How to stop being afraid and shy of girls

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Stop Being Afraid

How to stop being afraid: The biggest enemies of any person are internal fears and doubts. The fear of women is familiar to the vast majority of men, and in reality few have managed to overcome it, having acquired the ability to remain calm and confident when meeting a girl.

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Skill development

When a young man thinks about whether to approach a girl for an acquaintance, many probable pessimistic scenarios are scrolled in his head, which may be the real result of an unsuccessful attempt to get to know each other, and such thoughts make you sad and despondent.

The guys are afraid that the girl will refuse them, laugh at them, send them away.

It seems terrible to them to get into an absurd situation and look like a moron: but what will people think or the culprit herself is a girl.

But in fact, this is only a manifestation of the internal attitude to the event, because, in reality, people don’t care whether the girl wants to meet you or not, and the girl herself will forget about it the next day.

No one will think you’re some kind of loser. On the contrary, you are really cool if you can start dating, and it doesn’t matter what the result will be.

Remember yourself when you still did not know how to drive a car, and it seemed to you that this is something unrealistically complicated. Now, look at yourself today, when you manage to be behind the wheel while talking on a cell phone (this is not a recommendation for action).

The only difference between you and the current one from who you were before is in the experience gained and in bringing the acquired skill to automatism.

And the situation is similar to girls. You will always be afraid of something until you start to do it, and then, having gained experience, you will begin to smile with a smile at yourself, who once felt fear.

It should be noted that the formation of the skill of approach and getting to know girls through constant training will help you stop being afraid of female failures, but will not relieve you from the fear of dating as such.

You can do 10,000 approaches to girls, but an unpleasant feeling will still disturb you every new day when you decide to come back to the girl.

Psychological emancipation

In psychology, there is an opinion that the fear of dating is based on the fear of every woman that matters to us, which, as a rule, is a beautiful girl. And the first woman who became an involuntary culprit for a man to have a painful feeling for the girls was his mother.

The process of parenting and the tools used to prohibit various kinds of childish pranks, in addition to the positive effect, have a negative side.

From early childhood, the most important woman in our lives fettered us, forbidding us to express ourselves in one way or another. And now, having matured, we are afraid to freely express our natural interest in the opposite sex when we meet a young beautiful woman.

This fear has been honed all our lives, so just repeating the approaches to the girls will not get rid of it.

Psychological technique

Sit down, relax and imagine a situation when you saw a very beautiful girl. Here she is, not far from you, and you look right at her.

In this case, a very important detail: you do not need to get acquainted with the girl, you do not need to approach her and start talking.

You just look at the beautiful girl and enjoy it. A slight smile appeared on your face, you feel very good and comfortable.

Feel the taste and smell of this moment (perhaps it will be the smell of flowers or women’s perfumes), focus on a pleasant sensation in the abdomen or a possible tingling sensation in the body.

Repeat this exercise several times a day (for example, in the morning and evening, you can’t do it all day) for one month and evaluate the effect. For better fixation, it is recommended to perform the specified exercise for 3 months.

If you meet a beautiful girl somewhere, look at her while having fun, but within a month you should not go up and start communication. Acquaintance is allowed only if the girl herself speaks to you or someone introduces you to each other.


Dear friend, life is one, and it passes, becoming shorter every day. Each new day brings you closer to the obvious end, and that’s a fact.

Today you are twenty years old, but you will not have time to come to your senses when you are forty, and then what? And then a possible regret on the topic “And if …”

Therefore, either you work out your fear, after which you begin to get acquainted with the girls, or spend your life in the usual mode, which is probably overshadowed by the colors of ordinary mediocrity. The choice is yours.

And yet, if at the moment you’re sure that you won’t be able to meet a girl to get to know each other, go to this article about dating on the Internet and you will learn how to painlessly learn how to get to know girls with ease.

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