Last year came the news that Barbarossa hot singer Rihanna is preparing a new, ninth album, but after review, which left the singer in a Network, fans are afraid that she may leave the scene. All the details next on WANT!

As reported close to the singer source, Rihanna is considering to go on vacation for a while, and maybe permanently.

For almost a year, star fans have been waiting for the record. Recently, it would seem, the long-awaited moment has arrived: the media have reported that the album is finally ready, but Rihanna herself has not officially announced this.


Fans believed the press and began to share in the social networks her enthusiasm for the new work of the idol. One of the fans of the singer even said, just a comment made fans sad sigh:

He’s not ready, not yet done, sister.

It should be noted that this work will be radically different from her past albums. The singer will record an album in the style of the music of the Caribbean Islands, reggae. For the records was made 500 records, but the final version will include only 10.


If you ask why Rihanna chose this direction, think about its origins. She so loves your Barbados that we decided to devote an entire album.

Do you think it is all the same whether the published record?



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