How to love a man?

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How to love a man? So we are arranged, that we live, mainly, emotions. That’s why all our troubles, according to psychologists. This is the peculiarity of female nature: first, succumb to the feeling and break the wood, and then cool, weigh and think. Such emotionality does not always have a beneficial effect on relationships with men.

They are the opposite – reasonable, silent, and closed. In this conflict of temperaments, a lot of problems with communication and mutual understanding are born. We not only behave differently in the same situations but also perceive what is happening from different angles.

Tips on how to love a man

The secret of happy love relationships is to curb their emotions and more often turn to cold logic, as well as know how a man thinks and feels to become his dream, love, friend, and partner in one person. You can love your chosen one to the point of insanity, but it is wrong to express it, so today we will talk about how to behave in a romantic relationship so that He feels and appreciates your love.


Set appropriate goals

At the very beginning of the relationship, decide with a partner what you both strive for and that happiness for both of you. If happiness for you is a mutual comfort in each other’s society, then in the future it is worthwhile to direct all your efforts towards creating an appropriate atmosphere and favorable microclimate in mutual relations. Remember that it is this state of happiness, peace, and comfort that determines for you.

Especially when you want to criticize your loved one for an unwashed cup or scattered socks, jealous of employees, quarreling about unfinished repairs, expressing what you think about his friends and parents, etc. Each time, starting a quarrel and carping in the second half, think: did you blow up the problem from trivia?

Is it worth an unwashed cup of a shaky balance in the relationship and tension between you? Do not create difficulties because of a bad mood – they are already enough for life. Your main goal is happiness and a feeling of comfort.

Set Appropriate Goals

Look for reasons to praise

The obvious fact that men simply adore praise. They really need because the approval, encouragement, praise directly affects their self-esteem, success, and morale. It is true that the word can kill a person. But one kind word of praise can give wings and to inspire a strong gender to male behavior. Certainly, your young man certainly not does everything the way you like.

But don’t be tempted to criticize him and poke his nose in his imperfection. Be wise – find in contrast to something positive in his character, skills, intentions, reasoning, dreams, and plans. To do this, listen carefully, and try to understand problems, ask, life, work, feelings of your partner. In fact, if you want you can always find something to praise a loved one. But do it delicately, without flattery men feel intuitively wrong and false, and that can only create tension between you.

Look For Reasons To Praise

Don’t undermine His authority

Men do not tolerate a slowdown in public. Perhaps you are not confused, when emotions overflowed and filled the desire to row at the wrong time, but know that for your partner this fact is of great importance. Especially if the scene takes place in a closed environment in front of friends, colleagues, and acquaintances. Such scandals undermine its credibility and a blow to reputation, which men cherish.

You must be dependable and support for her man, but because of the public humiliation, you will be like a knife in the back for him. Perhaps then things settle down, he will forgive your outburst but will be forgotten this is unlikely, and the seed of mistrust and doubt would be sown. If you put a man in such an awkward position in society, this will be your huge mistake.

Don'T Undermine His Authority

Not Lisp

Women adore tender nicknames and are thrilled when they are called fish, suns, and little darlings. For men, such tenderness is unacceptable. Find another expression of your feelings and do not humiliate your beloved with ridiculous comparisons with a bear cub, baby doll, and other cute images. If you really want to caress Him, use more neutral words: “my good”, “dear”, “beloved”, etc.

Not Lisp

Be beautiful to Him, not to those around you.

Psychologists say that many men complain to them that their partners in life after marriage were drastically darkened. And it happens quite often. Women also tend to lose the interest of the hunter after reaching the target (prey). While the couple is dating, the girl always tries to look five-plus in any situation, in any mood and state of health.

But as soon as the relationship acquires a legal status, the need for “war paint” and ten-centimeter heels disappears. Hair curlers, stretched pajamas, dimensionless robes, and other liberties come on the scene. You can understand the confusion of the male half before such metamorphoses. At the same time, you dress up for a corporate party or a meeting with friends, as before for him.

But it should not be so. A man should feel in the first place for you. Do not deprive of his aesthetic pleasure and indulge in its beauty more often, so that he would not forget which princess he fell in love with.

Be Beautiful For Him, Not For Others

Let Him be the boss

In fact, there is nothing humiliating in the fact that male-dominated, dominated, solved problems, and took important decisions. Is not the companion you’ve always dreamed of? Isn’t about these men saying: “like a stone wall”? So why to once again prove its independence and viability, and to select the partner wheel?

Be wise, let Him lead in your dance, and enjoy the sensations. After all, to be under the wing so natural to weak female nature. Nature itself is so ordered: the man is the leader and breadwinner and the female homemaker and a faithful companion. Implement their authority in the professional sphere and at home play the role of the second violin – it’s the manifestation of true love.

Let Him Be The Boss

To love a man must be wise, not to make it the center of their Universe while losing themselves. No feelings for Him should not make you lose yourself as a person. Live your life, grow up, have their personal space, interests, the circle of friends. A man should not feel grateful for what you have devoted my life to and sacrificed his. Nobody wants that responsibility. Respect yourself and get the same attitude from his part. Only in this case, it is possible for mutual comfort in the relationship.

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