An aromatic bath is a great way to relax after a hard day and clean the skin. Talk about the nuances of home treatments?

Relaxing bath with essential oils, herbs and other components have a healing effect, so I have some rules and contraindications.

In order to determine the type of bath — refer to a specialist, who will pick up a certain kind of procedure.

1. Peeling skin

The first thing it is advisable to make before using the baths — to carry out the exfoliation (removing the top dead skin layer). Use a scrub that suits you, because we need to clean, not damage the skin.

Peeling skin

2. Observe the water temperature

Temperature conditions – an important point of the procedure. It depends on how much you can be in the water. Hot streams affect the human body. For example, relaxing hot baths can take 10-20 minutes, and cooler – about 40 minutes.

3. Do not use foaming tools

Foaming agents (gel, foam, shampoo, and others) will interact with the other components that you use to prepare a relaxing bath. This may reduce the main effect of the procedure.

Do not use foaming tools

4. Observe the correct concentration of substances

In order to get the maximum benefit from aromatic baths — calculate the correct concentration of essential oils and other components. Do not add more than five drops of the substance.

5. Take a test drive

Before taking a relaxing bath – make a test for allergic reactions, because essential oils are quite “aggressive.” Such a step “will help” to avoid undesirable consequences.

It is worth refusing such a procedure if you have problems with the work of the heart, gynecological or oncological diseases, as well as other chronic diseases.

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