How to meet a girl and where to meet

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Meet A Girl

The absolute majority of men had to wonder how to meet a girl. After all, despite the apparent triviality, this problem continues to torment the minds of many guys.

Everyone has their own story: someone, perhaps, is still too young, so they don’t really know where to start their romantic journey.

Conversely, a young man may have recently ended a long-term relationship, having forgotten about what it means to have love Affairs with new applicants for participation in his personal life.

Someone else may have changed their living conditions (moving, changing jobs, studying, and surroundings), as a result of which the familiar valve of the flow of beautiful strangers was shut off.

But all men who find themselves in such a situation have one thing in common the need to act.

Determine the quality of your ideal girlfriend

Determine The Quality Of Your Ideal Girlfriend

First, you need to understand why you want to meet a girl.

If you want to choose a girl for a relationship, In this case, in order not to waste time, wasting your attention in vain, it is important for you to determine the qualities of your ideal girl.

These qualities include:
  1. The girl’s age.
  2. Facial features (face shape, color and section of eyes, nose, lips).
  3. Figure.
  4. Height.
  5. Chest.
  6. Hair color and length.
  7. Voice.
  8. Social status and level of education (an office worker with higher education or a girl working part-time as a Junior assistant to a warehouse guard).
  9. Absence (presence) of children and ex-husband.
  10. Character traits: sweet and sincere, serious and businesslike; calm and balanced, explosive and impulsive.
  11. Bad habits.
  12. Positive habits (goes in for sports, dances, keeps track of the figure, is fond of a healthy diet).
  13. Interests and Hobbies.
  14. Sexual temperament.
  15. How she treats children, and how many children she wants and when.
  16. Culinary talents.
  17. Her family and relatives.
  18. The attitude towards you in particular and to men in general, as well as who, as she believes, should be the main thing in a relationship: man or woman?
  19. Answer your question: what did those girls have in common about the loss of which you regretted?

This list is only indicative, so you can use your own priorities. Choose a girl not for me, but for yourself.

At the same time, remember that you may not meet the ideal person, therefore, determine for yourself the fundamental points, as well as alternative options. However, according to the most important criteria for you, be implacable so as not to fool your head or yourself later.

A woman is not a birthday present that can be used, after which she is thrown into a corner and safely forgotten.

If you become lazy in the relationship, and this will happen when you have an unloved girl next to you, the harmony between you will definitely be broken, which will lead to painful experiences and a possible breakup.

Where to meet a girl

Where To Meet A Girl

When it became clear which girl you are interested in, you should determine where you can meet a girl.

1. Own social circle (general company)

This method of dating is the most optimal if you have a wide and updated circle of acquaintances who can meet your expectations.

This should also include dating at weddings, at work, in an educational institution, and so on.

2. Dating Sites

Correspondence with a girl on dating sites is one of the easiest and most effective ways to get to know a girl, especially for a short romantic conversation.

To find a girl for such a long-term relationship on such Internet sites, one must use both the mind and intuition, rather than relying on the will of fate.

3. Social networks

Correspondence in social networks resembles the content of the previous paragraph, but the girls, in this case, are less targeted, however, they may be better suited for something more serious.

4. Night clubs

A nightclub is a place created specifically for dating girls.

Dating in a club has it’s own specifics and is not very suitable for guys who don’t like noisy hangouts surrounded by drunk people. In addition, it is not so difficult to run into a completely unsuitable passion for you.

It should be noted that in decent clubs there will always be a sufficient number of decent girls.

5. Cafes, coffee shops, bars, restaurants

It’s a great place to experience a more relaxed atmosphere than in Nightclubs, but as a rule, there are fewer visitors here, and more mixed companies (guys with girls).

6. Parks and embankments

Parks and, in some cases, equipped embankments are the most appropriate places that relate to street acquaintances. Girls here slowly walk or sit on benches.

Please note that the advantages of these methods are limited by the weather and time of year.

7. Central streets

The Central streets of the city in the evening are a great place to meet girls.

The effectiveness of street dating increases at times when the flow of people increases, for example, during festive events.

8. In your own neighborhood

Don’t discount places located near your place of residence, especially on Friday and Saturday. Even a simple trip to the store can turn into an exciting adventure.

By the way, getting acquainted in the yard of your house is not a good idea.

9. Public transport (metro, buses, minibusses)

Not the most ideal option for dating, characterized by significant social pressure. However, if you and a girl have exchanged glances a couple of times, go ahead.

If you decide to meet a girl on public transport, when you sit down with her, start communicating immediately after you sit down, or after a short pause.

10. Shopping centers

In General, shopping centers are an incomplete substitute for parks and Central streets in bad weather, since there are a lot of non-target girls who also walk in a leisurely manner.

In addition to trying to meet a girl in shopping malls, it makes sense to look closely at cafes located inside shopping centers.

11. classes by interests: dance school, gym, yoga, courses, seminars, etc.

Pros: getting access to chat with girls with similar interests. Cons: limited choice.

It should be considered as an additional resource.

12. Various events: exhibitions, festivals, concerts, sports matches

The obvious drawback is not the systematic way they are conducted, but also the action itself, which can distract girls from communicating with you.

13. Other places

Resorts, sanatoriums, libraries, canteens, evening runs around the stadium, dog walks, Hiking in the forest, the beach, the pool, mass events, participation in volunteer events and all the other places that come to mind.

How to meet a girl. Optimal conditions and recommendations

How To Meet A Girl. Optimal Conditions And Recommendations

1. Time of day

Getting to know each other better in the evening than in the daytime. But Saturday is also a great time to get acquainted.

This doesn’t mean that on Tuesday afternoon, the girls don’t get acquainted, especially if you and a stranger exchanged glances. However, if you are a fairly lazy or busy guy, this point should be taken into account.

2. Day of the week

The best day to meet is Friday night and Saturday night. It should be noted that Sunday has lower efficiency.

3. The speed of movement of the girl

The slower the girl moves, the higher the efficiency of dating. If a girl moves somewhere at an accelerated pace, the performance will be low.

When a girl sits, the efficiency will not always be maximum, because she can wait for her boyfriend, a mischievous girlfriend, a bus, or simply she doesn’t want to make new acquaintances.

4. Several girls

If there are two girls, and you are one, then you can vary, choosing one or another of them, punching in turn for the presence of mutual sympathy.

However, if you initially decided on a particular girl, it should be borne in mind that in the presence of a friend, your new acquaintance will behave more constrained, not showing her true “I”, while the sense of security will be higher than if she was alone.

When a company of girls moves, it’s very important, having greeted them all, to declare your intentions, turning to the goal, for example: “What is your name? It seems to me that you are interesting … ”, after which, as an option, delve into communication with her, periodically recalling the others, or take the girl aside and chat in private for some time.

If you don’t express your intentions at the initial stage of communication, the girl may be surprised when, after a hearty conversation with the women’s company, you invite her to exchange contacts.

5. Competition

The less suitable the place to meet, the less effective it is, but the less competitive it is.

6. The most inappropriate conditions

If you decide to meet a girl, then keep in mind that the most unsuitable conditions are dark unlit places, as well as when you shout out of the dark.

If you catch up with a girl from behind, first get ahead of her by a body so that she can see you with her peripheral vision, and only then start a conversation. However, remember that this rule can be ignored if necessary.

7. Your condition

When you meet a girl, try to be emotional, while trying to speak loudly enough in a slow manner.

However, if you are a very stingy guy who is not used to drawling words, stay authentic, congruent, be yourself.

Don’t change yourself for the sake of a girl, because trying to wear someone else’s mask will make you worry, and also find yourself in the role of needing and depending on the result.

You’re not going to interest a girl from the position of fawning over her. You want to introduce her to the most important person in the world, yourself.

Your sincerity and naturalness are worth much more than any techniques and templates, which should not interfere with the development of the skill to flirt with a girl or communicate with her in a playful manner.

Don’t take dating girls or life itself too seriously, because this approach greatly increases your personal effectiveness.

8. Stare at the girls

If you haven’t done this yet, I strongly recommend you get started.

Instead of hunching over and hiding your gaze on your mobile phone, look straight ahead and to the side, wherever you are and wherever you are going. Just don’t use your neck too much, use your eyes more.

In girls, this skill is innate, so it is advisable to adopt it for a response maneuver.

Almost every girl who is not in a relationship, and sometimes not free individuals, will automatically send hidden sexual signals to a guy they like.

A woman will not, on her own initiative, look twice or fix her gaze on a homeless person under the store or on a man who is not interesting to her.

Therefore, if it seemed to you that the stranger somehow looked enigmatically, this is the very look that is a response to contact with your eyes.

Dress well, leave a two-day stubble on your face, keep a deep, playful, languorous look ready, which can be diluted with a barely noticeable smile if necessary, and go about your business.

And most importantly, don’t look away. Let the girl do it.

9. The best phrase for dating a girl

Undoubtedly, sometimes it is so interesting to start communication that a girl will be immediately captured by your person. However, more often things will be completely different.

As a rule, an interesting girl may arise completely suddenly, or you will realize that this is an attractive person for you only when you approach her. In other words, there will be no time for preparation at all.

In addition, the longer you try to prepare, the greater the excitement. Therefore, there is no point in bothering with this problem, especially if the girl answered with an interesting look.

Phrases like: “Hello (hello), how are you (are)?”, “Hello, what’s your name?”, “Hello, are we familiar? .. And what is your name?”, “Do you know, saw you, decided to say hi to you. What is your name? ”,“ Hello, I saw you, I decided to come up and talk. What is your name? ”Will be a great option.

It is a very big mistake to believe that communication will result in something worthwhile or will become unsuccessful if you start it with appropriate or “wrong” words.

There will never come a moment when a bride is asked in the registry office: “Is your desire to marry sincere, free and well thought out?” And the girl replied: “It’s so good that you drew attention because when we met Vasya, he used the opener“ Hello, how are you? ” I changed my mind, there will be no wedding. ”

10. Stop girl

Keep in mind that quite often you will have to stop the girl, especially if she is coming towards you, otherwise, the girl will simply rush past or not hear the words you say.

To do this, you can use a hand gesture in the direction of a stranger, reminiscent of the solemn oath of the President of the United States, only at a lower angle to the surface of the Earth, after which you should say out loud, for example: “Girl, stop, please (Stop, please).”

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