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Is it possible to have a yeast bread? Amazing question of 2019

yeast bread

Yeast bread: We continue the theme of healthy eating. This time we have relevant news for those who want to lose weight and not gain weight.

Is it possible to eat yeast bread?

On August 29 at 19:00 on the STB channel the premiere of the ninth season of the country’s most significant project “Zvazhenі tchaslivі” will be premiered. The host is Anita Lutsenko. Trainers – Marina Borjemskaya, Irakli Makatsaria. This season, 9 men and 9 women will fight for a new and happy life. Many of them are sure that it is precise because of their excess weight that they do not have a personal life and relationships with people. Permanent nutritionist of the project Svetlana Fus continues to advise readers about proper nutrition and shares useful recipes.

Previously, she told how to eat on vacation, shared tips on whether it is possible to drink food with water and answered a common question – why are we recovering. Now we find out if yeast bread can be eaten.

I am often asked the question: “Is it possible to eat yeast bread?” To begin with, I suggest recalling what our ancestors prepared bread from. It was whole grain flour and yeast. Bread, which is now sold in our stores, very vaguely resembles the wholesome product that they ate. Accordingly, the problems from the use of such bread, we are becoming much more.

Therefore, I recommend not to use yeast bread from highly refined pure flour, which contains no vitamins, minerals, or dietary fiber. And replace with whole grain bread.


Is it possible to have cakes?

Margarine or spread is added to not useful thermophilic fungi, which are used for baking bread, to white refined flour. Spreads contain carcinogens. Naturally, if you eat a yeast bun once a month, nothing bad will happen. But do not make it a basic product in your diet.

A balanced meal always gives you more satiety. If your diet will have more plant foods, unpeeled, unrefined, you will be less likely to eat such foods.

Therefore, we choose whole grain bread. A yeast baking is extremely rare.


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