Why did people come up with laziness and why does it work so seamlessly

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People never doubted that the tendency to laziness must be mercilessly eradicated. Especially now, when it has become not just a bad habit, but a pressing problem: after all, laziness does not allow you to pursue a career, develop rapidly and fulfill your dreams in bundles. Here are a few facts you need to know about laziness: absolutely everyone suffers from its attacks, laziness is shameful and bad, and it does not exist yet.

Sprintally has two pieces of note for you in this article. Good – you are definitely not a lazy person, bad – you clearly have more serious problems.

What do we call laziness?

In general, anything. Laziness as a concept is a strikingly universal stigma that indiscriminately puts on any situation.

The child does not want to clean up the room – the elders will say that he is simply a lazy person. Do you combine work and daily household chores, and at the weekend you are not enough to learn a little English? Yes, you are lazy. Open a business, work on freelance, sleep 5 hours a day and for six months you can’t go to the gym? How embarrassing you are.

If you’re not around, then you yourself have more than once convicted yourself of laziness. Although, of course, true causes lie much deeper.

What’s really going on

In short, the complex mixture of feelings and sensations, which we used to call it laziness, there is nothing like resistance. All your body literally rebels against a particular action. The decision to join this powerful protective mechanism can be very different and the details depend on each specific case. We will discuss the most common of them.

“You’re just lazy!” – phrase with the same success can hear the baby, shirk lessons and worker, sluggishly poking around with another project. As you can see, it is just not in age.

The accusation of laziness is a very popular tool of manipulation. Practically, this means: “I want you to do this. If you don’t, I will consider you a bad person and make you think the same”.

Most often in such statements is the reluctance of the speaker to admit their own mistakes: for example, the head is easier to blame the worker piled in the deadline than to review organizational issues. Or “bummer,” thinks that it is pointlessly imposed his order: so that the child is unclear why he should suffer on the piano for 3 hours after school, instead of going out.

lazy panda

Has it ever happened in your life is that of a great book recommended by a friend, never seem to be the case? Or parents it’s easier to send any amount of money, and to spend time with them all but never got around to? If your laziness is selective in relation to those or other people, ask yourself if anything had happened in your relationship.

Perhaps this subconscious resistance caused by insult, humiliation, pressure. It is quite natural that you don’t want to visit relatives, at every opportunity, criticizing your way of life, and the book associated with an arrogant friend, I want to throw away. Unnatural to feel the oppressive guilt about this.

Often capable and ambitious people catch themselves on the fact that they can’t undertake anything interesting or useful: learn how to cool photoshop, sit down to learn a foreign language or attend a business training. This state frustrates and undermines self-esteem: you know exactly what you can! You just need to give yourself another kick. But in the end, self-torture remains your best achievement in recent times.

Try for a moment to break away from the systematic masochism and honestly ask yourself, not whether you have got tired. Simple question, but people with the student syndrome and perfectionists are not easy to handle. It is difficult for them to recognize themselves as mere mortals with the need for rest and entertainment.

Often the reason for this is a family setting “the rest must be earned”. After all, to relax, you need to have a really good reason: a serious illness, years of work without a vacation… And the older and more experienced a person gets, the higher the bar, separating it from a well-deserved rest. It is not surprising that at one point, the psyche will rebel against another above self motivation.

Another popular scenario: you are on the wings of enthusiasm flies into a new life, he searched for a cool hobby/ improvisation/ writing (underline), and soon to be firmly mired in a swamp of laziness and procrastination. And it’s not that you have lost the desire: this may be the dream of a lifetime. However, you hardly budge, that it became a reality. Sounds silly, but it happens almost every.


Barbara Sher, author of the book “it’s time! How to turn the dream into life and life into dreams”, says that resistance is our brilliant bodyguard, protecting us from any dangerous situation. An ancient reflex, spelled out in DNA, which more than anything makes one appreciate safety.

When we try to get out of the comfort zone and decide to radically change our instincts think we are hopelessly confused. Why go on a diet and exercise, if the supply of calories in the body – the key to survival? Something to change the habitual place of residence or work on something new and problematic? Our instincts do not like change. And no matter what the yard of the long stone age.

How to understand that I’m not okay

How to understand that I'm not okay

Barbara Sher offers a few simple exercises that will help to clarify a bit:

  • First of all, we are not always able to take responsibility and realize that the main cause of failure rarely depends on the circumstances. Every time you can’t force yourself for something to take, write down the reasons that serve you an insurmountable obstacle. Don’t try to analyze them, just make a list. Typing with ten, re-read all these things you think are objectively more urgent and important than the execution of any of his dreams. Still, feel like an innocent victim of circumstances?
  • If you doubt that your goal for you in the first place – stress, do the following: imagine the case, from long keeping, in all colors. Now stand up and step with determination, as if going to tackle it right now. Rapidly head over to the computer, pick up the books, phone – what you need. And watch your feelings.

    If this article is about you, now you noticeably stiffened. All right, this is your defense mechanism senses the danger and overwhelms you with stress hormones to get you to stop. Of course, you can resist, but the struggle with their own body and psyche – it is a thankless and exhausting task.

    Every day we relatively easy to fight these feelings when the soul is the boss, spouse or parents. But, when left to ourselves, we usually quickly frustrated. That is why it is easier for us to move the mountains for others, having an outside stimulus, but so hard to do something for yourself.

  • If you recognize yourself in the description of this article, the best solution is to go to a psychologist. Trite but true: with the professional help you more quickly get to the root of the problem. Most importantly, remember that laziness is a huge dump, where it is customary to blame everything indiscriminately. If laziness attacks have become shameless to invade your life, it’s time to deal with this pile of garbage and understand that what you put in there.

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