10 Ways to See the World for Free

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1. Weekend walking trip (Trip Leader for HF Holidays)

If you do not have time for a long trip but have a desire to go somewhere for at least a day, then you can go on foot. This is an exciting, but difficult walk, for which you will need tourist equipment and a sleeping bag.

Weekend Walking Trip

2. World Potential on Organic Farms (WWOOF)

World Potential on Organic Farms (WWOOF) is the name of an organization for lovers of a healthy lifestyle and everything organic. For the sake of free housing and food you will need to work on the farm, the rest of the time you are absolutely free.

World Potential On Organic Farms

3. Project “7” (SE7EN)

Project “7” (SE7EN) is a resource where volunteer vacancies are posted from around the world. So you can find work anywhere in the world, even on the most exotic and expensive resorts.


4. Conservation Volunteers

Conservation Volunteers is a non-profit organization that can help you go on a journey and help people on Earth and in nature while traveling.

Conservation Volunteers

5. United Nations Volunteers

UN volunteers can not only visit the world for free but also help humanity.

United Nations Volunteers

6. Youth in Action

Youth in Action is a program for those who do not have 30 and have a desire to learn. The fact is that the program pays money to European organizations that conduct various training. Apply for the chosen course and the program specialists will provide free meals and accommodation.

Youth In Action

7. Turtle Teams

Turtle Teams. Holiday on exotic islands is especially expensive. But if you join a team of conservationists who save sea turtles, you can live free on the island, working for several hours a day. The simplest work that can only be found on exotic islands is the observation of the behavior of sea turtles.

Turtle Teams

8. Find the command (Find a Crew, Vagabond Sailing)

This is a project for lovers of sea travel. You choose your own ship and join the team. If you are not afraid of work and want to travel by sea – then the project “Find a team” is the best choice.

Find The Command

9. Help Exchange

Help Exchange. “Exchange of assistance” is a real opportunity to provide yourself with free housing and food for a long time. For this, it will be necessary to work a little. Usually, this is a job for a few hours a day, but the rest of the time you can properly relax.

Help Exchange

10. Couchsurfing (Couchsurfing)

Couchsurfing (Couchsurfing) is a resource on which offers of free housing from people in different countries are collected. These are people who like to get acquainted and communicate. To choose, you need to go to the site of the couchsurfers, select the city you need and the resource itself will provide options.


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