What rules in the relationship adhere to men?

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To build a good and harmonious relationship is quite difficult. It so happens that the woman tried countless different lines of conduct and quarrels and scandals between two loving hearts do not cease. How to be and what to do in this situation? Psychologists advise not to panic. Don’t forget that male psychology is not like the female.

This aspect plays a pivotal role in the lack of understanding. For a long time, experts have studied male psychology and were able to organize the behaviors of the stronger physical relationship, which allowed us to make certain conclusions. It turned out that young people evaluate their choice in accordance with certain rules.

Rule 1. The man is always right

The man is stronger in a physical relationship. Do not forget about it. These “macho” believe that they are always and everywhere right. Of course, the stronger physical relationship makes no fewer mistakes than women, and sometimes even more, however, cannot recognize this fact. That is why they justify all their failures with the phrase: “it happened”. For the stronger physical relationship, third-party opinion is very important, and not anyhow, but mostly only a positive one. In fact, they are most afraid of not meeting your expectations.

The Man Is Always Right

So what about women? All ingenious is simple. If you see that choice is wrong, not worth it at this point. For the sake of good relations pretend you did not notice the mistakes, continue to look at him with excited eyes. Try to convince the man that still believes in him. After all, for anybody, not a secret – the man feels his strength only as long assure he is right.

Rule 2. No serious relationships

Many ladies mistakenly take fleeting flirtation for showing serious affection. To a man began to perceive you as the second half, time must pass (sometimes long). If a young man came to meet you, it does not mean that he is ready to lead you to the registry office.

He just wants to spend time in the company of a pretty young lady. Only after your meetings will be permanent, you can begin to carefully “invade” his life. Remember that a man is a fortress that is impossible to take by storm. To become an integral part of his life, you need to be careful, act gently, and tactfully.

No Serious Relationships

Rule 3. The man is Almighty

Communication between men quite often resembles “gladiatorial battles” on the intellectual level, which from time to time ends with a real show of force. So they try to stand out from the crowd. Use this male feature in trying to win their heart.

Make compliments to your chosen one more often, look at him with an admiring glance, let him understand that he is the best for you. Praise him for any help and gesture. Emphasize his superiority over others, and will be indispensable for your man. Your faith inspires him and inspires for deeds and accomplishments.

The Man Almighty

Rule 4. Brevity – sister of talent

After long-term observations and research, experts concluded that the stronger physical relationship is better able to perceive and perform clearly defined tasks. Of course, as with any rule, there are exceptions. There are men who are crazy about veiled phrases, but such a minority.

Many claims and scandals in a pair arise due to the fact that the elect is not sufficiently attentive to the requests and needs of a woman. In fact, the requests just need to be able to formulate. For example, you want your lover to buy you a mink coat. You should not tell him that you like the coat, which the neighbor bought her husband. Tell me straight: “Honey, my fur coat is worn out, it’s time to buy a new one.”

Brevity – Sister Of Talent

Rule 5. Taboo on emotions

From time immemorial among men, there is an unspoken rule that the visible manifestation of the emotional state is a lot of the weaker physical relationship. A woman has the right to scream, cry, hysteria, etc. A man must show the strength of spirit and firm character, keep everything in himself, endure, and not share his feelings with anyone. It is impossible to fight this, and therefore just accept the fact that your beloved is coping with emotional experiences on his own. Do not meddle in his soul, but simply show patience and love. He will appreciate this much more than home psychoanalysis sessions.

Taboo Emotions

Rule 6. Friends – holy

Before meeting you, the man had a completely different life: friends, parties, freedom. To spend time in the company of like-minded people, to distract from everyday problems, to relax – this is their natural need. Remember, everyone has the right to their weaknesses. Better he walks with his friends openly than in secret from you. Moreover, the time will come when you want to meet with friends, walk and to act. Leave your man’s private space unoccupied, and use his time while he is out.

Friends - Holy

Rule 7. Any illness – a catastrophe.

Everyone has long known that when men feel slight discomfort, they unstuck, act up, and behave worse than children. Even if it causes irony to you, do not show it to your chosen one. Show him maximum sympathy and attention. While your beloved is ill, let him feel the center of the Universe (prepare his favorite dish, listen to his moaning on hard life, etc.). Believe me, your man will certainly appreciate your efforts and favor.

Any Illness Is A Disaster

Remember that in spite of all the love and tenderness that men feel towards the weaker physical relationship, when choosing a life partner they start from their life beliefs (rules). If you want to be for him the one and only, you must try to comply with them and in any case not to violate. Now you have the necessary knowledge to become for your chosen one irreplaceable and exclusive. And this is already a solid basis for a serious relationship.

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