Not only for the kitchen: 10 tips for using aluminium foil at home

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Aluminium Foil

Typically, we use aluminum foil when cooking. However, it is suitable not only for this. There are at least 10 variants of practical implementation of foil that will definitely come in handy in the home.

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1. Salvage from burns

Salvage From Burns

An unpleasant accident in the kitchen can happen to anyone. If you accidentally get burned, you should not rush to oil is fundamentally a wrong decision. Much better would be to apply to the affected skin a piece of foil, shiny side inside. It should hold it for about 20 minutes. The foil will not only relieve pain but also reduce inflammation.

2. Protection against pests

Protection Against Pests

Aluminum foil is great discourages unwanted guests in the garden.

Garden plants require vigilant protection. To protect them from various pests, not necessarily to use expensive and not particularly useful chemicals. Is quite reliable and proven tool — aluminum foil. You need to fix the narrow strips on the stems or branches of garden plants. Then bugs, birds, mice, and other insects and animals around your garden wealth party.

3. Improve Wi-Fi signal

Improve Wifi Signal

It is easy to boost the signal.

Every Communicator knows that aluminum foil will be useful in working with electronic devices. For people in other professions reveal the secret: using foil, you can improve the wifi signal of the router. A rectangular piece with dimensions of approximately 10 to 15 centimeters to attach to the rear of the router. Shiny side should be inside, but the shape is curved.

4. Bringing silver in order

Bringing Silver In Order

With aluminum foil, jewelry cleaning is quick and easy.

Not very deep and small bowl you need to wrap foil. Into the container pour hot water and add a teaspoon of baking soda and salt, a little stir. The resulting mixture was sent to the blackened silver. Leave it for 10-15 minutes then take it out and just wash under running water. The brilliance and color of silver will be perfect!

5. Fight against rust

Combating Rust

Who would have thought, but it works on hurray.

Aluminum foil copes with rust in many places. For my method to work because it is necessary to form a ball and wet in distilled vinegar. Foil just scour the rust.

6. Fresh bananas

Fresh Bananas

With foil, bananas stay fresh much longer.

Bananas are very tasty and useful product. But they have one rather nasty drawback — begin to deteriorate and acquire a brownish tint after a day or two after purchase. To avoid this, you can use aluminum foil. With its help, you need to wrap the upper part of the peel of the banana longer shelf life at least twice.

7. Sharp scissors

Sharp Scissors

Fast and easy sharpening of scissors.

If the scissors are dull, do not have to use the uncomfortable whetstone, at the risk of cut hands. Take a piece of aluminum foil! With it, the sharpening will be much quicker and easier. Foil folded several times, and then just make cuts. Ten times and the scissors will cut like new.

8. Help in the home permutation

Help In The Home Permutation

Stand the wardrobe? Easy!

Aluminum foil and cope with heavier tasks. With it a great opportunity to quickly and easily move heavy furniture from one corner of the room to the other. But only under the condition that the floor is carpeted. For this, it is necessary to put small pieces of foil under each leg of furniture. Now it will slide and will not cause discomfort.

9. Transformation of batteries

Transformation Of Batteries

AAA battery easily turns the AA.

When buying batteries of mixed sizes? Or maybe the houses were not the ones that need? There is nothing wrong, after all, come to the aid of aluminum foil. With its help, you can easily convert almost any AAA batteries in the AA. To work, you need to put between them and coil a small ball of aluminum foil.

10. Clean and shiny dishes

Clean And Shiny Dishes

Cast iron will be again as new if at hand there is aluminum foil.

Cast iron cookware is easy for different kinds of contamination. With detergent and water is not particularly effective in dealing with them. Rubbing has long and intense. But aluminum foil is much faster. To do this, because it is necessary to form the ball that on time and the two going to clean all dirt and rust.

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