Online dating for girls begins with correspondence. The following are real examples of correspondence with a girl that once actually arose in the process of dating on the Internet (on dating sites:,,,, and also Meeturgent). And so it was.

Dear reader, I ask you not to be surprised at the simplicity of the phrases contained in the examples proposed below, because if you aim to create a wide circle of women next to you, to get stuck on one is an unreasonable waste of time and effort. Especially when there are a lot of them, it makes no sense to come up with bewitching words if the perfect triviality rolls. I selected the girls, not convinced or interested. In addition, all the information on the site dedicated to dating on the Internet is based on two principles: simplicity and maximum efficiency. Therefore, the simpler the better, which will be discussed in more detail at the end of this article.

You can come up with your own version of the first phase, as well as subsequent words. And even better if you do so. Be yourself, not me. But it’s not worth it to strain your brain very much, unless, of course, you consciously want this.

At the same time, I will emphasize that in order to save time and get the best result, it is advisable to use one text template for all girls. You don’t write colorful words, trying to be a member of the Shakespearean dialogs, but simply copy and paste the prepared text to a large number of girls (this method is not very suitable for Facebook correspondence; it will be said below how to start Facebook correspondence).

Personally, I don’t recommend treating online dating as a way to choose a girl for a serious relationship. Rather, it is the development of important male skills for ease of communication with the opposite sex, as well as gaining confidence in one’s abilities. In addition, it is categorically not recommended to become attached to easily accessible girls, but it will come out sideways to you. However, I add that I do not speak sharply negatively against dating sites, just be on your guard.

The text of the messages was not subject to correction, therefore, when reading, please do not make claims to spelling.

Examples of correspondence with a girl

Examples of correspondence with a girl


Me: good evening, how are you?

She: good. everything is fine. and yours?

Me: good too, what are you doing?

She: trying to solve a puzzle. something does not work out very well)))

Me: you need to rest

She: then you have to start all over again)

Me: how do you usually spend weekends?

She: once at a time is not necessary. trying to get out somewhere. and you?

Me: love to visit

She: to whom?)

Me: to the one who invites? and you?

She: well, I also like to visit.) I guess everyone loves

Me: where do you work, study?

She: working … your turn)

Me: work … today what will you do?

She: rest)) I’ll go have dinner, I’ll watch some movie

Me: where is the stormy Saturday evening?

She: transferred to the future)

Me: do you visit night clubs?

She: yes) I like to dance. and you?

Me: I visit periodically, which ones do you like more?


Me: here I am

She: and I already thought that now you say, how can you go there))))))) usually such a reaction

Me: They are evil

She: no) just to each his own. some love … others … now … adore)

Me: Listen, let’s exchange phone numbers

She: come on no …

let's phone numbers exchange


Me: Hey, how you doing?

She: hi)) fine)) and how are you?)

Me: fine, what are you doing?

She: dress up)friend is waiting for)let’s go shopping))))))

Me: cool, am I bothering you?

She: well, I’m almost gone. You sent the message later))

Me: go then, we will meet again…

She: bye)))

Me: bye

She: a couple of minutes there is still)

Me: fine, how do you usually spend the weekend?

She: usually stormy and fun))) and usually not in the city))))

Me: why?

She: fresh air is still cooler)))

Me: with good company it is good everywhere. long on this site?

She: well, then yes)))) no)) and you?

Me: about a year. have you ever met anyone in real life?

She: wow)))) yes it was a couple of times)

Me: and how successfully?

She: how can I tell you …

Me: okay. went to a movie somehow

She: I do not mind) Not today)))

Me: OK. give me your phone#, will call tomorrow

She: No…)))everything ran)))

Me: What exactly is your name?

She: …

Me: my phone number … just in case

She: OK)

my phone number

Me: good evening

She: Good!!!!!!

Me: doing fine?

She: Well, and you?

Me: is also good, what are you doing?

She: Yes, I’m sitting on the Internet, and you?

Me: how much we have in common too. where do you study, work, and in your free time how do you relax?

She: Finish …, rest if someone calls

Me: what are you thinking about tomorrow

She: Well, I’m not from your city, I came home for the weekend, but I’ll come on Sunday

Me: sorry, not tomorrow

She: Really sorry?((((((((((((((

Me: where are you from?


Me: Write the phone number, maybe we’ll call you on Sunday

She: Maybe?

Me: well, who knows that if I fall asleep on Saturday and wake up on Monday

She: Well, write down just in case No. …

well, who knows if on Saturday I'll sleep, and Wake up


Me: good evening

She: Are you kind?

Me: sure, what’s wrong?

She: it’s like that. Monday is a hard day

Me: that’s for sure. so the weekend was awesome

She: there were very few of them, unfortunately …

Me: what do you do in your free time?

She: I collect the pieces taken out at work

Me: and what work you take out the brain?

She: oh please let’s not talk about work

Me: let’s have a rest

She: and if you return to the topic of free time … in general: I walk, read, watch a movie, meet friends, go to the pool … you can continue for a very long time

Me: don’t stop

She: let’s better say what you wanted to read – and (good evening) I’ll say for sure that I do this in my free time

Me: I am ashamed, do you go on a visit?

She: you ashamed??????????????????????????????? wasn’t it so modest? to visit … yes, I go, if interested, invite

Me: it seems to me, no matter how they invite, it’s important how to relax

She: if let’s say, their name is the first time and I still don’t know if I’ll have a good rest … then the invitation should sound at least interesting. but in general, we are now discussing an incomprehensible topic, I consider myself a sociable and hospitable person, therefore I go to visit myself and invite.

Me: so, am I to you or are you to me?

She: the proposal, in principle, is interesting, but today I have no mood to see anyone … it’s still necessary to think about what to talk about…

Me: when meeting, the less you think, the better the communication is obtained (psychologists write)

She: I agree with psychologists. BUT! not at the first meeting.

Me: Not at the first meeting what?…

She: think less and communicate better (I think). possible when people are at least a little familiar

Me: don’t you meet strangers?

She: I get acquainted. it’s just that my mood is really not sociable

Me: now or always?

She: now, and not always

Me: okay

She: But you said to read poorly hidden sarcasm…

Me: I’ll be nice. what is it?

She: mmm… be gentle? afraid to offend the interviewee?

Me: I never hurt, but people somehow offended

She: :).

Me: :).

She: that has stalled our conversation…

Me: share the phone number and find a way out of the impasse

She: do you think? I’m really not in the mood today. to share my number …

share the phone number and find a way out of the impasse


Me: Hey, how you doing tonight?

She: not bad :).

Me: how do you usually spend your free time?

She: differently depending on the mood :)) and you?

Me: away, home, night club, outdoors. how do you feel about drinking?

She: funny question why do you ask?:)

Me: and I ask why you ask why I ask?…

She: Just a very strange question for a girl so I asked:) in companies and it can very rarely have a glass of champagne:))

Me: where do you work?

She: … And you?

Me: … and how about the opportunity to meet?

She: maybe:)

Me: and when?

She: And you’re married, very few stated in the questionnaire?

Me: idle

She: and the purpose of all Dating?

Me: you love to communicate with men? just I’m beginning to doubt

She: Doubt what?

Me: what’s your phone number?

She: no…

Me: it’s not too late to call?

She: no

what's your phone number


Me: hi, how are you?

She: hi … great, relaxing. ..and you????

Me: perfectly. and where are you resting?

She: …km from your city

Me: far away, and when you’re in town?

She: soon…expect after 1.5 weeks to arrive…

Me: it will be necessary to dock

She: I don’t mind…

Me: :-). (smiley)

She: a smiley face nothing like this!!!!

Me: this is my twin

She: wow…you’re so handsome!!!!!

Me: not a word

She: well, the intriguer…..

Me: Yes, I was.

She: Are you through life like this or only on the Internet…

Me: I’m always like this, do you?

She: I don’t know how to hide, what there was there…..

Me: well then cool, if you like the photo

She: yeah so… and hasn’t changed a bit…

Me: when will you come?

She: planned in 1.5 weeks….soon.

Me: Ah, Yes. can’t wait

She: well, he who waits receives the best … I think it makes sense to wait …

Me: waiting for

She: OK.. on arrival we’ll meet…

Me: in any way

She: no questions….

She (after some time): hi

Me: hi, how are you?

She: well, fine if the weather is bad, nowhere to go…and you?

Me: okay

She: what are you doing?

Me: and drink beer

She: so early drink beer just about…

Me: the occasion was yesterday

She: Well, today the beer is just a theme, but what is the occasion if not a secret…

Me: Saturday night

She: well, not too bad that I can have a good rest…

Me: we are. Oh, can’t you?

She: even as they can…then a long time remember…well, we’re doctors…

Me: you have a drink …

She: no…now septated, and to drink…

Me: as always

She: don’t have alc##ol to drink, there are lots of other drinks, and alc##ol have long been in the branches no…

Me: and I like to drink alc##ol

She: and that so much alc##ol is consumed???? I understand that this is one of my favorite drinks

Me: Yes, every day jammed all the time

She: I’m glad …. you look good at the same time … teach ???

Me: I will share my experience

She: so wonderful… Well, what else can you tell us what you do in life ???

Me: Yes, I’m bummed

She: lucky you…

Me: all is well

She: Yes, not the right word …. tell me how to live, so as not to work … share your experience …

Me: Yes, sometime in the meeting

She (after some time): hi…

Me: Hello, Hello

She: where you been all this time????

Me: no longer remember. are you in town now

She: almost a month…

Me: let’s call each other. what is your phone number?

She: no…



Me: hi, how are you?

She: Hi, okay, boring only.

Me: What do you miss for fun?

She: Yes, I don’t know myself, depressing is full,

Me: I understand you. how do you usually rest on the weekends?

She: On the weekends I always have parents in town

Me: Okay, why is it boring


Me: and how is the condition of you usually correct?

She: always walk with someone

Me: I love to walk. sometimes in night clubs

She: me too, though the club has not been. But go very often.

Me: I right not to invite you to visit

She: When?

Me: tomorrow

She: Where do you live?

Me: … and you?


Me: what’s your phone number?

She: You want me to call?

Me: so I’m asking

She: no…

Me: I’ll call you within the hour, you need the phone to charge. O. K.?

She: I don’t mind

Me: agreed

But such long lyrics can sometimes be pretty annoying. Below are my favorite dialogue and some of its variations (if necessary, you can add a couple more phrases to the correspondence).

you need the phone to charge


Me: hi, how are you?

She: hi, good and you?

Me: fine. what is your telephone number? let’s call each other

She: no…

hi, how are you


Me: Hey, how about meeting?

She: Hi! For what purpose?

Me: What is your mobile number? let’s call each other

She: come on! No…

come on


Me: hi, how are you?

She: hi. well

Me: what is your phone number? let’s call each other

She: and for what purpose will you call me?

Me: whatever you want

She: I just wanted to know why you suddenly wanted to phone number. can first chat

Me: I have already answered

She: no…

I have already answered


Me: hi, how are you?

She: Hey it’s the weekend, so good

Me: What is your mobile number? let’s call each other

She: so soon! what are you looking for on the site and why do you want to call me?

Me: the purpose of my stay on the site is the same as everyone else – communication, but I want to call in order to hear your voice and of course to speak not virtually. you won’t just write what you can say, and already fingers hurt on the keyboard

She: no…

The end

Dear visitor, examples of correspondence with the girl is given in particular to show that, in general, no matter what to write in messages. If you start a conversation with “Param-pam-pam. How are you?”, the result will be not worse than the “Hello, Goddess.”

A simple phrase without a hint of ingratiation will have a greater effect than beautiful quotes showing that you are very interested in the girl. Better to worry and pour good photos (very important)than to worry about where to start correspondence.

f you’re convinced that there is some magic phrase, it means:

  1. You are deeply mistaken, and it makes sense to pump your skills in the field of seduction.
  2. You are wasting precious time in search of illusion.
  3. You should get rid of the wrong settings. If you think that getting to know girls are difficult, and for this, you need to make exorbitant efforts, it will be difficult for you. But actually getting to know each other is very easy, fun and interesting.

In addition, do not forget that the purpose of the correspondence is to take the phone number from the girl, and not try to interest her. You do not flaunt in the style of a graceful peacock but select the girls, as was mentioned above and in the previous parts. Start positioning the girl for yourself in the process of a telephone conversation, which will be described in detail in the following parts.

It is widely believed that to begin correspondence with the banal “Hello, how are you?” is an inoperative scheme. Verified in practice: it works like a Kalashnikov assault rifle, unless, of course, you posted interesting photos.

In addition, if you wrote to a girl “Hello, how are you?”, And in response received a monosyllabic “Good”, “Normal”, “Excellent”, “Super”, it’s better not to write anything else to her. In the above examples, the girl almost always clarified in response, and, as a matter of fact, I drew a smiley or answered with a whole sentence. This is an important indicator of the new friend’s interest in the development of communication. I appreciate your time, there are many.

If nevertheless, you are burned by the desire to dispel gray reality with your stormy and vivid imagination, you can start a correspondence with a girl as follows:

  • “Hello. You have one interesting trait … You seem both serious and cheerful girl. And what are you really like? ”
  • “Wow, what a beautiful dress! Did you choose? ”
  • “Hello. Beautiful necklace! Where did you buy it? I want to make a similar present to my sister. ”
  • “Cool. I somehow ended up in the same institution where you took pictures. There are still girls over a guy who had a fight. It wasn’t you? ”
  • “Hello. Did you have a rest in Bulgaria on a photo? Did you like it? Give me an honest review, I’m thinking of going there or somewhere else. ”
  • “Hello. Judging by the photograph, you are an interesting girl, but one question torments me: do you know how to cook deliciously? ”
  • “Hello. I think you’re a cheerful person. I like girls who know how to have fun. Or am I mistaken about you? ”
  • “Hello. It seems to me that you are a sincere and charismatic girl. I’m right?”
  • “Hello. Good photos. How did you develop that sense of style? ”
  • ” – Hello. I have an interesting offer for you. – What? – No need to rush so, everything has its time. Where are you now?”
  • ” – Hello. My name is … and I’m a very interesting conversationalist. And tell me something about yourself. – … – To be honest, I’m even more interested in live communication. What is your telephone number? Let’s call each other.”
  • “Hello. You can’t even imagine what you’re learning from me now … ”
  • ” – Blimey! – What are you talking about? – Hey there! How are you?”

If you are chatting on Facebook, and not on dating sites, and your attention has focused on a particular girl, then you can start:

  1. “Hello. Your photo flashed before your eyes, and although we are not familiar, I decided to write and chat with you. What are you doing?”
  2. “Hello. And what are these rocky ridges in your photo? I think to go to the mountains, share your experience, where such a beautiful view opens up? ”
  3. “Hello. I think we once met, though I don’t remember exactly where. What clubs do you visit? ”
  4. “Hello. Which region do you live in? Your face is very familiar to me. ”
  5. “Hello. Somehow I hit one of the photos on your wall. There is still a Mercedes in the background rides, I was sitting inside. ”
  6. “Hi, I’m watching you study as a doctor. I want to get a second tower and go to medical university, but there is correspondence education there? ”
  7. “Hello. So serious (funny) in the photo. Are you the same in life? ”
  8. “Hi … (write whatever you want).”

As you can see, dating girls on the Internet is not something unbelievable. Everything is quite simple. Be natural, be yourself.

In the next article, read auxiliary phrases for online dating.

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