How to meet girls with a partner

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Meet Girls

At the initial stage, in the absence of communication experience with girls, it is better to meet girls with a partner, in the role of which your friend or other male representatives who is interested in the topic of communication with beautiful strangers can act.

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Keep in mind that with different partners you get different dating efficiencies. If a friend is not very eager to get acquainted and develop appropriate skills, he is constrained and clamped, his condition will be transmitted not only to you but also to the girls. If you have too different levels, and no matter who is more advanced, it is very likely that there will be some disagreement. In general, take a look and work with different guys.

But in any case, getting to know each other is easier and more fun. In addition, the presence of a nearby comrade will reduce unrest.

In addition to this, in order to worry less, buy yourself new clothes that will surely add confidence.

In the beginning, it makes sense to get acquainted in parks or on the central streets of the city. At the same time, it is better to choose girls who either walk slowly or sit on benches as an object.

Getting To Know Girls With A Partner

Groups of girls can be divided into 7 categories

1. Girls go first

You need to speed up and, once near the girls, walk with them or stop.

2. Go to meet you

These girls should be stopped or deployed.

3. Go to the side

Walk with them or stop them.

4. Overtake from behind

They must be stopped.

5. Sit on a bench

It is better to approach them and, starting to talk, sit down next to them.

6. Sitting in a cafe

They need to get hooked.

7. They stand and talk, in addition to which they often smoke

Not the best option, because the girls are completely in their topic of communication, but if the place and time are available, and smoking girls don’t cause confusion, why not.


At first, approach the girls with a partner at the same time, but later you can make approaches with a small time interval.

This is especially true when girls are sitting in a cafe. They may be angry that some strange person with no clear intentions got hooked on them, however, after the workmate comes up, the girls for some reason will become more supportive.

If you take turns approaching, introduce the girls to the one who came up second. You can tell what a wonderful person he is, claim his merits, and even exaggerate them.

Never compete with a partner and do not lower your friend in the eyes of girls, because lowering him, you lower yourself. If he is not the coolest guy in the world, why then do you communicate with him?

Selection of girls

If you and your partner don’t know what kind of girls you need, you will get something on the way out.

I am very sorry for the time lost when you met the girls and invite them to a cafe to have tea, after which they will say that they should go about their business, or the communication itself will seem completely uninteresting to you.

Therefore, even though you should not be too picky at the beginning of testing your Dating skill, it is still useful to determine the important quality(s) for dropping out girls. For me, for example, although it was not at the very beginning, having a higher education became such a quality.

Summarizing my personal experience at that time, I noticed that educated girls seem more intelligent, sincere, reliable, and interesting to communicate with. In addition, they are better managed by me, plus it becomes more or less clear how old they are.

Most likely, this particular example is my personal problem, but what happened was what it was.

Based on the above, I could stop the girls, greet them, and immediately ask them if they had a college degree. If the answer was no, I said, ” I See. Thanks.” and moved on.

Therefore, think about your possible claim and identify its presence or absence.

Split by pairs

If the girls meet your basic requirements, you begin to develop communication with them. Which one of you should get which girl, should be determined by the one who opens the girls.

Very important! If you and your partner, for example, have started communicating with girls who, for example, are going in the same direction as you, after about a minute you should break up in pairs. You can slow down and let your friend and the other girl go first.

That is, you are not communicating with them, but you are communicating with one, and your partner is communicating with the other. So you will establish a personal emotional connection and girls will open up to you faster.


In General, the process of dating girls is an escalation, that is, the progressive movement of girls through the appropriate stages. However, the actual physical movement is very important.

Once you’ve started communicating with girls, paired up, and gotten to know each other better, you should move to another location with the girls.

Why is moving so important? The fact is that every new place visited with a little-known girl automatically brings you closer because it is perceived by the female mind as a small adventure.

You don’t do anything, but just find yourself with a girl in a new place, and immediately become a closer person for her, and the place itself becomes the place of your date.

Therefore, it is very important to think in advance of what cafes or interesting places to move the girls are nearby.

You can visit a cafe, hookah bar, drink tea, then go for a walk, eat ice cream, visit another institution, walk along the embankment, along the main street or ride a swing in a quiet courtyard.

And once again, think about it in advance.

So, the action plan


You approach girls to see if they need you and if you need them, i.e. if they will try to use you, or if they agree to an equal exchange of their time and emotions. This will become clear in the manner of female communication, as well as in compliance with your requirements.

Value your time. There are many of them, and you are not immortal.


If the first stage is behind you, you split up into pairs and can take a walk, after which you move the girls to another, pre-arranged place.

The more moves, the better. 85 moves are too much.


If the conversation dragged on, then at the peak of emotions, you suggest the girls not to say goodbye, but to meet the dawn together, because such a spontaneous and interesting acquaintance turned out.

Don’t forget to exchange contacts with girls. It is better to do this before parting, before you are in a secluded place or place for goodbye. Because if a girl refuses you that day, you can feel offended for not taken the number, or for another reason.

When you take a girl’s phone number, be sure to dial her to check if she has given you the correct number.

First phrases to meet girls

It is very important to understand that it does not really matter with which phrases you start Dating. The first phrase that comes to mind is probably the best way to start communication.

It’s great if the words with which the acquaintance begins will impress, but their main goal is to cling to the dialogue, and not impress the girl.

Keep in mind that when you meet a partner, your intentions can be expressed in a more direct manner.

Some recommendations should be taken into account

You should not start acquaintance with a clear compliment to a girl, for example, “You are so beautiful”. However, if you see something unusual and interesting in the female image, you can say about it: “You have a very interesting (unusual) look (gait …) It seems to me that it is as deep as the Mariana Trench”. You can, for example, say out loud: “Girl, you are so serious (thoughtful, sad …)”.


Dating in dark places is not the best option.


If a girl is walking, then you should not shout something to her while sitting down.


It is better not to shout something to a girl when she is far away from you.


Don’t go too close, either. Start stopping girls at a certain distance.


To stop the girls, say: “Girls, please stop,” and make a stop gesture with your hand.

Examples of first phrases

1. Girls go first

  1. Girls, Hello.
  2. Girls, Hello. How are you doing (where are you going, how are you feeling)?
  3. Girls, Hello. Let’s take a walk together and talk at the same time.
  4. Girls, Hello. We have an interesting offer for you…
  5. Girls, Hello. You are so interesting (funny, serious). Where are you going?”

2. Go to meet you

  1. Girls, please stop. We saw you and decided to say Hello. Where are you going?”
  2. Well, here we are…

3. Go sideways (see go ahead)

4. Overtake from behind

  1. Girls, are you following us? What is your name?
  2. Well, here we are…

5. Sit on a bench

  1. Girls, Hello. We’ll sit down for a while, our legs are really tired.
  2. Girls, Hello. We saw you and decided to add some fun to your conversation. What is your name?
  3. We didn’t even think to see you here. How are you?”

6. Sit in a cafe

  1. Sitting down at the table “Hello. Tell us what you can eat here that is delicious… We think that it will be even tastier in your company.”
  2. We didn’t expect to see you here. How are you?”

7. Stand and talk, in addition to which they often smoke

  1. For smokers: “Girls, will you have a lighter (…give me a cigarette, please)”?
  2. Girls, Hello. We have an interesting offer for you. But first, what’s your name?”

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