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Interesting facts about plastic surgery

plastic surgery

Plastic surgery: In any profession, there are amazing and fascinating facts that you should definitely find out about. Today we will tell a few interesting facts about the correction of appearance, which you never knew exactly.

1) In the modern world, mammoplasty is one of the most common operations in the Russian Federation. As for America, liposuction and breast augmentation are most popular there. By the way, nose surgery in this country is in the top three.

2) There is even a procedure that allows changing the shape of the eyelids. It is called blepharoplasty. This procedure gives the opportunity to get rid of many flaws, including wrinkles. This operation is possible independently or in conjunction with another number of procedures for the face. Such an operation will help to rejuvenate the face. Instead of the weary expressions of the eyes appear fresh and young look. This operation is in demand among older women wanting to look young.

3) Correction of the ear cartilage can be done even in childhood. The child must be 6 years old to be able to carry out this procedure. For children, general anesthesia is used, and older people have enough local anesthesia.

4) The first operation was carried out more than 5 thousand years ago. Scientists have found that in India, a long time ago they made nose plastic. Even then, people wanted to become better and more beautiful.

5) For the first time, an operation to restore virginity was done in 1962. It is noteworthy that the Italian surgeon performed the first operation on his daughter. This procedure is called Hymenoplasty, and it is in great demand in Arab countries, because of their customs.

6) Most often, women use the services of plastic surgeons. However, men are also very demanding about their appearance. They do not make plastic for one reason only – because of banal fear. It turns out that women in this regard are much stronger than the male part of the population.

7) To correct skin defects, you can use human fat that was pumped out during liposuction. As it turned out, the human body rejects alien fat, so you need to use only your own.

8) At the end of the 19th century, they were able to perform the operation for the first time – abdominoplasty. She was led by a surgeon from America – Gordon Kelly.

9) Rhinoplasty can be performed no more than 7 times. As a rule, a man is recorded again for the operation, who are not satisfied with the result.

10) More than 700 plastic surgeons work in the Russian Federation. Only in Moscow, there are more than 80 private clinics.

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