How and why to stop comparing yourself with others

comparing yourself

Comparing yourself with others, you not only spoil your life but also suffer from the lack of women in your life.

Very often, guys hesitate to approach women, because it seems to them that there are already many around who are richer and look better. Therefore, they do not even try to speak with a beautiful woman.

This is an extremely common problem.

BUT, no matter who you are or who you are trying to seem, there will ALWAYS be someone better.

Comparing yourself with others, you only develop insecurity that strangles you in social situations and does not allow you to demonstrate your personality.

In short, this is a habit worth getting rid of.

And here are some actions you can take to stop comparing yourself to others.

Strive to become better than you were yesterday, and not better than a neighbor/colleague/ friend / …

The task is not to force yourself to think that you are “the best guy in the village” for this particular woman. That’s bullshit. It is impossible to find out exactly what she is looking for in a man. Yes, she herself hardly understands this …

Strive to become better than you were yesterday

It makes more sense to focus on what values YOU consider important.

Ask yourself what five adjectives you would like people to describe you, and then change your behavior to match this.

This is called becoming a better version of yourself – and it is a much healthier goal than trying to be better than anyone else.

In addition, this is not very difficult to achieve. Today you can begin to be kinder, friendlier, more honest, sociable, enterprising, etc.

Focus only on that. Do not compete with anyone except yourself in the past, and you will notice how much happier you become.

Why goal setting doesn’t make you happy

Most people seek satisfaction by setting global goals and telling themselves: “I will be happy when …” … something will be done. But this does not work.

As a rule, you feel nothing but a brief sense of the joy of completion. When this feeling disappears, you look around and focus on someone who is doing better, and think that overtaking him, you will definitely become happier.

And this “I will be happy when” cycle never ends. Of course, you will enjoy the fruits of success for some time, but soon this will become a new norm, and you will again be unhappy.

Get inspired, not envy


If it’s hard for you not to compare yourself with others, it is often recommended to avoid all Instagram’s and other social media, where people flaunt their “beauty” and the material signs of wealth that they have.

Well, yes, that’s good advice … but only to save time. In fact, social networks are a good way to communicate not only with friends but also with women.

Nevertheless, even if you refuse them, there will still be cases when you notice that someone has more money, more muscle, more beautiful women than you.

Do not hide from this. The solution is quite simple: be inspired by this, and not envy.

If you work hard on yourself or something else, nothing will stop you. It’s just that this person went a little further along this path.

Also remember that material things bring only short-term satisfaction, not long-term HAPPINESS. Those who focus on things often fall into the trap when they need more and more …

By avoiding this trap and focusing on your values, you can learn to accept yourself and find true happiness.

Get rid of the complexes

When you do this, you will stop feeling worse than others. You will become more confident and it will be easier for you to enjoy life.

You will no longer feel the uncertainty that makes so many men freeze in a daze at the sight of beautiful women.

Sometimes women will reject you anyway, but it will hurt your feelings much less … if at all.

Because, as soon as you become a better version of yourself, you will no longer feel bad because of women who do not want to be part of your life. After all, you understand that her desire for someone with other values does not detract from your merits.

You will perceive it more as a “spark did not slip through” than a refusal.

Needless to say, this greatly facilitates the development of self-confidence and charisma, which women find so attractive in men.

The easiest way to become more attractive.

True self-confidence is subtle but incredibly easy to see.

A relaxed look. Lightness and ease of movement. Lack of envy.

Women notice this VERY quickly because it is so rare in the modern world. Often this makes a man even more attractive than a handsome guy with a lot of money.

And once you understand this, you will no longer need to compare yourself with others.

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