Stereotypes that destroy marriage

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Many couples before marriage have already a number of stereotypes that they are trying to build a model of relations imposed on someone. Young people subconsciously copy someone else’s experience of family life and carry the experience of others in my family. Psychologists have called the most dangerous misconceptions that can destroy even the strongest unions. And you do not fall into these insidious traps.

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After the wedding, all live happily ever after

Most of the tales we so loved in childhood, ending “and they lived happily ever after”. Apparently, this led to the misconception that marriage is the final stage of the relationship, which is automatically followed everything should be good.

But, in fact, a wedding is not the end but rather the beginning of living together, where the partners have to act together to overcome all sorts of difficulties in life. If no effort, then marriage itself will not be happy. One after the wedding is not changed by default. There are still many years, compromises, and disappointments. But more about that in fairy tales, unfortunately, do not write.

After The Wedding All Live Happily Ever After

A baby strengthens a marriage

A common misconception which for many turns into deep disappointment. If among the partners is initially an uneasy relationship, have a baby and all the difficulties will only be exacerbated. Drastic changes in lifestyle do not strengthen marriage, but rather expose its shortcomings. Not all are tested for strength if before the completion of the family of the wife did not solve the problem in the relationship.

A Baby Strengthens A Marriage

All long-term relationships should end in marriage

Because of this stereotype broke a lot of family boats. Sometimes, to understand what partners can give each other greater than a given for some time together, you need more than one year. The relationship has run its course and the people moved on out of habit. But the worst is when they decide to marry, knowing deep down that lost love. And all this because their heads firmly stuck in the stereotype that long-term relationship must be legalized. Don’t make such mistakes and don’t look back on someone else’s opinion. To marry without love is a bad idea.

All Long-Term Relationships Should End In Marriage

The quality of family life depends on the number of Physical relationships

There are no regulations and clear definitions of how much physical relationship should be in a pair. This is a very individual question. In each union of the spouses, they decide how often they want to have intimacy. Someone enough once a month, and someone three times a week is not enough. No one was equal and don’t draw parallels between marital happiness and the number of physical relationship acts.

Quality Of Family Life

As you can see, stereotypes can destroy family relationships, and therefore do not trust their happiness to popular opinion and untested assertions. Communicate more with your partner, discuss any pressing issues, and do not rely on the experience of others, he, too, maybe erroneous.

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