The unspoken law says: you can eat everything, if in moderation. But this is not about watermelon. This is what children and adults cannot live without in the summer. But still, we must remember that for the use of watermelon has its own requirements. To whom it is impossible to eat a watermelon, read in our article.

Note that earlier we wrote about prohibitions on the consumption of plums and peaches, now the turn of watermelons has come.

Doctors say that consuming ripe watermelons in a moderate amount is practically harmless. However, if you like to enjoy this berry every day, it is not recommended to eat more than 250-300 grams. But there is a category of people who have to completely abandon the juicy summer yummy.


Who should not eat watermelon?

It’s hard to imagine how to do without watermelons in the summer, but still, carefully read the following information. You cannot eat watermelon if:

  • you have a violation of the outflow of urine;
  • kidney stones — how watermelon a strong diuretic effect, it can “force” indissoluble to the end of the stones to move;
  • colitis and diarrhea;
  • diabetes of the first type;
  • diseases of the pancreas in the acute phase;
  • heart disease, which are accompanied by fluid retention in the body;
  • prostate adenoma;
  • postoperative adhesions.


In order not to cause problems with the gastrointestinal tract, do not eat watermelon before or immediately after a meal. Better – separately from everything else and 2 hours before or after.



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