Why women cheat: Most married couples prefer to pretend that betrayal is outside the scope of their reality, at least in their family it is not possible.

But the sad truth is that adultery is much more common than is commonly believed, and the sample statistics of female adulters are not much behind the number of men’s trips to the left.

According to a study conducted in 2015, 74 percent of men and 68 percent of women admitted that betrayal would have occurred in their marital relations if there was confidence that their partner would never have known about it, and they could have come out clean from the muddy waters of infidelity.

Such a slight statistical gap is an interesting fact characterizing the level of morality in the modern world.

Why do women cheat?

Why women cheat

1. Emotional emptiness

The mere physical presence of the husband nearby is an insufficient condition for the spouse to receive the entire spectrum of necessary emotions.

Such a man after some time in the eyes of most women will begin to seem not important and beloved, but simply a burden, burdensome life.

The whispers of betrayal can often reveal their presence when women feel emotionally abandoned.

It is important that couples regularly communicate their needs and expectations, as they tend to change over time.

Instead of making assumptions or hoping that the husband can read women’s thoughts, it is very important for the spouse to initiate a calm and sincere conversation about emotional needs that are left without male attention.

Most women change or explain their betrayal by the fact that their emotional needs are either not satisfied or are perceived by the partner as unworthy of attention.

As a result, women feel lonely, unnecessary, absorbed in a lack of proper attention in relation to themselves.

In most cases, the betrayal was not a completely deliberate act, since the woman was in a vulnerable state when another man began to pay attention to her, which, of course, does not completely relieve her of the blame for what happened.

2. Lack of sex

We can safely say that sex, being on the same level with the emotional component, is the central link in the relationship, and its lack is the main reason why women change.

Constant physical proximity strengthens the neural pathways responsible for sexuality.

The hormone oxytocin, produced at the time of making love, helps preserve the intentions of maintaining harmonious relationships.

All this greatly contributes to increasing interest in each other, as well as the manifestation of excitement and strong attraction.

3. Thirst for revenge

Some wives cheat on her husband’s betrayal, thereby saying, “Well, how do you like this lesson?”

The worst thing is when retaliatory measures arise not as a reaction to a spouse’s betrayal, but simply as a manifesto of resentment, for example, that broke out during a major scandal.

Therefore, it is important for women to be able not to accumulate anger and resentment inside themselves, and to be able to quickly get rid of negative feelings.

On the other hand, it is difficult to be sincerely attached to another person when you do not feel emotional freedom and comfort while in a relationship.

If you are really worried about your partner, it’s almost impossible to hold a grudge against him, especially if you are in a long-term relationship or married with him.

4. Everyone has their own life

Until recently, you did everything together, but recently have your interests undergone separation?

If a man spends almost all his free time with friends, and a woman pays more attention to friends than her husband, she may have the opportunity and desire to share her interests and hobbies with another cheerful guy.

Soon, a woman can conclude that she has more in common with her work colleague than with her own husband.

5. Lack of communication

The time spent on telephone calls is not taken into account. We are talking about direct communication between men and women, being face to face.

One of the reasons why girls cheat is the lack of time spent with their partners.

Turn off the TV, put aside phones, laptops and other gadgets. Then look at each other and, sitting next to each other, discuss the past day, and also share your emotional state.

Wives who do not change have a deeper connection and close contact with their husbands.

6. Boredom and the desire to “revive” the relationship

Even for the most interesting and intense relationships, it’s completely normal if from time to time the couples are in a calm state when it seems that nothing is happening, and boredom comes to replace the expectation of something incredibly new and intriguing.

However, some women are ready to cross the boundaries of what is permitted in order, as it seems to them, to “revive” the marriage.

It may seem to a woman that her life has become monotonous, boring and predictable, and relationships on the side will become an exciting way to break the deadlock of stagnant life.

Secrecy, secrecy, passion, excitement and risk allow you to create an explosion of pleasant emotions caused by a surge of hormones.

At the same time, a woman can sincerely declare that her betrayal in no way detracts from her love for her husband.

7. Sexual incompatibility

You can build unity in a couple on an emotional level, but this will not guarantee the presence of an idyll in the relationship between a man and a woman.

Sexual incompatibility can be an obvious reason why women cheat.

Having finally made sure that the man does not want to take a step forward to smooth over the differences in love preferences, the woman is quite capable of making a decision to satisfy her needs on the side.

8. Low self-esteem

Sometimes wives cheat in order to increase their self-esteem when problems with the spouse are the cause of internal devastation.

If a man takes a woman for granted, ignores or even humiliates her, especially over an extended period of time, female self-esteem will inevitably be shaken.

As a result, a woman may experience a desperate need for awareness of her worth in the eyes of another man.

9. The desire to show your “I”

Sometimes committing treason by a woman is nothing more than a way of self-expression in a relationship in which she feels the absence of her influence on important decisions.

If a woman feels that she has been removed from any influence on the adoption of household decisions, decisions in the field of finance or when making plans for the future, the temptation to go beyond matrimony can be especially tempting.

Having plunged headlong into the river of deception, some women can get a pleasant feeling of power and gaining control.

In such a situation, it is important to discuss whether the relationships built up are flexible enough to provide the best compromise for joint decision making.

10. Money

You may not be surprised that financial difficulties and lack of money in the family can cause a woman to change, setting off in search of a stronger shoulder.

But this problem can be viewed from a slightly different angle. Women tend to cheat on their husbands more often when they have money, and not because they are looking for them.

A woman’s financial success affects her testosterone levels, which in turn has an effect on her love life.

As more women become financially independent, they automatically experience less dependence on their partners, which increases their level of testosterone hormone and lowers estrogen levels.

Additional testosterone can increase a woman’s desire to twist an affair with an unfamiliar man for one night just for fun.

On the other hand, married women who are less financially independent will be characterized by a decrease in testosterone and a higher level of estrogen, which contributes to an increase in affection for a partner.

It is important to note that financial success will not be the reason that automatically forces a woman to change her husband, but rather will only strengthen her existing desire.

11. Platonic adultery

Most people see emotional deception as harmless communication, but it often transforms into physical adultery.

And although it is very difficult to draw a line when familiar communication ends and emotional deception begins, platonic feelings can cause a lot of trouble.

For different people, emotional deception, as a rule, takes on completely different meanings, but in any case, its presence comes down to the same motivation: if a woman has an emotional need that is not satisfied within the existing relationship, and the spouse tries to find satisfaction outside of them, this behavior should be considered platonic treason.

Examples of platonic betrayal include a woman’s search for another man in order to feel admiration for himself, his significance, value and external sexual confirmation.

12. High affection

It would seem that a wife who is overly attached to her husband will be less likely to think about treason.

But it is not so rare that women who need a high level of affection may be more prone to infidelity for precisely this reason.

An unmet need for high affection can make a girl “insatiable hungry” for closer communication, for which she will need an external connection.

13. In order to find yourself

All the time being involved in various obligations, women can experience the feeling of their constant employment, acting as a wife, mother, office employee, etc.

There is an understanding of oneself through the prism of one’s activity, but at the same time, one may observe a distance from one’s own personality.

Therefore, a woman can decide on treason, entangled in all ways of manifesting themselves, which are due to existing obligations.

She may be seduced by a fresh sensation – the awakening of a sense of freedom.

14. Age-related changes

It is no secret to anyone that as women age, they begin to realize the loss of a considerable amount of their own qualities, which once made them desirable for members of the opposite sex.

The search for a sense of self-attractiveness can be a starting point for a woman to change if the fears examined really bother her.

And although the emerging romance on the side can make a woman feel at the peak of sexual demand for some time, in the long run, most likely, an unpleasant rollback of her mental state will occur.

15. In order to start a new relationship

Ending relationships, especially long-term relationships, is never an easy procedure.

Therefore, sometimes girls are cheated to put an end to the relationship and permanently burn bridges behind them, which in general is quite rare.

More often, treason is caused by the desire to start a new relationship, so as not to be left alone as a result of the breakup.

Women prefer to prepare an alternate aerodrome before ending an ongoing relationship.

16. A special type of women

Objectively, it should be agreed that women, so to speak, are more monogamous creatures than men.

However, even among this series of monogamous beauties, there are quite easily accessible lovers of polygamous relationships.

And if a man decided to connect his fate with such a young lady, then he was clearly unlucky, or he was very poorly versed in women.

17. The loss of a man’s primary role in the relationship

The head of an enterprise called Family Relationships, in its classic form, must be a man. A man is a leader, a woman is a slave.

When roles are distributed differently, such a man is most likely not to be considered a woman worthy of her respect, and betrayal may well be regarded by a woman as a completely ordinary thing.

In addition, if a man seems to be well done, but he invests more in a relationship, does not engage in himself and does not have his own interests, the time is not even when his lover will get bored with behavior reminiscent of the interaction of a mistress and her lackey. Imbalance in relationships is a very slippery and dangerous phenomenon.

18. A woman is a woman

How many times a man in his life deceives himself with his irrational beliefs and inexplicable actions? What can we say about cheating on the part of a stranger, and besides, in the person of a woman?

Are you sure that a woman who began to actively communicate with her divorced girlfriends will not take a step towards treason with their help?

Are you sure that if you are not around when a woman is in the company of her beloved Hollywood actor, who also speaks good Hindi, will she remember in time that she needs to go home?

Are you 100% confident in your woman? And how do you do it if it is dangerous to trust yourself 100% because anything can happen?

Of course, you should not live in a state of fear or suspicion, but do not lose concentration, do not be lazy and do not be a weakling.

Myths about the causes of female adultery

Myths about the reasons for female adultery

1. Female cheating is the result of an impulsive decision

A woman by nature is very pragmatic, and her emotionality, as a rule, manifests itself at the final stage of desires that have arisen but is not the cause of their occurrence.

And if she decides to do something frivolous, then only after she thinks 100 times and consults her friends 500 times.

In the end, she personally went to a night club, dressed in a military coat and short skirt, or registered on a dating site.

Women are very practical and methodical when making decisions about committing adultery, and to select men to carry out his plan.

Before going beyond what is permitted in a relationship, a woman, most often, tries to revive them.

The lack of susceptibility to such attempts on the part of the spouse becomes a signal to start an affair on the side.

2. Women cheat because they fall in love with another

The study showed that not all, but most married women deliberately avoided relationships in which a strong and sincere feeling of love could break out.

They wanted to find a suitable and compatible man to indulge in carnal joys behind the husbands’ backs, but at the same time, they deliberately detached themselves from falling in love.

This may seem rather unusual because such behavior is often attributed to men, but not women.

3. Women have only one lover

It is not uncommon for women to cheat, having an intimate relationship on the side with more than one lover, especially if one man is not able to satisfy all available needs.

Initially, women rely solely on their chosen one, but in the case of negative experience, they decide to use a different strategy.

The essence of the opinion of many women with experience of betrayal, who participated in one of the studies, can be expressed by the following quote: “Best of all, when the spare bench is filled to capacity”.

4. Women cheat to leave the family

Earlier it was said that often the cheating is the starting point for the beginning of a new relationship. But as for married life, things are different.

Most married women do not think about leaving their husbands. It’s just that they, not receiving the necessary experiences from the legal spouses, transfer their intimate powers to the shoulders of lovers, that’s all.

In conclusion

She liked someone else, she was bored, she was angry or offended by a man, was depressed, went through alcohol, met her first love, she was fit or inadequate, a man lost his job and was depressed or broke, he is constantly on business trips, he let her go on vacation alone or stay with her mother in another city for two weeks … Does it really matter why the woman cheated?

Whatever the cause of female infidelity, in no less than 95% of cases a woman will say that the man is to blame. What can you do, it’s easier and more convenient for her.

But even if you are objectively, PERFECTLY OBJECTIVELY, you understand that your behavior was the cause of female infidelity, you should not torture yourself with such a conclusion.

Life is a series of mistakes, and the faster you learn from them, the faster you will move on.

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