7 Reasons why he won’t leave his wife

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He will not leave the family for you. His children, at times obedient, but often not very, his shaggy dog, from which the wool and the new jeans and not quite a new sofa. He and the sofa, worn and sat, will not leave for you. He memorized down to the smallest details and pretty tiring way from work home. As she got him, this road is always the same, the same.

He will not give up his wife for your sake. What did he say to you there? What are you the main love of his life? Do not believe it. She is his love. He knows it at a deep level. He chose this woman, he had children with her, sometimes obedient, but often not so. He drove with her to this once empty apartment. I bought a sofa in it, which was once new and elastic, and now it has become worn and sat down.

He chose her at the initial stage of his formation. She was a witness to his search, trial, error, she waited with his success. He will not leave her. Because this is, in the opinion of men, love. And what he confesses to you is just passion. You can call it a hobby, but the word “passion” will be a bit more weight, you should agree.


Women find it easier to leave a lover because they can come up with happy life with him

Interestingly, women are easier. A woman is easier to leave her husband for a new love. She will not hold on to the old sofa, which was once new and resilient, and now, like the relationship itself, has become worn and drained. Moreover, she will run from him! From the sofa, yes – not even from her husband! She will scoot away from this life.

There, in a new relationship that will certainly be bright and inspiring, which will not have to be stimulated, because they themselves will burn anyone you want. And if you ask her, this woman, grabbing her hand as she goes: why are you so sure that everything will be so in a new relationship, and that you will never regret your former husband? She will only laugh at you. Because the answer is obvious.

A woman goes to her lover because she has enough imagination to think that it will be better there than she is now. Women have an imagination for such a step, I read about this in Anna Gavaldy in the story “Illegal” A man does not go to his mistress, because he has no such imagination. He does not draw illusory pictures in his head. He does not have such an option. He sees only what he has. And how can you choose something that you do not even see?

He Will Not Leave His Wife For You

He will not leave his wife for you

And it’s not you, no. Just he has no imagination, which will draw him a future life with you, which would have blocked a real life with his wife. His meager mind, you lose, alas. And all because men have worse developed visual thinking. You can assume that it is not he chose you and his left hemisphere has chosen a wife. If this answer does not suit you, you need something mundane that you can touch with your hands, here some more explanations:

You already stumbled once

How can he trust you and be confident that you will not change him and will not go to another if one day you’ve already done it with him? You knew he was married and you didn’t stop it. Why should he be sure that he is your final choice? No, the man won’t believe it. It is better to go with a proven woman – his wife. Why do they have nerves and anxiety, think?

She knows it and it suits him

You need to start all over again. But he may be too old to jump in the pool, he would now to warm your bones on the pier. And this pier is his family. Why he must get up from their warm place and look for a new place? If temporary free lager he could find, and not necessarily to divorce his wife.

It is troublesome and costly

First, it hemorrhoid. Second, divorce can result in a penny – it all depends on the appetites and spirit wife. Thirdly, it is a psychological trauma for children. And he hurt the children even for a sweet girl like you will not. And Yes, what if hurt and angry wife won’t let him see the children. So no… In General, divorce is hemorrhoid. And that’s it.


They have a common business

You didn’t know about it, right? Ahh, he conducts business, he even partners there. Well, honey, do you think he’ll tell you where you started, who supported him, whose idea was it, for example, and that the important role played by the capital of her father. I think it will be for you to admit it? Why?

They have a great relationship

Imagine this could be. What does he tell you? What they have long been frozen, they sleep in different rooms and even on different floors? I’m sorry, did you check? He can tell you anything, just his imagination and missing. And in fact, you find that they have a great relationship and physical relationship are all OK, and they are good friends and great parents. Both. Together. Do you know?

Because you are the point

If he will leave his wife and choose you, then you will need to do something. That “something” right to get married. And that means marriage for him? That’s the point. You’re already an old hand in this matter, will immediately sniff out that he’s cheating on you. You know, this look is a languishing, pensive and rapid trip. You will not spend it. And he knows it. Therefore, choose the reliable, substantial Fort, which he already has.

He does not want to lose the romance

And this is perhaps the most important thing. Know you for it is romance. With you he feels his youth, he may fall, and, inventing some ridiculous excuse to run away to you. You are, perhaps, love. And love with your endorphins and release of dopamine, we are very young. This flight, and the euphoria, and dreams for two. And married, what does he get? Another boring life.


And there will be more of this aspiration, kisses in the rain, confessions on a hot tin roof, and quick physical relationship on the plane. Will not. All of this will wash away the marriage. Do you think he will take this step? Nope.

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