If you doubt whether to complement your wedding image classic head-dress of every bride – veil, the editors WANT ready to convince you of its necessity and perfection.

The perfect bride

Today, modern brides are increasingly trying to be creative not only in the organization of the wedding but when choosing “the” dress. Departing from the classical view, young girls are beginning to abandon the traditional white color, and sometimes lose even a veil on the way to the altar. And in fact, it may be the most spectacular detail in festive attire.

Believe me, but the veil is the place to be and complement your wedding image. Maybe you just haven’t met your ideal so it’s time to get acquainted with the main types of headdress for the bride.

The Veil

Such variation wedding veils are quite rare nowadays, but earlier it was considered a real rage. The veil is reminiscent of a small hat or a decorative substrate with tulle and is very self-sufficient, so this hat would go perfectly with a simple flowing dress or creating a retro image.

wedding veil


Blush is a popular color powdery shades. Blusher veils are also popular due to its lightness and weightlessness. Veil vaguely has some similarities with the veil, but unlike its predecessor, is not burdened with the hat. It’s still a short tulle base that only slightly covers the bride’s face and fastened into the hair. This option will look good as lush dresses and slinky models on the figure.



This veil you have definitely seen many times. This three-dimensional model, consisting of one or more tiers shoulder length, but its length can vary based on your personal wishes. Of course, if you want to stand out with a wedding headdress, this option is not for you, but if the main focus of your image will be all the same dress, this veil will help it to stress more sophisticated look, and not taking on a lot of attention.



Hearing this name you should immediately feel the hot, Spanish motives. The main focus of this veil becomes a luxurious lace that trimmed the edge of the product. This model looks very romantic and will be a beautiful accent for brides who in addition to the on-site ceremony and a visit to the registry office, preparing for the wedding.


Juliet cap

The stylistic veil that reminds us of the lavish parties in Gatsby style. It was a vintage variation on the popular bowler hats 20-30 years. This is a complex and at the same time fashionable version of the headdress for the bride which will attract everyone’s attention. Just remember that this model requires a special dress. You should look at the options fitted with bareback in silver and gold shades.

Juliet cap

Veil Under The Hoop

For those brides who want to go “up” with trends, you have to see the veil under the Hoop or wreath. High fashion dictated such models the main wedding headdress 2018. In fact, it’s very simple – it is a transparent single-layer veil that is worn under the headband or floral arrangement. With this option, you’ll be the most stylish bride.


If you still doubt the need to wear a veil on their marriage, the editors WANT in a hurry to give you another argument. Recently we had a Royal wedding Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, which complements its solemn way, not only the veil but precious tiara. You might want to be inspired by her example.

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