5 rules of office romance

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Office romance: When most of the time you have to spend at work, it is difficult to avoid the intertwining of professional and personal relationships with colleagues or superiors. Office romances are not uncommon, but rather common. But such interests is fraught with problems in career and family life, if not to observe elementary rules. To love in a workplace did not spoil your nerves, but make no mistake about which psychologists warn.

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1. Don’t confuse flirting with relationships

Do not take seriously any sign of attention from male colleagues. Often it is just a way to distract from the office routine by flirting and flirting. Don’t look for subtext where there is none. Remember that men are much easier to relate to a similar kind of relationship. Sometimes, a compliment, a joke, or a Cup of coffee, was just a friendly gesture and expression of sympathy without far-reaching plans.

Don'T Confuse Flirting With Relationships

2. Do not try to attract the attention of men

If you like a colleague, but he is not doing your side any decisive action, it is not necessary to take the bull by the horns and go out of their way to get closer to the object of your attention. Do not drill into his views, not impose their society at dinner, don’t look for stupid reasons to go to him for the work – all this will only put you at a disadvantage to the team. An interested man will find a way to be closer. Otherwise, you are simply not interesting.

3. Focus on work

If you have a romantic relationship with a colleague, try to work to pay attention to your duties and not the feelings. If all of your time will be dedicated to the boyfriend, it will cause dissatisfaction of colleagues and superiors. Communicating with elected officials to the detriment of work, you demonstrate your willingness to sacrifice your official position and career for an affair. At work to work, and relations leave outside the office.

Focus On Work

4. Follow the appearance of always

A loving woman is very easy to calculate by her sudden transformation. She suddenly begins to brighten, makeup, dressing up for no reason, often look in the mirror, etc. So your feelings were not so obvious, try to look good always. For this, you don’t need a man – enough aesthetic satisfaction in itself.

5. Avoid gossip

Men do not like women of the gab. If you have an affair with a colleague, in any case, don’t spread this around in the team. Your relationship should be kept private. And even if the parting, no one needs to know from you that something happened. Otherwise, you will ruin your reputation and lose the respect of colleagues.

Avoid Gossip

Combining work and personal is not easy, but if you approach the situation wisely, you can have a perfectly happy relationship with a colleague. How to know if you all will build properly, an office romance can easily develop into something more serious.

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