How to read a man on his gastronomic preferences?

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A date in a restaurant is an excellent opportunity to evaluate your partner in his manner to absorb food and taste habits. Look closely at how a man eats, what he orders, and you will be able to find out what he is in bed and whether it is worth bringing your communication to the physical relationship at all.

Read a man on his gastronomic preferences

How does he eat?

  • A gourmet man who slowly examines a dish enjoys its aesthetic appearance and aroma will be the same to appreciate the sensations in bed. He will have a physical relationship with particular pleasure, gently.
  • If a man indifferently picks his plate, showing no emotion to food, then this is a reason to suspect him of a boring conservative in bed, with which you are waiting for a sluggish and inactive physical relationship.
  • Those who quickly deal with what is on the plate, are swift and rude. Do not expect special affection and tenderness from them.
  • The adherents of a healthy diet are egocentric, so they will be occupied exclusively with themselves in bed, leaving you without attention.


What does he eat?

Milk products

These men are very home and family. They dream of children and a cozy hearth. To partner in the physical relationship are respectful, surround her with attention and love, a lot of time is given to the preliminary caresses.

Milk Products


Almost all men love meat, but if your chosen one cannot imagine life without steaks and chops, you have an imperious and uncompromising person who will always strive to dominate and command.



Seafood lovers are usually very docile and reliable. With them, you will feel calm and balanced. The simpler the fish dish on its plate, the more conservative it is in bed. The more exotic, the more he is prone to innovation and experimentation.

A Fish

Fast food

The predilection for fast food speaks of the frantic pace of life to which your partner has become accustomed. Be prepared for the fact that he is constantly in a hurry, holds a bunch of thoughts at the same time, and does everything on the fly. The same applies to physical relationships.

Fast Food

Vegetables and fruits

Such a menu is chosen by modest, timid men who unconditionally give the initiative to women’s hands. In life, they are toilers: they devote time to creative and spiritual development and career.

Vegetables And Fruits

Here is the information you can get about your chosen one on the first date in a cafe or restaurant. Of course, these are all conventions, but you can try to find out how true they are in practice. Surely, there will be an amusing experience that can later be shared with girlfriends.

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