If you want long-term and strong relations with a man, do not force him to be ashamed of your actions, habits, and manners. If he is ashamed of you in society, you can be sure he’s with you for a while. If until he voiced his complaints, you can perform whether one of the listed sins.

Why some women are ashamed of men?


A man will never want a close and lasting relationship with the lover of quarreling. Especially if unpleasant scenes arranged in public places. No one is good to solve conflicts and listen to the criticism of witnesses. If you love making your personal life public knowledge, the man with you is not delayed. By the way, it concerns not only your relationship but public conflicts with third parties: staff, spectators in a cinema, restaurant, etc.



A wise woman will never be in the presence of strangers to discuss the shortcomings of the man she loved. Even if these shortcomings are obvious, they should not become the subject of ridicule, mockery, and taunts with witnesses. As a couple, a man and woman should respect each other and uphold the honor of the partner of the other. If a girl allows herself to public criticism of his chosen, exposing him to ridicule, he will draw the appropriate conclusions and get rid of the object of discomfort.


It is an unforgivable mistake made by many young ladies who seek to emphasize the dignity of their appearance. It is important to know the measure in everything and not to speciate flaunting the best parts of the body, choosing too revealing outfits, provocative length, and flashy colors. Also get involved in photos in a negligee, thoughtlessly published in social networks. Your man should be proud of you and not feel awkward from the stares of others.


You can consider yourself an expert in various fields, but please refrain from the desire for someone to teach, to convince of the correctness, or instruct on the right path. Don’t lecture nor his man, nor the companions, which are in the same company. Your edification will make him feel extremely uncomfortable, like those who at this point will be next.


Men hate women’s propensity for rumor-bones. Gossip often becomes the subject of quarrels and conflicts in the society of friends. Your man would not want to know that is relevant to the mudslinging of any of your mutual friends, so do not discuss it with friends and even relatives.


Every man likes to feel admired by his companion. So give him that opportunity. He is proud of you and sees you as an ally and partner, especially when you are in public places or in the society of friends and acquaintances.

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