How to Become a Freelancer? 5 Amazing tips

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A number of students, unemployed people and even jobholders think of becoming a freelancer someday, but they don’t go for it because they think they will not be able to shine in this sector. It is a complete misconception since each and every one of us can work as a freelancer. There are millions of jobs on freelancing platforms from all over the world, right from online data entry to teaching as well as web development. There is no work that is not available at different freelancing websites.

Here are some of the most effective ways to become a freelancer:


  • Know what you can do best:

There is something you must be very good at. It could be voice over, modeling, photography or writing. Know what your skills are. Once you know what you can do, the next step is registering for a freelance website.

  • Registration:

There are many freelancing platforms online, including Freelancer, Fiverr, Upwork, etc. You need to create a profile on these platforms. It is easy as all you need to do is enter your details along with the email address and your account will be created.

  • Tell the world who you are:

Next, you need to write about yourself. You have to select the skills for the skillset and write what you can do and why the clients should choose you. It is a sort of your introduction where you are telling the world what services you can give. It is of supreme importance as it is a part of your first impression. Thus make sure it is written perfectly.

  • Determine your fee:

Next, you need to determine your charges. Your rate can be on a per hour basis. Your rate should be accurate. As you are new in this world, you need to set the fee the sounds appropriate. If you charge higher than the established competitors, no one will come to you.

  • Bid on projects:

You will see several projects being uploaded on these platforms continuously. You have to place a bid on different projects you think you can complete easily. Determine the fee and write a proposal. Your proposal is the only thing that the buyers will see. Make sure it is written in a professional method. It will be good if you upload your portfolio on the website. It will help the buyers understand your expertise and will hire you in no time. Some new freelancers might get a project on the first day while others might have to wait for a few days. No matter what, keep on bidding and you will get your first project soon.

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