Kiss: 43 types of kisses, how to kiss properly


Kisses: A kiss is one of the forms of manifestation of intimacy, sincere feelings, longing and love.

A kiss is a door, opening which completely strangers become lovers, those who are in a quarrel reconcile, and those who maintain relationships at a distance begin to understand what real love is.

In this article, various types of kisses will be considered, and also attention will be paid to how to kiss correctly.

43 different types of kisses

1. Kiss on the cheek

Kiss on the cheek

Meaning: “I want to know you better.”

A kiss on the cheek may seem more like a manifestation of platonic feelings, or a respectful attitude towards your relatives, but it can also be applied to your other half.

Your lips should be soft and relaxed. Bring them closer to the cheek of your girlfriend or boyfriend (if you’re a girl), as if choosing the perfect spot for a kiss. Then gently touch the cheek with your lips.

A kiss on the cheek can turn into a kiss on the earlobe, which is a very sensitive point for touching the lips, tongue and breath. You can bite your earlobe, just do it by covering your teeth with your lips.

2. Closed eyes kiss

Closed eyes kiss

“I feel good with you.”

Bring your lips to the closed eyes of your loved one and, gently touching, kiss them. You can also kiss the eyebrows and corners of the eyes.

This is a particularly nice way to kiss someone you really love. No wonder the kiss of the eyelids is also called the kiss of an angel.

3. Kiss on the forehead

Kiss on the forehead

“I’m taking care of you.”

This is a sincere kiss, contributing to the emergence of a sense of security, which was created specifically to express concern for each other.

4. Hand kiss

Hand kiss

“You are cute.”

Kisses on the back or inside of the palm are very sensual.

And even if this is not the most passionate form of kisses, they always reflect your care and desire to be around.

5. Wrist Kiss

Wrist kiss

“Every part of you is amazing.”

This kiss resembles a bite of a vampire, but it does not make it any less pleasant and surprising.

6. Kiss on the chin

Kiss on the chin

“I like your face.”

Consists in kisses of the chin from ear to ear. What you can do with an earlobe, you already know.

7. Kiss on the nose

Kiss on the nose

“You are gentle and affectionate.”

A kiss on the nose will seem bizarre and sweet, making you both smile.

8. Kiss on the back of the neck

Kiss on the back of the neck

“Let’s continue.”

The back of the neck can be an interesting object for a kiss. Your partner will appreciate it.

9. Finger kiss

Finger kiss

“Each part of you is better than the last one.”

Try this kind of kisses with your lips touching the pads on your fingertips.

10. French kiss (sucking)

French kiss (sucking)

“You woke up feelings in me.”

A lip touch is fine, but a kiss using both lips and tongue is something even more intimate.

French kiss is one of the most popular types of kisses that breaks out between two very close people.

It’s better to start it slowly. Touch the language of your loved one with your tongue. Keep your tongue relaxed and try not to give out too much saliva.

11. Kiss one of the lips

Kiss one of the lips

“I like playing with you.”

This is a tender kiss, which is designed specifically to seduce and fall in love with another person.

Kiss either your partner’s lower or upper lip, without using your tongue. This type of kisses can be used mixed with a French kiss.

12. Melt the ice

Melt the ice

“Let’s light it up.”

This is a very mischievous and funny kiss, which can be used in the process of drinking drinks with ice.

Put an ice cube in your mouth and place it on the tip of your tongue, then kiss the girl (guy) and pass the ice cube using your tongue.

Find out how long it takes for the ice to melt.

13. Hot and cold

Hot and cold

“I’m slowing down, but going to speed up.”

Kissing a partner, pull away sharply, and then gently hit his lips with your lips, causing an explosion of feelings.

14. A full-on kiss on the lower lip

A full-on kiss on the lower lip

“I miss you.”

Kiss your lower lip, remembering to use your tongue.

15. Lick her lips

Lick her lips

“I want you.”

Get closer to kiss your partner, but instead go with your tongue over your lips.

Now kiss them.

16. Tongue kiss

Tongue kiss

“Let’s experiment.”

You gently kiss your partner’s tongue.

17. Butterfly Kiss

Butterfly kiss

“I’m getting better with you.”

When you are as close to face as possible, open and close your eyes by touching the eyelashes of the cheeks, nose or lips of a girl (guy).

Let your eyelashes have fun too.

18. Eskimo kiss

Eskimo kiss

“You make me smile.”

Touch your partner’s nose with your nose, moving up and down, and also from side to side.

19. Kiss on the neck

Kiss on the neck

“You are mine.”

Gently kiss the girl’s neck to give her pleasant emotions.

20. Spiderman kiss

Spiderman kiss

“Let’s try something new.”

Try the legendary Spiderman kiss when your face is upside down in relation to your partner.

You can use this kind of kisses while in bed or on the edge of the bed.

21. Fruit Kiss

Fruit kiss

“Let’s add some fun.”

This kiss is like melting ice, but only sweeter.

Put a berry or piece of fruit in her mouth, then move on to a French kiss. As soon as your lips touch, pass the fruit with your lips and tongue to your partner.

22. Vacuum kiss

Vacuum kiss

“Thanks to you, I’m fine.”

This kind of kisses is made by sucking the lips of a partner as if you are trying to suck out a soul from him. By duration, it is not long.

23. Kiss with a taste of drink

Kiss with a taste of drink

“No one will find out about our secret.”

Take a sip of your favorite drink and drop it on your lips. After that, kiss your partner by sharing your favorite taste.

24. Lizard’s Kiss

Lizard kiss

“How passionate you are.”

To make this kiss a reality, touch each other with the tips of your tongues.

25. Biting kiss

Biting kiss

“You are delicious.”

Almost any kiss can be made more fun by adding a little nibble to it, gently grabbing, for example, your partner’s lip or earlobe.

Don’t forget to perform such a kiss very gently, making sure that it does not hurt.

26. Drawing kiss

Drawing kiss

“I have fun with you.”

Choose a part of your partner’s body, suppose her back. Start kissing in the form of letters the name of the girl (guy), or depicting another figure, for example, the sail of a yacht.

27. Kiss on the collarbone

Kiss on the collarbone

“Your body is perfect.”

The clavicle area is a very sensual part of the body.

You have the opportunity to kiss your partner gently, sharply or using the tongue.

You can move in a kiss from the collarbone down your stomach or head towards your shoulders and face.

28. Kiss on the stomach

Kiss on the stomach

“It’s calm and pleasant to be with you.”

The stomach is a nice, soft place to kiss.

29. Kiss on the elbow

Kiss on the elbow

“Your hands are attractive.”

Why dwell on the palm and wrist? Continue kissing all the way to the elbow.

30. Kiss on the shoulder

Kiss on the shoulder

“I would eat you whole.”

Shoulders can be an interesting choice for a kiss.

You can kiss the shoulder directly or get to it by drawing a line from the earlobe or elbow.

Walk over your partner’s chest and then move to your lips.

31. Kiss on the lips without tongue

Kiss on the lips without tongue

“I like you.”

This type of kisses is ideal for a couple who greets each other in the morning or when someone leaves the house.

It may also be suitable for first kisses in new pairs when one side does not know how the other feels.

32. “Mua” or air kiss

“Mua” or air kiss

“I want to be with you.”

This kiss should be used during a telephone conversation or while being at some distance.

Just say “Mua!”

33. Text kiss

Text kiss

“I’m thinking about you.”

When your partner is not around, you may want to send a virtual kiss in a text message.

Write something like “I’d really like to kiss you right now… ” or “This text message will turn into a kiss when I see you.”

34. Kiss of the back of the shoulder

Back shoulder kiss

“I like to spend time with you.”

The shoulder is a rather unusual target for a kiss.

If you decide to kiss the back of your neck, think about the back of your shoulder, which is also sometimes called the angel wing.

35. Superman’s Kiss

Superman Kiss

“I’m holding you.”

This kiss occurs when a guy hugs a girl who takes her legs off the ground and hovers in the air.

36. Adventure kiss

Adventure kiss

“Tonight will be fun.”

Try to kiss a girl from a moving car. At the same time, try to observe the rules of the road.

37. Earlobe Kiss

Earlobe Kiss

“You are charming.”

This type of kisses has already been considered in tandem with others, but here came his solo exit.

Grasp your partner’s earlobe with your lips and gently pull it down. To increase the degree of attraction, use the tongue using a gentle movement in combination with the lips.

This is a very passionate kiss. Your partner will not only feel it but will also hear and feel your warm breath.

38. Kiss in the dance

Dance kiss

“You are moving very well.”

This kiss is intended for dancing couples. Against the background of a slow-sounding composition, it is very romantic.

39. Kiss in the rain

Kiss in the rain

“And let the whole world wait.”

Have you ever surprised your girlfriend with a kiss in the rain? Suddenly hug her waist, and give her a romantic kiss.

Every time it rains, your girlfriend will remember you.

40. A quick kiss without tongue

Quick kiss without tongue

“You are very attractive.”

In fact, this is the same kiss on the lips without a tongue, on the cheek or on the nose, only the context is different.

You can use it anywhere, but it acquires its own specificity when you are in public.

With this kiss, eye play is of great importance. The couple looks at each other with a passionate gaze, slowly approaches, and, finally, one of them quickly kisses on the lips, cheek or nose.

41. French kiss at the wall

French kiss at the wall

“Nowhere to retreat.”

Want to add more passion? Then try this kind of kiss.

Just gently push the girl to the next wall, and holding her, begin to kiss on the lips.

42. Secret kiss

Secret kiss

“What’s next?”

Close your girlfriend’s eyes (boyfriend), say that she will have a little surprise, put candy on your tongue and give a French kiss.

43. Slow kiss

Slow kiss

“It seems that happiness will never end.”

Kiss twice as slowly as usual, or at one-quarter of your normal speed.

It’s amazing how slow-motion speeds up everything around you.

How to properly kiss

How to properly kiss

1. Take the first step

Don’t be afraid to take the first step. Each of us is personally responsible for our own pleasure, and there is no reason to wait for the other person to decide to kiss you.

Don’t ask if you can kiss a girl. Alternatively, start with a kiss on the forehead, then kiss the tip of the nose, then go to the French kiss.

The best time for the first kiss is when you are alone, there is a pause in the conversation, and you both look into each other’s eyes.

Push the situation to this point by escaping from the crowd to a place where you will feel comfortable.

Stand or sit next to your partner, make eye contact, and allow the conversation to come to a natural point of passion. You will know when that moment comes.

2. Take your time

Probably the best advice before the first kiss is to stay calm and avoid fussy movements.

If you are feeling anxious about your kissing abilities, the existing anxiety can contribute to the emergence of uncertainty and convulsive attempts to do everything right, which will only make the situation worse.

As a result, you will start behaving unnaturally, making unnecessary movements, or your actions will seem somehow abrupt and inappropriate to the situation.

Kissing should be romantic and relaxing, so try to do everything smoothly and slowly.

3. Optimal intensity

Another problem that you can face before learning how to kiss properly is the intensity of the kisses because it should not go to extremes.

Some people kiss too aggressively, which can lead to colliding with the partner’s teeth, pushing them away or retreating and taking a step back.

Others, on the contrary, are too shy and timid, as a result of which their kisses become insipid and lifeless.

Think of the handshakes. It will probably be strange if someone squeezes your hand so hard that the bones will crack.

Therefore, the pressure and intensity of kissing and hugging should be present, but within reason.

4. Use the tongue correctly

Another characteristic of a ” bad ” kiss is the overuse of the tongue.

When you first start kissing your partner, you don’t have to use your tongue immediately. Increase your love tension gradually.

Focus on different ways to kiss just with your lips. When the moment comes to use the tongue, do it carefully.

At first, with your head slightly tilted to the side, try lightly touching the girl’s (guy’s) tongue. Imagine that your tongues are gently caressing each other.

Don’t push too hard with your tongue or try to fill your partner’s entire mouth with it.

If you are not sure how to use the tongue, try practicing on the back of your hand. Play with different ways to move your tongue over the skin of your hand.

This practice may seem stupid, but it is a really easy way to understand how things stand.

5. Don’t forget to breathe

You will not be able to kiss properly if you do not breathe through your nose during the kiss.

Use periodic breaks to pull back and look into your partner’s eyes. This will give you a chance to catch your breath, share a smile and enjoy the moment.

In addition, this maneuver will allow you to slow down the romantic process a little, increasing the level of passion.

6. Add variety

Don’t let your lips or tongue stay in one place for more than a couple of seconds.

The excitement of your first kiss is exciting, but things can get terribly boring if you don’t change your own style just a little bit.

Use your tongue to gently explore all the sensitive places in your partner’s mouth, alternate types of kisses, but try not to be too bossy or open your mouth too wide.

7. Use your hands and entire body

The best kiss is the one that involves the entire body, not just your lips.

Hug the girl (guy) or stroke her arms, shoulders, and back with your own hands. Move your hands up and down your body. Hold your partner close. Put your hands on the girl’s face or move your hands through her hair.

In addition, you can take a little break from the kiss on the lips, focusing on the neck or earlobe. Use your entire body to create variety.

At the same time, be sure to remember that a slow pace makes the kiss even more sensual.

8. Playing while kissing

You can diversify your kisses with playful actions:

  • Breakaway from the kiss and look your partner in the eye, while smiling playfully.
  • Gently swipe your finger over the girl’s lips.
  • Step back from the kiss and keep your lips slightly parted and close together as you inhale and exhale.

9. Adapt your technique

To properly kiss, you can use various methods, but don’t forget that each person is the owner of their own style of kissing.

Therefore, when you kiss someone, pay attention to the actions of your partner, as well as what she responds better to.

How actively does the partner use the tongue? Do you feel that she doesn’t like it when you bite her lips?

As the passion builds and the momentum increases, you can begin to kiss with more dynamics, while continuing to evaluate your partner’s response.

As a result of the feedback received, try to adapt.

10. Sometimes open eyes

Most people associate kissing with their eyes closed. But periodic eye contact before and during a kiss can make it even more fervent.

11. Stay in the moment

Despite considering various recommendations that help you hone your kissing skills correctly, don’t get your head too full of them.

Try to enjoy the moment and just feel what is happening.

If you try all the time to keep your attention only on the technique, the most piquant thing that is in the kiss, which is nothing but passion, will be crumpled and will take on faded shades.

12. Complete the kiss smoothly

When you intend to complete the French kiss, the easiest thing to do is simply pull away from your partner and stop kissing. But this may seem somewhat abrupt.

Perhaps the best scenario would be to stop using the tongue and seek help for a tongue-less kiss before the kiss is complete.

It is better if the very first kiss is not too long.

13. Discuss how you like to kiss more

When it comes to any criticism, most people take a defensive position, caused by a sense of vulnerability.

So don’t criticize by saying that your partner doesn’t know how to kiss properly.

It is much better if you explain to your loved one what you like and what you don’t like.

14. Don’t neglect your kisses

The efforts made by a couple in a long-term relationship tell their partners about their sincere care, love and respect. And this is really important.

But, unfortunately, the longer the couple is together, the less importance the lovers pay to the French kiss. They start to think that it doesn’t really matter.

However, even in a long-term relationship, the French kiss should remain a priority.


First of all, try to focus on the types of kisses and recommendations considered, which you most like and fit. Remember that the right kiss is when it is fun and pleasant.

Keep track of your feelings, as well as the signals coming from your partner, and most likely, the kiss will turn out even better than you expected.

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