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Which animal walks upside down, and who has the extra hand?


Answering the question of which animal can walk upside down, for example, that one of these “magicians” is a Gecko. Geckos are a large family of small lizards. They are on their feet and are full of bristles, the ends of which a tiny suction cup. Thanks to them and the strength of van der Waals forces, the small animals can easily run along with the ceiling and not fall.

The animal which walks upside down, and who has the extra hand:


Who has the extra “hand”?

Have chain tailed monkeys! This is one of the four families of monkeys of America. It’s a name they received because of the long tail, by which they cling to the branches. The tail vise and the hands remain free, allowing them to pluck the fruits and nuts. It is worth noting that “extra hand” these monkeys are covered with hair not completely, the tip always bare.

chain-tailed monkey


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