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Best inexpensive mascaras.


Most modern women use mascara every day to apply make-up. It helps to emphasize the eyes, to give the look expressiveness. Every girl or woman wants to look perfect, and so it is important to choose a quality product. Representatives of the fair sex put forward different requirements for mascara. Someone is important to the resistance to water, others are interested in the natural composition, for some, only the color of the product is important, and for some, the cost of the product is the decisive factor. The top 3 best inexpensive mascara in our rating will help you decide on a suitable variant of the budget segment.



This mascara rightfully refers to inexpensive, but high-quality products. Has a delicate texture and a special composition, giving eyelashes a maximum of volume without professional make-up interference at home. Mascara has an excellent consistency, pleasant smell, stylish packaging and a comfortable silicone brush, perfectly separating the eyelashes. The only drawback: if you apply more than 2 layers – the eyelashes stick together.

Country of origin: USA.





Has received wide popularity not only among professional make-up artists but also among the fair sex all over the world. Gives the look expressiveness and visually lengthens the eyelashes. Also, pleasant bonuses are the water resistance of the product and the availability of six different colors. The drawbacks are some texture dryness and shedding of the carcass after 7-8 hours of stay in front of the eyes.

Country of origin: France.





Excellent mascara with an extension effect from the budget segment. Its specially designed formula gives beauty and extra volume to the eyelashes. As for an inexpensive product, mascara has an amazingly high-quality composition, soft texture, and easy application. An unusual form of a brush with five balls of the pile of various lengths, allows the carcasses to sit firmly on the cilium from the first application. Has a bright stylish packaging and a number of shortcomings: a poor-quality dispenser and a period of use of 3 months, after which it dries up.

Country of origin: Italy / Russia.

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