How to behave in a relationship with a girl?

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What is the relationship between a man and a woman? Fatal inevitability or a happy opportunity?

Since you called yourself a man, it will depend on you how correctly relations with a woman develop.

To be honest, to “engage” in relationships is the prerogative of a woman, basically, she was created for this. And, unlike a man, it is better for a woman herself if she takes place as a wife and mother than as a successful businesswoman. Although one other does not exclude that in reality, it is extremely rare.

Let the woman worry and take care of your love partnership, but do not forget to monitor her actions and adjust them during them. The power transferred into the hands of a woman will harm her, and even more so for you.

Therefore, before embarking on a serious relationship with a girl, remember some rules that you must follow.

How to behave in a relationship with a girl?

1. Be a fatalist

A real woman does not need much. A real woman needs everything!

You and me, dear reader, you cannot break through such exclamations. You and I know for sure that real men, just like women, do not exist, and fake men and women are mannequins in a clothing store. And if you argue absolutely sensibly, then no matter how much you give to any woman, it will still be small.

It’s pointless for a woman to talk about this, since deep inside her is her own opinion on the topic of the male ideal, and sooner or later your chosen one will begin to try to push you into the image of a utopian hero. Sometimes such attempts can benefit the man, but very often it can lead to unnecessary tension in the relationship and frustration.

An ideal man for a woman is an imperious, successful, well-to-do representative of the masculine gender, who can give her unlimited access to material values, while he is in love with a woman as much as possible.

But you have to take a word: let the woman want this, in fact, this is not the main thing for her, but some of the above is not necessary at all.

Striving to become successful and have an inexhaustible craving for self-improvement is your direct responsibility. A woman needs a man with a rod who knows what he wants, who will not bend in front of her, but on the contrary, will control the woman. The success and power of a man follow parallel to the true desires of a woman and do not always intersect.

And due to the fact that a woman is a divine, but insatiable creature who takes everything that is possible, even if it is not necessary, one should not try to be good for her and give her everything that you have. Be merciful, but do not take the position of a wimp. Do not fight with the female essence, be a fatalist.

2. Be natural

This does not mean that you should blow your nose in the presence of a girl and behave in the style of a man living on the street. Of course not.

To be natural is to be yourself. You should not try on other people’s masks and try to seem like a different person.

At the same time, do not confuse such behavior with your personal desire to become better, a thirst for self-development.

Naturalness and spontaneity are important qualities that possess attractive power for women.

3. Be self-confident and authoritarian

In order to behave correctly in a relationship with a girl, you need to understand that a woman loves only a warrior.

You are a man, and you are right. You go through life, doing what you think is necessary. And if you try to hang something else, most likely it will harm you.

If you do not want to lose value in the eyes of a woman, do not let her put pressure on herself. Despite the fact that a woman will periodically try to control and manipulate you, you should stop any attempts of this kind. Be tougher.

This does not mean that a woman is a dumb doll, the opinion of which should not be listened to. Just the final decision should be yours. If a girl asks you for something, under the guise that “us” needs it, anyway, think whether such a request would harm you.

4. Be selfish

You are for the realization of your goals, and she is for you.

A wise woman is happy only when her man is happy. Not all women realize this, but you don’t need everything either. If your companion does not have an understanding of this issue, then it is worth considering why you need such a person.

Adapting to a woman does not make any sense, because she herself will not forgive you for this. I hope the role of the doormat is not your position in life. Therefore, do what you yourself consider necessary.

Women are professional egoists. They do what they want, not caring much about your inner spiritual world. To win, play by their rules, but do not let your girlfriend forget that your rank is higher.

Treat your companion with warmth and respect, but put your interests first. Do not think that you owe something to the girl, and there will be no problems in your relationship.

Do not trust, do not fear, do not ask

1. How to behave in a relationship. Do not believe

Sincere we call a woman who does not lie unnecessarily.

The shades of female deception are characterized by a wide variety: from underreporting and distortion of the truth to direct lies.

Always be on the lookout with a woman and know that she is deceiving you if:

1) She convinces you of something with special enthusiasm

Contrary to public opinion, which is most likely based on the dialogues of grandmothers at the porches, women are good actresses if only because there is no longer Stanislavsky among us.

In other words, if you have sufficient experience in dealing with women, and you have previously caught a girl lying, they will not be able to repeat this dirty trick against you, because there are not so many great actresses and memorable female roles. Chewing and replaying are not uncommon companions of women in attempts to mislead.

In any case, a woman’s overly convincing and emotional speech, aimed at proving something to you, should cause you to be at least wary.

2) She begins to be offended and cry if you can’t convince you

Female tears are a typical attempt at manipulation. You just need to relate – cry and calm down.

If you think that women have a habit of crying for any reason, because they are weak and helpless, you are deeply mistaken.

Why a woman can cry:

  1. She wants to get from you what she cannot get in another way.
  2. She is trying to hide the truth or lie. The purpose of this behavior is to pretend to be helpless and offended, thus throwing the blame on you. And then, if you are a good “teddy bear,” perhaps she will forgive you. Well, you naturally swallow a woman’s lie, because they promised you forgiveness.

3) She pauses to answer your questions

Few women can answer questions quickly, clearly, and in a case. Well, if a woman has to answer convincingly and at the same time lie, the speed of her reaction will slow down even more.

In order to pause before answering a question, girls can do the following:

  1. Mysterious smile.
  2. Slow down or shrug.
  3. Squint at you.
  4. Cross arms on the chest or go to the window.

And only after these manipulations give you an answer while speaking more slowly than usual.

If this happened, they’re lying to you. Try to rephrase the question and ask it in a different form, in different conditions and at another time.

4) She answers questions with questions

  1. Why you do not believe me?
  2. Why are you interested?
  3. Why do you need to know all this?

After a woman gets enough time to think about what to answer, the sweetest lie in the world will pour in your address.

5) She takes the conversation to another topic or tries to keep you busy

  1. Instead of receiving an answer, you inexplicably made love, after which you forgot that you were asking about something.
  2. Your friend suddenly remembered that she urgently needed to make a very important call.
  3. “Accidentally” crashed saucer, and your beloved need to pick up the pieces.

And again a lie? .. Calm. Do not freak out and do not twitch. You are a man, so use logical thinking, collect more facts and analyze what happened.

Think about why your girlfriend does this. Perhaps this is an absolute trifle. Maybe you are acting too harsh, and you have to hide something. Do not be a tyrant, but do not let a fool make yourself out.

If you managed to reveal a woman’s lie several times, tell the girl that you should not deceive you because the next time will be the last.

2. How to behave in a relationship. Do not be afraid

Are you afraid that a woman will offend you

No matter how men swagger, fear of a woman still exists.

We are afraid that they will send us away, insult us with words, and treat us scornfully. In general, men are afraid to get hit on their self-esteem.

Treat these things calmly because the woman is not able to evaluate you objectively. Women other people. They will be able to assess your hair, perfume, car. But to understand what you really are, it is unlikely they will succeed. So don’t worry.

You’re afraid to be insolvent

Yes, you’re a man. But still, you are a man, not a robot. You’ll often have to make choices and decisions, sometimes even incorrect, not without concessions and compromises. There is nothing terrible and to similar situations should be treated calmly.

You should not put yourself on a par with God, because a woman does not need the Supreme for relations. Each of us wants to see a person of flesh and blood nearby, and lovely ladies are no exception.

Do not be afraid that in some areas of your life your girlfriend will be better than you. This is just as normal as having your advantages over a woman in other matters.

Don’t be afraid to appear insolvent in bed. There are many negative factors: stress, alcohol, age. Women know this, and your companion also worried about you during sex. Well, if you heard the banter, just show the lady the door. By the way, in this case, you have a better chance to sleep.

You’re afraid to lose a woman

Well, a man. Let me remind you that woman is not your purpose in life.

And even if your girl valuable to you and is very precious, don’t let her see this clearly in a manner excessively needy, do not stick out and not hyperbolizing their feelings. You should not throw the trump card, because as soon as the woman found your weak spot, wait for the shot right there.

Realizing that the girl is for you, exceptional value, your level of significance, it is automatically reduced. While the idea of their own uniqueness will make the friend you to control and manipulate you with threats of disconnection. Do you need it?

But if the case has already gone too far cloth her way. Male self-sufficiency and independence are much more of any woman, especially, it is essential women do not exist. There are no women, which cannot be replaced by another.

3. How to behave in relationships. Don’t ask

A woman has nothing to ask for. Love, physical intimacy, respectful attitude are things that are strictly forbidden to beg for.

The woman herself will give you everything that you want because she also needs all this from you. But she will not scatter her valuables with beggars. But a self-sufficient, self-confident man is another matter.

Do not forget that your rank in relationships is higher, and then the woman herself will be interested in your person.

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