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Students: The word “student” (“studio”) in the usual sense for us was first used by the Roman poet Ovid when he arrived in Athens for new knowledge. Literally from the Latin language, this term translates as a person who works hard and diligently engaged. Our students celebrate two holidays: the first International Student Day on November 17 and the second Student Day on Tatiana Day on January 25. We have prepared for you interesting facts about students:

1. In Norway, higher education can be obtained free of charge. In addition, the state provides the student with a small stipend. In addition, during training, he can take a loan for personal needs.

2. During the marketing research of Everest Poker, it turned out that the largest group of online poker players are students. In different countries, this figure ranges from 20 to 30% of the total number of poker fans on the network. The bluffing skill can be useful in the standings: it is always useful to play a good face on a bad ticket …

3. It turns out that it was Count Uvarov, who headed the Ministry of Education under Nicholas I, obliged students to take notes on lectures. This innovation allowed the minister not only to improve the efficiency of the education system but also to reveal free-thinkers among the teaching staff of educational institutions.

4. The student is aging. It is a fact. At least in Europe, people still go to get an education. For example, in Sweden, the average student age is already 25.5 years. And in Russia, there are unique persons who are ready to gnaw the granite of science from 18 to 27 years old to delay.

5. In the Russian Empire, not only the porters of restaurants cared for students on Tatiana’s day, but also the police. They were instructed not to arrest the celebrating students, and also to provide assistance if they were no longer able to get home. Unfortunately, until today the tradition has not survived …

6. Modern students are less likely to be found wandering between bookshelves of libraries. According to the VTsIOM survey, 73% of university students prefer to use ELS (electronic library systems). Current students read e-books on mobile media. There are even readers that are specifically targeted for educational purposes, for example, PocketBook Pro 912. The display size of this gadget with a diagonal of 9.7 inches coincides with the dimensions of the book page, which makes reading easier. For tablets and laptops, the reader-pocketbook wins due to the E-Ink technology. First, the display on electronic ink does not use a backlight, which can tire the eyes during long-term reading. And secondly – the energy is spent only on turning the pages, and the PocketBook Pro 912 battery lasts for 7,000 pages.

7. The length of the Harvard Bridge is “364.4 distemper and another ear.” This measure of length came from the name of a student, Oliver Smoot, with which students measured the bridge in 1958. One hundred and seventy centimeter-wide Oliver was moved along the roadway and made marks, which nearly lost during the reconstruction of the bridge. It is curious that Smut himself took a seat in the Chamber of Weights and Measures – he became the head of the ISO (International Standards Organization). Here they are – American 38 parrots.

8. One of the models of men’s shoes classic penny loafer owes its name to the student superstition. In the tongue of these shoes is made of a special slot, which is placed a coin. According to one tradition the students, penny (or any coin) you need to hide in the Shoe before the exam so the ticket got a little better, and teacher – kinder. Some, however, believe that it is better to put not a coin, and bill (or better– several). And not in the Shoe, and grade book.

9. At Yale University there is a funny tradition. Senior students are eager to share their abstracts with more youthful companions. For this latter become debtors. However, no money is no need to pay. Write off outline encircle the brilliant green eyes that were like lights, and then he rolls helping his student back within a few hours.

10. To argue with the teachers – a more expensive. It again confirmed one cheeky student from Oxford that is requested during the exam a mug of beer. This allowed the ancient tradition of the University. Your drinking student received but was immediately fined by the teacher. But not for drinking alcohol. The resourceful teacher made reference to an even older tradition: the pieces students are forbidden to appear on the exam.

11. Japanese students take exams at the chocolate bar Kit Kat as a mascot. Such an unusual choice due to the fact that the expression “going to win” (“kitto katsu” in Japanese) is consonant with the name of sugar.

12. In Russia of the 19th century, the students in the pubs and wrote on the back of them. It is even described in one of the satires of Chekhov: porters restaurant “Yar” and “Strelna” in students before they could answer, the address and wrote it with chalk on their backs. Then it was enough to take the unconscious body carriers to deliver them to the house.

13. Students are ready for non-trivial solutions. Sometimes because of their inattention. For example, mathematician George Danzig, late for classes at the University, took the equations on the Board for homework. Some days it took him to get the answer. Then it turned out that he dealt with two “unsolvable” problems in statistics, which was not too tough, already an accomplished scientist. Danzig just didn’t know that they have no solution – and found it over the weekend.

14. At Princeton University (USA) students take written examinations in the absence of an audience of teachers. The thing in the “Code of honesty” — a solemn oath, which was given the freshmen. In accordance with her student, as a decent person, shall not charge.

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