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Brush for mascara: How to choose perfectly on 2019

Brush for mascara

Brush for mascara: Mascara is one of the most popular beauty products in the world. Each manufacturer offers to try its unique formula and interesting brushes that will make the look more expressive. How to choose?

Choosing a new mascara, we are waiting for a magnificent effect, but, unfortunately, we do not always get it. What does the beauty of eyelashes depend on and what is more important: product formula or brush?

Let’s start with the material. Classic fleecy brushes give perfect volume to thin and short cilia. Silicone or nylon base evenly distributes mascara without creating the effect of “spider legs” (lumps). To paint all the eyelashes, you need a lot more time than usual. Ready to invest?

There are more than one hundred different brushes that differ in material, shape, and nap. The choice of this product depends on individual preferences. Let’s look at the three most popular options together!

Mascara Formula

We get the effect not only from the brush but also from the beauty product itself. Any mascara consists of water, wax, various resins and polymers, as well as nutrients (vitamins A, B, E, oils). If you want elongation, then choose a product in which there will be viscose, nylon or silk. Keratin and pitch – curl up, and wax microgranules add volume.

Tweezers will help make the look even more expressive.

The straight and curved mascara brush

A straight brush is a classic version that suits almost everyone (natural effect). They are very similar in their characteristics. Curved better stains eyelashes at the base and allows you to achieve a beautiful bend.

Straight and curved shape of the brush for mascara
Kiko Milano Volume Attraction Mascara

Oval brush for mascara


Oval brush for mascara
Lancome Hypnose Doll Eyes Doll Lash Effect Mascara

Suitable for girls with short and rare eyelashes. The fluffiness of the brush allows you to collect more money and thus add volume. Mascara divides well due to different lengths of villi.

Ideal: favorite mascara and a couple of brushes in the arsenal. Moreover, many brands release them separately!

Eight or tapered mascara brush

The multifunctional brush that looks interesting and copes with a variety of tasks: volume, length and thickness. Owners of short eyelashes such mascara will not work, as it is very wide at the base.

Eight or a tapered brush for mascara

Paint the small cilia with a thin silicone brush.

Remember that mascara brushes need to be cleaned and disinfected. It is enough to pour water into a glass and add some makeup remover. Blot in solution and dry. Otherwise, it can accumulate bacteria that provoke allergic reactions.

Chose your mascara brush and let us know on the comment.

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