How to choose rubber boots?

rubber boots

Rubber boots: We Sprintally wrote below how to choose the best shoes for rainy weather.

1. Basic tips about  choosing rubber boots:

  • Feel free to take rubber boots for a bigger size. First, such shoes cannot be carried. Secondly, the rubber cold leg – with a larger size, you can always poke a warm sock.
  • It is important to check the surface of the boots for defects. The quality material should not have blisters, rubs, scratches and cracks. Otherwise, the boots will start to flow.
  • The more ribbed will be the sole of rubber boots, the better. Shoes should not slip.
  • Ideally, if the lining and insole are made of natural materials. Otherwise, the foot will sweat actively, which will create a favorable environment for the development of fungal bacteria.
  • Boots with zipping or lacing are convenient to put on, plus they look stylish and original. But it is worth remembering that decorative inserts can pass water.
  • To check the waterproofness of the boots, fill them with sheets of newspaper, put it in a basin of water and wait a minute. If after the experiment the newspaper remains dry, then you made a good choice.
  • To rubber shoes can be worn in freezing, stop on boots with a warm lining.

Basic Tips

2. For men

  • The most actual type of rubber shoes for men is galoshes. And if you thought that this word is given by the dacha and the weeding of potatoes, you simply did not see modern galoshes. Special silicone “socks” stretch on the sole of the shoe, protecting the bottom of the shoe from water, dirt and sand. This “socks” can be worn on a shoe-laced shoe or a classic shoe. So your footwear shoes will continue to be combined with any clothing – from strict suit pants to loose jeans.
  • Goloshes can also look like trendy sports sneakers. This option is good for walking.
  • For fishing, choose high ” swamp ” – boots, whose length can reach to the hip. Such shoes should tightly wrap around the foot, but above – can sit relaxed.
  • The ideal solution for hunting will be high boots up to the middle of the shin or slightly higher. They should be light, with a firm sole, to ensure your speed of movement. For hunting are also good resembling galoshes of the model, covered with rubber only at the bottom – on top of such boots is an insert made of waterproof fabric.
  • Rubber boots for the city do not necessarily have to be high. A boot the size of an ordinary shoe will fit harmoniously even in a business image – forget about the conventions and put on such shoes under the suit.
  • Classic colors of rubber boots for men – black, grey, muffled khaki. Fabric lining can be brighter shades.

For men

3. For women

  • Female models of rubber shoes are usually presented in bright colors and interesting textures (for example, quilted boots). For the bravest, there are even boots that combine screaming shades and interesting decor.
  • Rubber Chelsea so successfully mimicry under the usual shoes, that it is almost impossible to suspect their mistress in the toe of rubber boots. Remember that any decorative inserts will not repel water.
  • Goloshes- “socks” are no less relevant. Wear them with Oxford and even the boats. The color of the galoshes can be combined with a bag or a handkerchief – so you will turn a practical thing into a stylish accessory. Goloshes-sneakers and rubber boots will look good in a casual image.
  • In the trend also rubber boots on a small heel or a wedge (yes, there are such).

For women

4. For children

  • For kids, the best option will boot with a rope-puff. Using it, you can always securely fix the boot on the foot and prevent water from getting inside.
  • A good idea can be boots-transformers, which can be rolled down, reducing their length.
  • Rubber boots with removable lining are suitable for different weather: during a frost, a textile sock will warm your foot, and in warm weather, it can be unfastened. This lining is easy to wash and dry.
  • Boots with handles kid with ease put on himself.
  • Insulated rubber boots with fur lining are good for late autumn and winter. It is best if the lining material is completely natural.
  • A pair of funny colors will cause positive emotions at each sock.

For children

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