jeremy Gillitzzer, who won the dubious title of “the skinny guy in the world” (if you take people of normal height), died on June 2010 from complications associated with an eating disorder.

2. Gul Mohammed – weight 17 kg

Gul Mohammed

In 1957, the most ordinary baby was born in the Indian city of Delhi. It is unlikely that his parents knew such a term as “pituitary dwarfism” (dwarfism), and sounds like that state, which suffered Gul Mohammed. It is rarely diagnosed before three years of age.

Peers Gul grew, and the boy grew very slowly. By adulthood, his height was only 57 centimeters, which allowed him to get into the Guinness Book of Records, as the smallest person in the world. At the age of 40, Mohammed passed away due to persistent respiratory viral diseases.

1. Chandra Bahadur Dangi – weight 12 kg

Chandra Bahadur Dangi

In 2015, the shortest man in history died, whose growth was 54.6 centimeters, and weight – 12 kilograms. During his life, Nepal citizen Chandra Bahadur Dangi suffered from congenital midgets, but he led a normal lifestyle and made a living by selling jute hats.

Thanks to his title, the man was able to fulfill his dream – to visit other countries, and at the same time popularized his native village all over the world.

It is curious that just like ordinary parents dwarf children can be born, so dwarfs can have children with normal growth. It all depends on the cause of dwarfism.

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