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On the eve of the women’s holiday, I would like to talk about women. If you think women and men are alike, you are deeply mistaken.

Some argue that these are “completely different species,” which John Gray undoubtedly proved in his famous book, Men from Mars, Women from Venus.

We bring to your attention interesting facts about a woman: her psychology, body, behavior and habits.

These are interesting facts about women:

  • If a man goes on a trip for a week, he will take quite a bit of clothes with him, and some things will be worn for several days in a row. If a woman packs a suitcase for a week, she will take with her three times as many things as necessary, since she still does not know what exactly she will put on this or that day.

According to studies, a woman looks in the mirror for about 120 hours a year, it’s as much as 5 days! And for about a year in her entire life, she decides what to wear.


  • A woman will never scratch her head, pondering the answer to a difficult question, as men often do. Women do not like to show in any way that they are puzzled. They also just do not want to ruin the hair with such a careless gesture.

Woman will never be scratching your head

Female psychology

  • A woman feels uncomfortable if she does not hold anything in her hands, going somewhere, so she always and everywhere carries her purse.

Woman feels uncomfortable, if nothing holds in his hands

  • Women desperately need to cry from time to time, because this is the easiest way to relieve stress. Women cry an average of 30 to 64 times a year, when as men – only 6-17 times.
  • Women always ask questions that cannot be answered unequivocally, because that is how they can make men feel guilty.
  • Women are very upset by the fact that they are wrong. That is why they do not apologize so often, but if this happens, the man should enjoy the moment. Women are very stubborn and love to think that they are always right.

Women grieved the fact that they are wrong

  • The curiosity of women manifests itself at any time. For example, they always need to pick up the phone, even if they are busy with something important. In the end, what if they are going to tell her that she won the lottery?

Curiosity of women is revealed at any time

  • According to statistics, a woman pronounces an average of 20 thousand words per day, which is 13 thousand words less than a man pronounces. Women really love to talk, and this can go on forever. Perhaps this is because they hate silence and want to break it at all costs. It is from here that gossip and rumors are born.

By the way, if a woman went to visit her best friend, whom she had not seen for a long time, she might stay there for a long time. And even after that, having come home, she may well call her and continue the conversation for another couple of hours.

if a woman went to visit your best friend

Female body

  • Throughout her life, a woman eats about 2-3 kilograms of lipstick.
  • Women blink about 2 times more often than men.
  • The woman will trust the one who hugged her for at least 15 seconds.
  • A woman gets 80 percent of wrinkles because she allows her face to sunbathe in the sun.

80 percent of wrinkles a woman gets from that allows your face to the sun

  • Taller women are more likely to get cancer.
  • If a woman responds to her name, she only turns her head when, like a man, he turns his whole body toward the caller. This is due to the fact that the neck of women is more mobile.
  • A woman prefers that her man read her desires through the eyes, which is why understanding the physical relations is sometimes quite difficult.

oman prefers that her man read her desire in the eyes

  • Researchers at Indiana University School of Medicine found that men only process sounds they hear on one side of the brain when women use both for this purpose. This is probably why women are still considered to be better listeners than men.

men treated sounds heard only one side of the brainwhile women use both

  • Women do not like to show men that they eat a lot, so if a woman is very hungry, she will prefer to eat alone. 30 percent of women have a passion for inedible things during pregnancy.

Women don't like to show men that they eat a lot

  • The bathroom has 10 times more female cosmetics and various female devices for personal care than male things. By the way, a man will not be able to answer you, for what most of these things are intended.

In the bathroom 10 times more women's cosmetics and women's different adaptations to care for themselves than men things

Female behavior

  • Women love to buy things at sales, even if they do not need them at all. For example, seeing a bag with a 75 percent discount, a woman will not be able to pass by her indifferently, even if a similar bag has been gathering dust in her closet for a long time.

Women love to buy items on sale even if they are completely useless

  • Of the 20 richest women in the world, all but one have inherited wealth from their husbands or fathers.
  • The average woman can keep a secret 47 hours and 15 minutes.
  • In India numbers of women are more than men.
  • Women began to wear heels when mimicking men to look more masculine.

Women began to wear heels, imitating once men to look more manly

  • Israel is the only country in the world where women serve in the army.
  • A woman’s heart beats faster than a man’s heart. She also has more taste buds in her tongue.
  • A woman who first successfully transplanted her uterus became pregnant in 2013.
  • The record number of children born to one woman is 69.
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