How to understand that a girl wants you: 38 signs

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Girl Wants You
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How to understand that a girl wants you? Sometimes it’s difficult to determine whether a girl is flirting with you, having on the basis of her behavior an unequivocal interest, or is it just a manifestation of friendly platonic sympathy.

If you laid eyes on a lonely beauty, you probably have a question: how to understand that a girl wants you?

Perhaps you have already talked with the girl, or maybe even had a date, but still not sure how she really treats you.

Understanding that a girl wants you is not an easy task. However, there are signs by which you can conclude about the true intentions of your girlfriend.

38 Signs understand that a girl wants you

How To Understand That A Girl Wants You

1. She wants to visit you or invites you to her

This is, of course, the simplest option, which happens in life very rarely.

If a girl comes up to you and says or hints that she wants to visit you, or invites you to her house (it’s a good idea to leave here somewhere where there are not all these people), there is nothing left to decipher.

2. Eye contact

If you notice that she is constantly looking at you, there are only 2 options: either you owe her money, or the girl wants you. And if she does not hide her gaze, then even the stars are in favor.

However, the girl may not stare at you, trying to hide her true intentions. In this case, try to consider what emotions her gaze carries when communicating with you, how much warmth and interest there is in it.

3. Glint in the eyes and dilated pupils

Just as a child’s eyes will expand when they see a huge box of chocolates, a woman’s eyes will do the same when you become such an attractive candy.

The girl cannot control the expansion of the pupils, so accept this as a sign that she unconsciously shows interest and excitement.

4. Invasion of your personal space

Women don’t like to come close to unattractive people for no reason. Therefore, if you feel that the interlocutor has lingered in the radius of your personal space, this is an unambiguous clue that she is interested in you.

A girl, maybe, will ask you to come as close as possible so that your body’s touch, after which, perhaps, he will step back, emphasizing the official space between you.

She can take the initiative to sit or stand next to you, and she will also come up with a reason to talk to you at close range.

5. She wants to be alone with you

A girl who wants you will always look for reasons to be alone with you.

6. She looks at your lips

If a girl systematically glances at your lips, who do you think she wants? That’s right, you. In this way, she imagines how you will merge in a passionate kiss.

7. She raises an eyebrow

This is an implicit sign of strong liking, so it should be taken into account in conjunction with others.

8. The position of her hands

If a girl crosses her arms over her chest, you can be sure that either she is cold or she is cold towards you.

9. The position of her palms

Another clue to the presence of interest on the part of the girl is her open and inverted palms.

This position of the palms shows the openness and willingness to develop relations, while clenched fists are a bad sign.

10. She leans toward you

If she leans toward you when you don’t really need to, consider it a sign. For example, she can bend down under the pretext that it is difficult for her to hear your words.

11. Showing off her body

Women know that men cannot resist female charms, therefore, a sure sign that a girl wants you is to show your beloved open area of her chest, legs, shoulders.

12. Physical contact

She casually touched your hand or hit you on the knee while laughing? Women don’t touch people they don’t like.

Most likely, the girl is interested, so try to repeat her movements and watch for the response. If the interlocutor moves away, you should slow down.

13. The tone of her voice becomes lower

The tone of a woman’s voice becomes lower when girls communicate with men for whom they have a clear liking.

14. She runs a hand through her hair

A woman always adjusts her hair or plays with it when she is in the company of a guy she considers attractive.

Thus, the girl wants to demonstrate one of her intimate places – the neck, and also shows her subconscious desire. She wants your fingers to act as a comb for her hair.

Well, what can I say, people are interesting creatures.

15. With you, she looks better than usual

Women will make extra efforts to look good in the company of the man they like.

A girl may not be fond of makeup, but if her beauty level increases next to you thanks to cosmetics, don’t forget to take note of this.

In addition, her outfit, which, for example, is a tight-fitting dress, is an additional argument to think about.

16. She initiates communication

If a girl does not wait when you call her but calls you first, then she is very interested in you and in the development of relationships.

True, this happens very rarely, and much more often a girl initiates the development of communication implicitly.

For example, she can spontaneously give you 2 flyers in a nightclub, without really explaining anything at the same time, in the hope that you will invite her with you.

17. She invests you in communication

The girl takes the initiative to do something for you, offers help or treats with something, such as coffee.

18. She asks if you live alone

Why do you think she can ask you this? That’s right, to make sure that nobody bothers you when you are alone.

19. She talks about your possible girlfriend

This is a classic. When the interlocutor throws something like “Your girlfriend should like this!”, The purpose of the words said, of course, is not related to caring for your passion, which, perhaps, does not exist at all.

It’s just that your newly made acquaintance is trying to determine your status to make sure that you are a guy who is not burdened with relationships, and she is not wasting time.

20. She makes it clear that she has no one

Has she told you more than once that she has no boyfriend? And why do you think so? It’s clear that the girl wants you.

21. She initiates the communication on intimate topics

If a girl is not a journalist on the staff of Eros magazine, it is unlikely she will raise intimate topics in communication with you.

Women will not start such conversations with men whom they do not see as love partners.

22. She teases you

If a girl teases you gently, it means that the flirt toggle switch is set to the “On” position.

23. She tickles you

The girl wants to touch you but does not want it to be too obvious, so an attempt to tickle you should be taken into account the presence of attraction.

24. She can’t look at you without a smile

A smile is one of the main indicators in an attempt to find out the girl’s attitude towards you.

When a girl smiles at you, this is a good sign that she feels positive and enjoys your company.

If she flirts with you and smiles constantly, then most likely she wants you.

25. She kisses you

This does not mean that a friend will sleep with you 100%, but she clearly prepares a foothold, so 99% is already yours.

As a result of the kiss, the girl will find out if she wants more, and therefore give her a really worthy kiss.

26. She notices the details

It’s all about the details. If a girl notices that you have a fashionable haircut, a swollen torso or a delicious smell of toilet water, this is a clear indicator that she is breathing unevenly in your direction.

27. She compliments you

How to understand that a girl wants you? Listen to what she says. Especially if a friend gives you compliments, says that she likes the way you look or praises your intelligence, humor and your talents.

28. She runs into a compliment

A girl may ask you: “What do you think of my hair?” or “How do you like my dress?” Satisfy the interlocutor’s interest, say that she is beautiful.

29. She does not look at her phone

Today, people rarely come off their mobile gadgets. But if the interlocutor hides her phone and, having entered into a conversation with you, simply forgets about the mobile friend, fully focusing on you, know that not so much is left to sin.

30. She asks questions

Asking questions, the girl shows that she is interested in you and wants to know you better.

31. She laughs at your jokes

If a girl constantly laughs at your jokes, she is definitely located towards you.

Does this mean that a friend is already ready to sleep with you? Most likely not, but you are definitely moving in the right direction.

32. She agrees to do everything that you offer

Even your most boring offers seem like a great idea to her. The girl wants to spend time with you, no matter what you do.

33. She shares her food with you

“Take it, try it.” Has this happened to you? That’s it. No one will share their food with people they don’t like.

34. She borrows your clothes

You began to notice that your sweater more often embraces the girl’s shoulders, instead of warming you?

It may just be cold outside, but most likely your friend wants to feel you closer to her.

35. She texts you at night

If a girl texts you after midnight, she thinks of you in a context that is exactly different from a purely friendly one.

Just don’t get ahead of yourself by trying to dilute your conversation with spicy texts. Let her bring it up.

36. She always responds to messages

Does the girl always respond to your messages without making you wait too long? If that’s the case, you’ll soon get to know her as intimately as possible.

37. She really wants to meet

If a girl offers to meet you herself, especially if you accidentally run into her somewhere, she’s obviously up to something. Or maybe the girl just wants you.

38. She offers to exchange contacts with you

In this case, the girl wants to get to know you better and, apparently, meet again. An excellent sign of her strong interest.

This is fine when a girl asks you to exchange phone numbers because this does not happen often.

It doesn’t take into account the girl’s desire to exchange contacts in order to get rid of you as quickly as possible.

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