Top 10 reasons for breakups

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Breakups: All relationships have certain difficulties. But sometimes these difficulties are so complex that they can lead to the breakup. As a rule, the beginning of any relationship is like a fairy tale, but over time you have to face a harsh reality. Quarrels, contradictions and disputes are ordinary and natural processes in the relationship of two people living together, but sometimes the situation becomes so unbearable that the only way out is separation.

Here are a few reasons that can trigger a breakup:

1. Lack of understanding


Mutual understanding may be absent for several reasons, but the most important of them is the inability of one person to understand the point of view of another. Love is usually called a disinterested feeling, but in the modern world, this is nothing more than a deal. We are so absorbed in the material world that we become more and more selfish, as a result of which misunderstandings are born. Lack of understanding is not a problem that cannot be dealt with, so you should not ignore it. Often, failure to understand your partner destroys relationships.

2. Lack of trust

The Lack Of Trust

Trust should be the basis of any relationship. However, today this framework is often ignored. As a result, such relationships can be beautiful from the outside, but completely empty from the inside. Lack of trust can lead to disastrous consequences, up to parting. On the other hand, excessive suspicion of one partner to another can also cause many problems. No need to follow each other, rummaging through telephone correspondence and social networks, just trust your partner.

3. Lack of communication

The Lack Of Communication

People seek relationships in which their partners will know what they feel and experience without saying a word to them. This whole topic with telepathy looks very attractive, but in life, you need to be a little more practical. You must realize that the other person will not be able to understand you until you say it to him in words or show it through emotions. In a relationship, it is really very important to share your feelings and plans for the future. Due to the emptiness caused by the lack of true communication, misunderstanding arises.

4. Long distance

Long Distance

You can make long-distance relationships interesting and charming in a variety of ways, but given the small number of meetings, you cannot truly get to know your partner. When you meet your boyfriend or girlfriend for the first time and spend time together, you understand that he or she is very different from the person you corresponded with and talked on the phone to, and it’s hard to get used to. Sometimes people in relationships find themselves far from each other after a significant stay together, certain problems begin to appear between them, and the relationship becomes tense.

5. Secrets


It is believed that in the relations between partners there should be no secrets, that two without hesitation should share everything with each other. But when the curtain of secrets between two people begins to open, not only the present but also the future is not seen as it was before. Keeping secrets that can affect the bonds of trust and belief in each other is like poisoning a relationship with poison. As you know, all the secret sooner or later becomes apparent, so why create problems by hiding something?

6. Life in the past

Life In The Past

Everyone must learn to live in the present. Returning to the past, to thoughts about past relationships or mistakes made by you or your partner, will never lead you to anything good, only complicate your present and destroy the future. Ultimately, torn between the past and the present, you will lose touch with both of them, so it’s important to make a firm decision. You need to let go of the past, life in the past always hinders your progress in the present. No one should keep feelings for his ex, nor should he concentrate on past mistakes or the relationship of his partner.

7. High expectations

High Expectations

When we love or begin to devote our attention to someone, we expect the same, and sometimes even more, from this person. The difference in the levels of these mutual expectations negatively affects the relationship. When people give something away, they expect the same for themselves. Nevertheless, you need to understand the other person and not put pressure on him, forcing to fulfill all your desires. In a relationship, both parties should take care and look after each other, but do not take it for granted.

8. Pressure from the family

Pressure From The Family

In a serious relationship, when two people are planning a joint future, the opinions of their families play a big role. Sometimes families do not give their permission for a relationship for certain reasons. They can put serious pressure on their children to ruin their relationship. Ideally, our parents wish us the best, but regarding relationships, they are guided by social aspects in which belonging to a particular social group, income or status is more important than love.

9. Different worldview

Different Worldview

There are no two absolutely identical people, and there is no need for two people in a pair to have the same thinking and one mindset. Some couples try to capitalize on their differences, while others cannot adapt to them. There may still be chemistry between people with different opinions, but in people with different worldviews, most often, relationships fall apart over time.

10. Selfishness and jealousy

Selfishness And Jealousy

Usually, we don’t show our egoism to those we love and we don’t envy our partners, on the contrary, we support them at every step and enjoy their success. However, some too ambitious people cannot reconcile with the successes of their partners. The sense of inferiority caused by the success of the partner leads to constant skirmishes, which may result in separation. Another very common reason for parting is jealousy. Everyone knows that where there are jealousy and selfishness, love cannot bloom. Jealousy is like a snake, which is wrapped in rings around the relationship, poisoning their essence and purity.

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