Properly selected sunscreen with SPF-factor – a pledge of beautiful sunburn and good mood. We tell what kind of sunscreen there are and how to choose the right one.

Why do you need to use sunscreen?

Means with SPF-factor create on the skin a so-called protective screen, helping to avoid the destructive effect of ultraviolet rays. Regular use of sunscreen will protect the skin from sunburn, premature aging and the appearance of pigmented spots, as well as reduce the risk of skin cancer.

How to decipher the value of the SPF factor?

The abbreviation SPF stands for “sun protection factor”. To calculate how many minutes a particular cream will protect your skin, you need to multiply the figure of the factor by the time for which you would be burned without cream. For example, if you bought a cream with SPF-30 and you can get a sunburn in 15 minutes, multiply 30 by 15. You get 450 minutes of sun protection. The higher the factor, the safer the Sanskrit.

sunscreen SPF 50

What is the sunscreen means?

Sunscreens differ in the area of application, texture, and format.


  • Leather

Must have not only for beach rest but for everyday life in the city. To care for the face and body, it is worth choosing individual means: the components of the body cream can be too aggressive for the face and help block the pores.

  • Hair

    Solar protection is simply necessary for dry, damaged or colored hair. Such tools will soften the effect of the sun on the structure of the hair and will not allow the strands to burn out.

spf 50


  • Cream

    The thick consistency of the product forms a denser coating on the skin and is suitable even for people with the lightest skin.

  • Lotion

    The texture of the lotion is lighter than that of the cream. It is quickly absorbed (it can be worn almost immediately after application), and is also suitable for use on the face skin.

  • Molochko

    Milk is very simply distributed evenly over the skin due to the more liquid texture than the cream. However, it is more quickly absorbed and washed off with water, so renew the coating more often.

  • Butter

    This tool is easy to apply, it gives the body a beautiful shine and is well suited for dry and sensitive skin. But the oils rarely have a high SPF-factor, and therefore it is better to use them on a slightly dark skin.


  • Spray

    It is applied most easily, therefore it is well suited for field conditions. Can be represented by a thick foam, or liquid particles of the agent. For those who have just stepped into the sun, the first option is preferable.

  • Bottle with dispenser

    It is good that it produces a remedy in small portions, which can easily be distributed to the whole body.

  • Tube

    Due to the compact size, it is convenient to transport. If the tube volume is less than 100 ml, it can even be carried in hand luggage.

sunscreen stuffs

Which products are suitable for different types of skin


Happy owners of normal skin type will suit almost any SPF-tool. However, it is better to avoid too thick textures, so as not to cause excessive production of sebum.

Sensitive and dry

For these types of skin is to choose the moderately thick cream or oil with a natural composition in which there will be no allergens. Often, for dry and sensitive skin, only means with SPF-factor from 50 and above are suitable – so the skin suffers less from ultraviolet radiation.

Problem Skin

Those who are close to the problem of acne or excessive skin fat, it is worth using sunscreen fluids and emulsions, especially for face care. The agent should not clog pores and be too “heavy”.

How to properly sunbathe and use SPF-funds: doctor’s advice

  • It is recommended for 4 months before the summer season to start using beta-carotene, that is, provitamin A. Then your tan will be smoother, more beautiful and will last longer.
  • To visit the solarium is highly undesirable.
  • As part of a moisturizing or nourishing face care cream in summer, SPF-factor (minimum 30, and preferably 50) must be present. It is recommended to apply the cream for half an hour before going outside.
  • People are very mistaken when they think that they will not burn with sunscreen. Tanning will always manifest, but you will definitely avoid sunburn and hyperpigmentation.
  • Summer cosmetic products should contain antioxidants (vitamins, bioflavonoids) and correctors for the synthesis of elements of the intercellular matrix of the skin.
  • In the diet for prevention, you can add Omega-3 acids and thioctacid, which need to drink 3 months every spring and autumn.
  • It is also recommended to donate blood to vitamin D and take appropriate measures if it is lowered. This is a good preparation of the skin for the sun.
  • Do not forget that before you leave it is desirable to take care of additional nutrition and moisturizing since the skin needs to be prepared for the summer beforehand.

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