10 non verbal cues that tell the man what’s on his mind

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Do you like a man, but he does not talk about his feelings? You do not know what to do next? Stop rushing off by guesswork, and take a closer look at your chosen one. After all, body language is very eloquent. Experts say that gestures, body position, and facial expressions speak more eloquently about the true attitude of a person and give the most hidden desires. These non-verbal signals will help you recognize the attitude of a man towards you.

Signal 1. The position of the body

If his body is facing the door during romance, then the man cannot wait until the end of the dialogue to say goodbye to you as soon as possible.

Signal 2. Eyebrow twitching

Look him straight in the eye. If a man gets the pleasure of communicating with you, his eyebrows unconsciously will rise. This action is lightning fast, so you need to be very careful.

Eyebrow Twitching

Signal 3. Pupil reaction

Your eyes met. Be sure to pay attention to his pupils. If they are expanded, it means your image cares. And vice versa. Constricted pupils are a sign of indifference.

Signal 4. Touching your hair

To correct your hair, to remove the stray curl will want only the man to whom you are not indifferent.

Touching Your Hair

Signal 5. Attempts to catch the eye

He is constantly trying to take over your gaze. If a man does not care that at the moment you are in the opposite corner of the room and you have a fascinating conversation, eye contact with you is important for him, which means you yourself.

Signal 6. Attention to lips

When, during dialogue, the interlocutor does not take his eyes off your lips, he wants to get a passionate kiss into them.

Attention To Lips

Signal 7. Attempts to draw your attention to your lips

The young man constantly moistens his tongue with his mouth and touches them with his hands. What can this mean? Definitely, his thoughts do not leave him to seize your lips.

Signal 8. Touching his hair

Seeing an attractive girl who causes strong emotions, men, just like girls, feel embarrassed and try to hide it, straightening their hairstyle.

Touching His Hair

Signal 9. Attempts to be closer

He is constantly looking for an excuse to be as close as possible to you in order to be able to “accidentally” touch his hand, foot, and possibly move to more decisive actions.

Signal 10. Contemplation

The representatives of the stronger physical relationship examine only those women who are interested in them, and if you notice that he also bites his lips, you can be sure that the man wants to see you without clothes.


When it comes to relationships with the opposite sex, men are not very good-tempered – you won’t wait for candid confessions. Therefore, dear ladies, it remains only to learn body language and be as attentive as possible to your chosen ones.

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