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How to lighten skin at home remedies and creams?


Periodically the fashion is a porcelain skin tone. In connection with this trend, many women start to search for the most effective bleaching means. However, the issue of skin lightening can be acute and obvious reasons: due to the presence of freckles and age spots. However, these cosmetic deficiencies sometimes affect not only the face but also other parts of the body. How to lighten your skin — the theme of our next article.


Determine the cause

Before you lighten your skin at home, you need to find out why it darkening.

Change the color of specific areas of the skin happens for a reason. Everything has a reason, and expressed pigmentation is no exception to this rule.

Outlined against the bright in General skin brown spots occur as the result of a variety of conditions. They can make themselves known in spring and summer, people with especially sensitive skin or have a natural tendency to freckles. In this case, the role of provocateur plays an increased activity of the sun.

“Decorate” age spots” and skin of pregnant women, which can be blamed on hormonal changes in the body. Ugly dark areas appear on the surface of the skin also bodily because of disorders of the liver and General intensive slagging of the internal environment of the body.

Conclusion: before proceeding directly to the lightening of the skin, first find out the true cause of the phenomenon of increased pigmentation. It may well be that it will be able to resolve, without resorting to lightening treatments and beauty tools.

Modern creams

Among the abundance of the factory of creams, serums and masks quite a lot of cosmetic products intended for skin lightening: whitening age spots and freckles.

Modern creams

Quite popular in terms of skin lightening cream Achromin. The main component of the cream — the ingredient hydroquinone, which is responsible for pausing the synthesis of the skin pigment melanin. It is a means to achieve the desired effect should be used twice daily: in the morning (a couple of hours before exiting the premises) and in the evening before bed.

If the increased pigmentation of the skin spoils your life to lighten your skin at home also try the regular application of whitening mask the Belarusian producer of “Belita-Vitex”. The composition of this beauty product includes mostly natural ingredients: essential extracts of plants, organic acids, vitamins.

In addition to dark spots mask perfectly cleanses clogged skin pores, eliminates dead skin layer of dead cells and enhances the regeneration process in the skin.

To lighten your skin at home, try a cosmetic “White linen” from Floresan. This is also a mask, but in contrast to the above beauty products, it produces deeper whitening pigment spots on the skin. This tool has in addition to everything else, an excellent effect of peeling. Using the “White linen” contains enough ascorbic and other organic acids, and extract of flax seed, which determined the name of the product.

By purchasing and using for the purpose of the brand of lightening cosmetic product, follow these simple but important rules:

How to choose the means for skin lightening

  • Carefully read the composition of the beauty product. It must contain at least one of the following list of components – vitamin C, hydroquinone, kojic acid, deoxyarbutin, a-hydroxy acids.
  • Keep in mind that the lion’s share of the above compounds has a strong irritant effect. For this reason, it is advisable to start a test for an allergic reaction, and only in the absence of painful body response to the applied agent, should it be used as intended.
  • Selection of the lightening agent is made individually by experience and nothing else. Follow the results: if after 1-1.5 months the pigment spots did not lighten, change the beauty product.

Home remedies skin lightening

Arsenal national household bleaches and masks to whiten the skin much wider than the range of branded equivalents. Besides homemade beauty products to use more profitable and useful, because they cost fairly low, and the all-natural.

Home remedies skin lightening


A classic way to lighten your skin at home is lemon juice. Due to bleaching properties, it is administered in the composition of household masks designed to deal with pigment spots and freckles. An example of a mask is a creamy lemon. Take 1 tbsp. of freshly squeezed citrus juice, combine with sour cream high fat (2 tbsp). Mix well and put on problem areas for 15-20 minutes.

White clay is a great natural bleach the skin. It is mixed with water in the form of a thick slurry is applied to the dark areas, after dry washed. In addition to lightening this tool also reduces the activity of sebaceous glands.

Well with the heightened bodily pigmentation of the skin and skin whitening at home essential oils: citrus, rosewood, tea tree, vanilla. They are rarely used purely because it is possible to get a burn. Better add volatile extracts in homemade cosmetics — masks and peels.

To lighten your skin at home, use the juice of parsley. On the basis of preparing the whitening lotion. A medium-sized bunch of greens must be finely chopped, pour boiling water in a volume of 0.5 L. For 15 minutes to let the broth configure themselves, then it should be filtered. Cold remedy rubbed pigmented areas twice a day.

Lighten the skin and to get rid of age spots at home well help also oatmeal, cucumber and onion juices, the pulp of strawberry, black currant, melon; cheese, raw egg whites and, of course, hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, salicylic alcohol.

How to lighten procedures

Removes age spots chemical peels. The greatest effect in the presence of strongly pigmented skin peel based on TCA or lactic acid and retinol. The procedure designed to exfoliate the top layers of the skin, and along with them — and melanin granules.

How to lighten procedures

Some benefit in terms of skin lightening gives the cryotherapy procedure. It is based on the fact that some types of melanocytes — cells that produce brown pigment melanin — heightened sensitivity to cold.

Alternatively, you can go through mesotherapy. This treatment is a skin injection whitening substance to the problem areas. This approach allows us to get rid of age spots in a short time.

The most effective procedure to lighten the skin is laser phototherapy. In the framework of dark spots be gone forever.

When using the bleaching medium or in-salon treatment should avoid exposure of the skin to UV radiation from the sun. It is important to apply a pigmented bodily skin sunscreen.

In addition, get rid of bad habits: Smoking and the consumption of semi-finished products, fast foods, since they contribute to the darkening of the skin. Enter in the diet foods rich in beta-carotene and vitamin C, get more fresh air, do some sport.

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