The perfect wife, woman, girl: 32 qualities

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Perfect Wife

Most men dream about the perfect woman or perfect wife, and the majority of the girls want to conform to this status in relation to her man.

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The wish, which is often heard in the address of the bride to be the perfect wife. But what does that mean? What are the qualities of an ideal wife or girlfriend?

Most of the signs of “ideality” is already present in every woman, and missing can be developed if you have the desire and energy.

Marriage is not the easiest process, in which a woman in the truest sense is the soul of the marriage Union, because without her home life into chaos.

And it doesn’t matter that two identical girls do not exist, some of the most important qualities are inherent in all women.

Perfect wife, perfect woman, perfect girl

Perfect Woman

1. Appearance and sexual attractiveness

The ideal wife is always attractive and, of course, you must really like her appearance. She has a good figure, and you, in turn, should be constantly sexually attracted to her.

In general, it is worth noting that appearance is a fairly subjective phenomenon. If we recall the favorite 10-point scale, invented by men to assess the level of female attractiveness, then the laureate of the “10 points” nomination for one man can very well be estimated at 6 points by another funny guy.

The fact is that each man has his own type of woman. But if something confuses you in the appearance of your chosen one, it is worth considering – is this true love?

Women need warmth, tenderness, receiving compliments in their address. How can you give her all this if she does not physically attract you? Want to create a reason for cheating on your wife?

In addition, the ideal girl does not regard her appearance as something unchanging, so she constantly watches herself, bothering with the obligatory work of keeping herself in shape.

2. Sexual compatibility

A woman who claims to be the ideal wife must have sexual compatibility with her man.

Significant differences in sexual temperament will cause serious problems in life together, which can lead to their collapse or betrayal.

3. Femininity

Once upon a time, there was no need to discuss such a feature of an ideal wife. Saying that a woman should be feminine seemed as absurd as clarifying when buying a car that you need a steering wheel as an option.

However, at present, the firmware of some part of the female stratum of society periodically fails, endowing women with certain masculine traits or some bad qualities, forcing men to find out, for example, who the bitch is and how to recognize it.

4. Intelligence

Undoubtedly, initially, girls are attracted to girls by their appearance. But the presence of female intelligence makes a man not only feel the rapid heartbeat but also open his mouth.

She does not need to have a doctorate in philosophy or to be a candidate in physical and mathematical sciences, but sufficient reading and understanding of the important foundations of the essence of being is an important quality.

Smart men value smart women. And how can you call an ideal girl, whose circle of knowledge and interests is limited to monitoring new posts of friends on social networks.

Don’t forget that, among other things, you will also have to communicate with the chosen one, and for this, the girl should be able to maintain a conversation.

5. Confidence and self-esteem

Combine female beauty with confidence, and you will get an unsurpassed fighting girlfriend who will help you defeat the whole world and achieve the most cherished goals.

Self-confidence is one of the best qualities of any person. A confident woman has her own plans and ambitions, knows her worth, knows who she is, what she wants, where she is going, and how to help develop relations with a man.

Nevertheless, confidence, in this case, is not the most important quality, especially if it is detrimental to the manifestation of femininity.

6. Mental maturity

There is an expression that girls are born adults, while boys grow up throughout life.

But over the past few decades, there has been a downward trend in female maturity. It is not so rare to meet female representatives at the age of about 30 years who are not accustomed to bear responsibility in life or behave childishly.

Maturity is a trait that comes only with experience. This is the reward that a person receives as a result of overcoming life’s obstacles that arise on the way to his dreams and ambitions.

The immature girl never tried to achieve something by her own efforts, she never suffered, and, as a result, remained under the influence of children’s thinking.

In addition, a mentally mature woman has no desire to dissolve in a noisy company, and she is not interested in evening meetings with her friends. She is fully prepared for a serious relationship.

No experience, no suffering, growth and maturity. She may be a stunningly beautiful girl, but she will never be the perfect wife.

7. Self-sufficiency

Successful self-sufficient people are prohibitively independent in nature. They are very focused, in a constant struggle to change their future and the world around them.

And it is not surprising that such a person has some contempt for people who are excessively attached to something in their life, even when it comes to relationships with the opposite sex.

A woman clinging to a relationship can be a nice gift for some type of male part of society, but it will not be a suitable option for a man living at full speed.

Something is wrong if the girl is completely dependent on her man.

Perhaps she does not have her close circle, or she does not know how to make friends and build relationships with them.

It is possible that she is a born housewife, and she does not need to go to work or have her own hobby, besides her hobby for family and household affairs.

But the ideal wife must have a healthy level of self-sufficiency. She should have her friends, goals and ambitions.

The only thing that limits her independence is loyalty to her beloved man and devotion to relationships.

8. Loyalty

Loyalty is one of the most important qualities of an ideal woman. This means that she has values and principles that will not allow her to blindly follow the emotions of any other man.

Modern culture often portrays women who are free from any obligations.

But men with mature outlooks on life with few exceptions will perceive such behavior as sexual. No normal man will ever take such women seriously.

In the end, if the girl cannot be called true, then there is no reason to invest in a relationship with her, because at any moment she can safely go to another, leaving you alone with the realization of her own stupidity.

Easy come easy go.

9. Modesty

She knows that pride and a bloated ego are the roots of many disasters and disappointments.

Therefore, the ideal girl allows other people to sing laudatory songs addressed to them, but does not consider it necessary to show off themselves and their merits.

10. Respect

Mutual respect is important in any relationship, so the ideal wife must show respect for her husband.

She will not belittle your merits, try to insult or humiliate you, being both alone and in society.

11. Honesty

Few people want to bind themselves with a person who can deceive without a twinge of conscience.

In addition, most men are not able to guess what a woman has in mind, so it would be better if the girl is able to speak directly, no matter what she thinks or does not feel, because this is the only way to effectively deal with problems arising in a relationship.

12. Kindness

The ideal woman is a balm for the soul, prepared from joy and kindness.

People are overwhelmed with positive emotions when she is nearby, and her smile is able to melt the ice of a bad mood and extinguish the fire of raging anger.

13. A pinch of determination

It can hardly be called an ideal woman who cannot make the most trifling decision, such as choosing cheese in a grocery store.

Most often, it is men who take responsibility for making the most serious decisions: where to build a new nuclear power plant, whether it is worth acquiring a controlling stake in a large enterprise, whether it is necessary to deploy troops to restore order in the region.

But any man has the right to return home without hesitation in what color kitchen towels should be bought, or what meat should be cooked for dinner.

14. Understanding and support

The life path of any person will not always be strewn with roses. Surely there will come times when everything goes badly.

Despite the fact that men are better prepared to act in unpredictable situations, they still need support and kind words from their beloved women.

One of the attributes of an ideal wife is her willingness to listen to men’s problems because she is your biggest supporter.

And even if a woman is not able to change the situation for the better with her own volitional actions, she will be able to provide invaluable help with her attention and understanding alone.

The perfect girl is ready to let her boyfriend be vulnerable. When for one reason or another he was thrown to the side of his life, the chosen one will calm him and help him to his feet.

15. Trust, reliability and responsibility

You, her friends, and her family members do not lack confidence in her. The ideal girl keeps her word, taking on an obligation, whatever it may be.

If you have a good reason not to trust your girlfriend, you are at a dead end. Failure to fulfill a promise is the position of a fraudster whose misbehavior will be repeated again and again.

16. Caring

She used to take care of others, which at the very beginning of the development of your acquaintance is clearly manifested in her attitude to her family and friends.

If she does not support her family members and does not have close friends, this is a bad sign, because the importance of the absence of a habit and desire to take care of other people will subsequently necessarily affect the attitude towards you.

17. Flexibility and wisdom

Compromise is the key that opens the door to happiness in any relationship.

She is ready to watch the match of your favorite football team with you, although you know that sports are not her element?

This is wonderful because flexibility and the ability to take a step forward is a very important quality of an ideal woman.

In addition, she does not tolerate quarrels and scandals, not allowing conflicts to undermine your life together.

18. Moderation and caution

She knows how to control her emotions, and also does not have a craving for alcohol, smoking and is free from other harmful types of addiction.

She always thinks before speaking and looks ahead before taking a step.

19. She loves you unconditionally

Every person has flaws. The ideal wife cannot stand the brain about her husband’s imperfection and loves him for who he is.

She does not criticize your sense of style or some bad habits that you have. She does not compare you, pointing out your flaws, with the heroes of books, novels or husbands of her friends. She does not delve into your past and does not relate negatively to your plans for the future.

Minor attempts to positively correct you on the part of the girl should not cause doubt, but if she is trying to organize a major overhaul of the device of your personality, intending to make another person of you, you should seriously think.

20. She’s your best friend

The strongest marital union is one in which a man and a woman are best friends.

The ideal girl is able to share with you all the unpleasant experiences and sincere dreams. The lack of secrets between you gives positive results, making your love only stronger.

21. She shares your interests

Having common interests is a great way to spend time together, enjoying a joint activity, after which you have to discuss how it was with enthusiasm for a long time.

22. She appreciates you and expresses gratitude

An ideal wife can appreciate everything that you do for her and your family because even a simple “thank you” can influence your relationship.

She will thank you and praise you for the hard work. Realizing that your woman appreciates you, you are energized and filled with the desire to make your family even happier.

23. Next to her, you get better

And this is not because your chosen one drives you into the neck, but just next to her you absolutely involuntarily become the best version of yourself.

She is your muse, motivation for action, dope for new victories and achievements. Together with her, it’s very good and easy for you, and communication is as if by itself, without the application of effort.

24. She treats other people well

Respect for other people is a valuable feature of an ideal woman because she can bring joy wherever she goes with you, be it your friends or family members.

In addition, she has a wonderful relationship with her family, which is based on respect, trust and love.

25. She never tries to manipulate

Manipulation is a favorite tactic of behavior of any woman.

Whenever girls argue with their boys, they tend to put pressure on feelings of guilt and duty, raise already forgotten problems that were solved many years ago, suddenly cry or apply another trick from the arsenal of their own manipulative preparations.

And here we are not talking about the eradication of this familiar feature of the female essence, but that its manifestation should not be too harsh, out of place and having a destructive orientation.

A woman should not have as her goal the desire to fuck her man, who in turn should keep his ears on the top of his head, and either fundamentally change the situation, preventing further such impudent behavior, or simply find a worthy replacement for the unbridled savage.

26. She is a good housewife

For an ideal wife, keeping her house clean and tidy is no problem, because she is sure that a healthy environment is a key to a good spirit and good mood.

An economic woman is the most important factor in a happy life together and family well-being.

A lazy young lady who is alien to the desire to equip a family hearth and maintain it in proper order should not have a place near you.

27. She can and loves to cook deliciously

The path to the man’s heart leads through the culinary abilities of the ideal woman.

Do not deny the fact that all the guys love to eat, and the girls adore when they praise them for their skillful cooking skills.

A woman who hates the kitchen and can’t cook is not the most necessary attribute of any man’s life.

28. Personal space

Even while in a relationship or marriage, each partner should have a personal space, and even more so for the one who dares to call himself a man.

You have every right to spend some time alone, as well as freedom from interfering in personal items, books, notebooks, a laptop or phone.

The ideal wife does not stick her nose into your affairs exclusively, does not drip on the brain for no particular reason, and also does not jealousy of you for nothing.

29. She does not make you report

Questions about who you met, why you did it, or you didn’t, can really annoy a person.

Happy relationships are built on trust and understanding, and turning them into constant interrogation raises doubts and anger.

If communication has slowly slipped to the level of the Inquisition, a man will have three options: start lying, stop this behavior once and for all, or continue searching for the ideal woman.

30. She knows how to have fun

All severely serious people have repulsive energy, and living without the skill to ironize and have fun is a great burden.

But the ideal girl, having a sense of humor and a willingness to have fun in your company, burns out not only from the desire to visit a nightclub, but also to play video games with you, ride bicycles, go on a joint trip, jump with a parachute or spend the weekend in another interesting way.

31. Emotional stability

With girls who have a steep and unbridled disposition, it can be a lot of fun in the short term, but you are unlikely to want to exchange your life for a person who is able to ignite out of the blue like a torch without obvious prerequisites.

On the other hand, lovers of depression, despair, or just crying unreasonably should also cause you some concern.

32. Common goals and values

Whoever says anything, but for living together, you should choose a person who is close in spirit and who matches your level of development, upbringing, education and outlook on life.

The lack of common goals and values, as well as the cessation of the personal development of any of the parties to the relationship, may well become the subsequent cause of their collapse.

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