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The magic power of water: In the fashion of actively includes home-made Spa complexes. Tatiana Dolbilova — the expert of the company Dornbracht, the main ideologist of a new passion — said “Sprintally” on the therapeutic power of water, Kneipp method and mass recovery.

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Global trends

American futurist John Naisbitt in the 1990s published the book “Megatrends”. Its essence is that the technological inventions, no matter how good they may be, result in negative consequences. For example, man invents a robot, but in the end, the robot wins man. One of these Megatrends — health, healthiness. Everyone started to heal, and the reason is “toxic” the world in which we live. The endless flights, gadgets, fast pace. Another trend is individualization. Its meaning is that people, especially the wealthy, stop going to the clubs, no matter how close and elitist they are. All because no club can be designed to the needs and habits of a particular person. You can have a personal trainer, but in the shower you will still be faced with strangers, and the towel will belong only to you. Therefore, against the background of these global trends are creating at-home Spa-complexes, is absolutely natural.

The Spa Aquamoon System, Dornbracht

About the concept of “Wellness”

Wellness is still in fashion, only a concept we see as a broader. And now it’s “good” refers not only to the health and well-being, but we’re also talking about mental Wellness, financial, emotional. The modern man everything must be harmonious and balanced. This concept is also transferred to houses and apartments. The task of architects and designers today — not to divide space into cells, as it was before: we eat here, sleep here, here, communicate with friends. The boundaries between the different rooms are erased, all space must be one and reply of the wellness philosophy.

About relaxation and restoration

The Spa industry stopped talking about relaxation. Because if your mental wellness is all well and emotional intelligence too, you don’t get tired. Because fatigue comes from not fully understanding what we’re doing. Another thing — recovery. This is indeed a big trend. We restore your energetic, emotional and physical level. In General, the concept of all healthy and Wellness Spa is a health for healthy people.

Aquapressure System, Dornbracht

About the method Kneipp

In the 1830s in Germany, there lived a pastor Sebastian Kneipp, and he, like many people in those days suffered from tuberculosis. Kneipp noticed that a morning walk in the dew, and swim in icy Creek have a positive impact on his body. His observations he described in his book “My water cure” — and she’s not one of those “grandma’s recipes”, it is a medically proven thing. I believe that this book should be required reading for anyone who is attentive to their health and well-being.

He described how to properly make a douche, what should be the temperature of the bath, its fullness and time of exposure. In addition to the hygienic function, water has a meditative and passive fitness function – by making regular cold douches using the Kneipp method, you can train your heart muscle. The hose for such douches has a larger cross-section than an ordinary shower hose. The laminar flow or, more simply, the water jet, as opposed to the vortex, reaches the cold receptors more quickly and efficiently.

Press-Service Dornbracht

Pouring begin with the tip of the thumb, then need to jet up the leg to the groin and then down the back of the thigh. The exercise should be done three to four times on one foot and then the same thing again on the other. Like cold water — a kind of passive form of aerobic exercise, they improve blood circulation and strengthen the cardiovascular system.

About small spaces and the power of water

I always say: if you have a bathroom and a source of water – consider that you are the owner of the wellness space. Unfortunately, many do not know how to properly organize it, do not have knowledge of physiology and do not understand what therapeutic effect water can have on the body. Old methods and recipes that we have forgotten are now successfully returning. Here, for example, is a secret from the field of physiology and exposure to water. Imagine that you went to bed on time, fell asleep, but woke up at night — and even if you had an eye. No need to turn on the TV and grab the phone. You need to get up, go to the bathroom, take a Kneipp hose (and if not, just unscrew the shower watering can to get the laminar flow) and pour cold water on the foot arches. Not to fanaticism, the main thing – to feel a slight cold in the legs. Wipe down, go to bed under a warm blanket – and I assure you: in seven minutes you will fall asleep. There is no mysticism in this, this is a property of our body – the brain receives information that the legs are frozen and they need to be heated immediately, and not to think about any nonsense. He does not understand that you did it on purpose.

Aquapressure System, Dornbracht 1

About the Spa in office spaces

In large corporations have a business-Spa is not just a good tone, but the norm. Unfortunately, in Moscow. The maximum that can be advanced in the Metropolitan offices, is a table tennis table and a place to sleep. Although scientists have long been proven that a 20 minute NAP during the working day is ineffective, it does not help to reboot the brain. If it was floating or had the opportunity to meditate and do breathing practices under the supervision of an instructor — is another matter. In Frankfurt, we had a big project: the investment company in which a half-floor is the place where employees can do a Spa for the feet and relieve thus the stress and strain. Different jets, massages, temperature — to restore enough of just five minutes.

On vortex, laminar and tropical streams

The skin is the largest human organ, and in what form the water comes in contact with it, we experience different sensations. Agree, if you stand under a waterfall to get into the rain or be in the cloud in the mountains — each time the nerve endings react differently. And all these feelings we propose to test within the same bathroom with different shower systems.

The Spa Aquamoon System, Dornbracht 1

By the way, the principle of the company where I work, is a natural water, that is, we are not fuelled by oxygen and trying to achieve the natural loss of water. Mark first made a rain heads and came up with the nipple, which produces a drop of the same size and shape as a drop of tropical rain. All immediately picked up this idea, but only we have the patent on this a little.

About home spas

The first concept, the Dornbracht showed a couple of years ago. It belongs Sieger Design is a German world leader of industrial design. The brothers invented a Small Size Premium Spa (SSPS) and even registered the copyright and trademark. This is a home Spa, which is located on six square meters. They have thought carefully about not only the architecture of the room but the emotional component is due to the water, the sounds, chromo – and aromatherapy, visuals (on a big screen you can transmit any frames).

Home Spa Small Size Premium

Home Spa Small Size Premium 1

Home Spa Small Size Premium 2

Home Spa Small Size Premium 3

Here is the horizontal and vertical shower, bath, which can be embedded under the lounger to the horizontal soul: at any time you can close and use as a seat. This solution is particularly suitable for people from large cities like Singapore and New York, where a square meter is worth like a plane.

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