How to make a girl feel special: 56 tips

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Make A Girl Feel Special

If you have been in a relationship with a girl for quite a long time, you run the risk of falling under the influence of an established life and starting to take your other half for granted.

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In order not to fall into this trap, you need to return the spark to the relationship, all the more it is not so difficult.

Simple sincere actions will help to confirm your love for the girl and make her feel special, as well as surrounded by warmth and care.

This should include the actions that you perform at the moment when the girl least expects this.

Signs of love will make your life together much happier and more interesting. After all, great relationships are those that are filled with romantic and playful content.

How to make a girl feel special

How To Make A Girl Feel Special

1. Unexpected adventure

It would be great if you could invite the girl to spend a week in an exotic place, but many of us do not have much time or money.

Don’t worry, just pick one day of the week or a weekend and organize a little adventure.

Even time spent in a beautiful place in nature, and then dinner at a restaurant in a romantic setting that ends with an equally unforgettable night, will be a pleasant surprise for your girlfriend.

If you want the girl’s surprise to reach heaven, you can invite her to participate in a balloon flight.

But even if you just spontaneously pull it out of the house, inviting you to a cafe or a forest walk, believe me, the girl will be very pleased.

2. Hug her, from back

When your sweetheart is washing dishes or doing other housework, hug the girl from behind, clinging her cheek to her hair and directing her breath in her ear.

Any woman loves such a manifestation of affection because at these moments there is a feeling that you cannot wait for the girl to be free and be in your arms.

3. Buy tickets for the show

Buy tickets for an event of interest to a girl, for example, to a concert of her favorite music artist.

She will like that you remember her preferences. In addition, girls love to get out of the house in the midst of social events, which will be facilitated by the opportunity to dress well and show themselves.

4. A box of chocolates with a surprise

Buy a box of chocolates and hide a tiny gift there.

Just remove one of the candies from the box and fill the empty space with a tiny wrapped gift, which can become a necklace or ring.

5. Love letter

It doesn’t matter if your handwriting is beautiful or resembles a scribble in a medical prescription, a love letter written by hand is much more romantic.

Write everything you like about the girl, because your friend may have begun to forget how much you value her.

6. Bake a love cake

If you and pastries are incompatible things, it does not matter, because you can always buy a cake to order.

Of course, the cake will be made love by the inscription you choose on it, for example, “I love you” or some phrase, something like “All I want is to be with you”.

7. Left love notes everywhere

Cut a beautiful sheet of paper into small squares, on each of which write love words or compliments to the girl, and then scatter them across the drawers in tables and kitchen cabinets.

Put love notes in the glove compartment of the girl’s car, in her wallet and other places where she can stumble upon them, possibly even in the next few months.

In the notes, you can write “I love when you … (fill in the gap)”. You can admit how much you appreciate her, for example: “You are a beautiful mother” or “I feel very bad without you.”

8. Swipe your fingers in her hair

Caress her hair. Make it so that the girl feels that you admire her smooth silky curls, and you like the way they smell.

9. Whisper something passionate in her ear when you are in public

Tell her what you would like to do now if you were not surrounded by all these people.

You will make the girl feel desirable and attractive, after which your joint evening can turn into an unforgettable adventure.

10. Sing a romantic song

Do you sing and play musical instruments? In this case, do not let your talents vegetate and sing a love song especially for your girlfriend.

Music is like Raffaello, instead of a thousand words! Nothing can tell better about your feelings than a musical gift.

11. Accompany her in unpleasant moments

Perhaps you should be around when a girl visits a dentist or is a direct participant in another not very pleasant event.

Such an act shows that you greatly care about your chosen one because you want to participate in any life troubles.

12. Share a terrible secret with her

Tell her something that you never told anyone else (within reason, of course).

This is a wonderful deeply personal gesture, showing the girl your vulnerable side, and that she is the only person you trust so much to tell your most secret secrets.

13. Respect her dreams

Listen to what the girl dreams about, and help her make her dreams come true.

You sincerely show that you love and believe in your beloved when you encourage her to follow her dreams and do everything possible so that they become a reality.

14. Kiss her hand

A sincere kiss on your girlfriend’s hand shows that you adore her all, without exception.

The girl will be very pleased, especially because the palm is nominally not an intimate part of the body.

15. Romantic dinner

Romantic Dinner

A romantic candlelight dinner will be an impressive event and a very pleasant surprise for your girlfriend.

If all the dishes are cooked with your hands, you will see that the path to the woman’s heart also lies through her stomach, sometimes … Therefore, consider the important point: is your girlfriend on a diet.

16. “How can I make you happier?”

Ask this question because it is really important. So you can overcome the existing barriers in your communication, inviting the girl to tell you what she might have been afraid of.

It also shows that you are ready to take into account her problems and take a step forward, which is an excellent quality of a man.

17. Be well-groomed with her

Take a little time to put on a more beautiful shirt, make a stylish haircut and soak yourself with the delicious aroma of new toilet water.

Anyway, you should always dress well, look and smell fragrant.

18. A collection of romantic songs

Record a collection of music on a disk or flash drive that will show the girl how you feel about her.

At the time of listening to songs, for example on the way to work, your fiancee will remember you and smile.

19. Tell her that …

Tell her that if you could once again make the choice of your companion, you would still choose her.

This is one of the most pleasant words that she would like to hear from you.

20. Love confessions on chicken eggs in the refrigerator

Thus, the girl will remember your attitude towards her every time she cooks breakfast.

This unexpected romantic surprise will certainly cause a passionate morning kiss.

21. Compliments

Your fiancee is a beautiful girl and she needs to hear it from you.

Women usually have low self-esteem, so not confident about their appearance and constantly think something’s wrong.

If some of her female traits captured your attention and make compliments to the girl. This is her beautiful eyes? Gorgeous long legs? Her soft and silky hair?

Women like to calm down when they are reminded, as they are beautiful, so add a romantic spark to your relationship.

22. Buy her something

If you are in a grocery store, discreetly throw some of her favorite foods into the basket. Maybe it’s a soft drink or a special kind of cheese.

When you walk with the girl together, stop and buy her something insignificant, be it ice cream, a souvenir or flowers.

Little unexpected gifts show that you do not forget about your girlfriend and really love her.

23. Care during illness

If a girl falls ill, take special care of her, be her right hand. When she gets cold, cover her with a blanket and treat her with tea with lemon.

Your friend may ask you not to worry so much, but in fact, she will be very pleased to plunge into the warmth of your care.

24. Order a picture with her image

You can order a picture on which your girl or you together will be depicted. It is neither complicated nor expensive.

Select a photo of a girl and find an artist who can draw a canvas.

This is an interesting idea that can be a wonderful and unique gift for your companion.

25. Make a gift basket

Do you know everything that your girlfriend likes? Then you can easily answer the question of how to make a girl feel special. And the gift basket will help you with this.

A gift basket is a great way to tell a girl that you know all her preferences because she is really the most important person in your life.

Include in your basket shower gels, shampoos, her favorite sweets and other goodies, a bottle of her favorite wine, gift certificates from frequented shops or beauty salons, and anything else of your choice.

26. Do not become hostages of life

Many women complain that life can destroy relationships, because men begin to perform the same actions at the same time, invite their lovers to the same places, order the same food, etc. It can drive you crazy.

Women want relationships to be exciting and men want to be entrepreneurial, at least sometimes.

You should not excite the female consciousness daily, but there is nothing difficult to sometimes change the usual daily routine, visit a new restaurant, go as a tourist to a neighboring city, or spend the weekend in another interesting way.

Show your girlfriend that you love life, that you and longing are antonyms.

27. Give her a massage

Most guys completely underestimate how important a relaxing massage is for a girl.

Just put your palms on her shoulders and your girlfriend’s face will shine with a grateful smile.

28. Motivate her

Motivation doubles when you team up with a girl doing a common thing. If your girlfriend is struggling to get herself to do something, join her and work on the goal together.

Collaboration is a great way to motivate each other, as well as bring you even closer together by adding a spark of passion to your relationship.

29. Remember about important events

Do you remember when you first kissed your girlfriend, or when she received a promotion at work? If so, then congratulate her on this occasion and give something.

Your attention and even an insignificant gift in the form of a small trinket will surely make the girl pleasant.

30. Do stupid things together

Do Stupid Things Together

The more games and fun, the happier and stronger your relationship will be.

Tease the girl by whispering something in her ear and biting her. Play games together, arrange a pillow fight or record a funny home video in which, for example, you perform a rock composition together.

31. Give her time

If you haven’t given enough time to a girl recently, cancel a couple of meetings or tear off several hours from chatting with friends and spend free time with your girlfriend instead.

32. Remember the minor things

Never lose sight of the little things, for example, bring her travel bag or shopping bags, and also hold your girlfriend by the hand, walking along the street.

Do not forget to look after the girl, and try to always pay attention.

33. Surprise her

If she is absent, and you have a margin of time, surprise the girl by doing some work instead.

This may consist of simple duties such as cleaning the house or making dinner. These little things always have a big impact on your love.

34. Create memories

Join your girlfriend’s new activities or do something new together. At the same time, take pictures of your hobbies every time, as a result of which you will be able to create a photo album of memories that will warm your relationship for many years.

35. Stay close

It is important for the girl to know that you are always there, and she will be able to lean on your strong shoulder if necessary.

Stay close to her in difficult times and give her full support without judging or clarifying the relationship.

36. Confess love for her

If you have been together for a long time, this does not mean that it is not necessary to remind the girlfriend about your feelings. Do you want to make a girl feel?

So just look her in the eyes and admit their love for each other.

37. Take care

Caring is a trait that all women, without exception, value in men.

When she is late somewhere, help her pack. If the battery of her smartphone is exhausted, charge the phone. Make a girl a cup of hot coffee when she arrives to you after a busy day, or collect a bath for her with foam and lighted candles.

38. A sense of security

To make a girl pleasant, surround her with a sense of security and your attention.

Take the girl to the car after a date. Call her to find out that she got to the place. Let her know that you are worried about her, and she is always in your thoughts.

39. When she sleeps

You love to watch your girlfriend while she sleeps, so why not increase her comfort level?

Adjust the pillow to make it more comfortable, or when the girl falls asleep on the couch, put a soft pillow under her head and cover her with a blanket so that she is not cold.

40. A sudden kiss

If your girlfriend is talking to you about something, but you can’t think of anything other than her beautiful appearance, do not hold back, just kiss the girl. Believe me, such a gesture will please you both.

41. Don’t disturb her when she is busy

If you know that a girl is sleeping or is busy with the work that she took on the house, do not bother her by making noise or distracting her simply because you are bored and lacking attention.

42. Listen to her

Sometimes you should just listen to your girlfriend without trying to give any advice.

If she had a hard day and she wants to pour out his soul, become for girls the understanding friend that is the dream of every person.

43. Pleasant thanks

If your girlfriend has done something for you, and it doesn’t matter, she has taken the initiative or fulfilled your request, thank her.

Therefore, if you do not know how to make a girl happy, just leave a note for her on the table with the words “Thank you, my love, that …”

44. Breakfast in bed

It smells of banality, but cooked breakfast in bed will make you the best man in the world.

Think of all the hundreds of dishes your girlfriend has prepared for you earlier.

No matter what you decide to present to her for breakfast, your lover will be delighted that you did it.

45. The hands of the master are afraid

Is there anything in the house that the girl asked you to repair so many times that she already stopped bothering you about this because she thought it was a futile undertaking?

Many women do not like to grumble. Several times she will ask you to fix a broken door handle or attach a new towel hanger, but if her request is not granted, the girl can simply wave her hand.

And, perhaps, this is what most men are waiting for, because they don’t have to strain, and they can have a good time lying on the couch in front of the TV.

The last time you asked a girl to cook your favorite dish, she did it, didn’t she? Then you do for her what she asked, at least on the basis that, as a result, you will receive an extra portion of love addressed to you.

46. Text message

Text Message

Not sure what to write? Send something like: “I wanted to tell you that you looked amazing when you left for work today”, or “Today you are all that I can think of. I miss you! ”, Or write:“ Have a nice day, dear! ”

Many men don’t want to waste time writing text messages because they think it’s better to call. But the most pleasant highlight of the correspondence is the intimate context because no one will hear what you decide to tell the girl.

In addition, your girlfriend will not always be able to answer the phone during the working day, however, when there is a free minute, she will see your kind words that can revive her day.

So send the girl some romantic messages during the day to remind you of what you think of her. When your other half returns home in the evening, she will not only be glad to see you, but she will gently thank you for your attention.

47. An unforgettable night

Is the anniversary of your relationship nearing? Then surprise your girlfriend by booking a one-day stay in a comfortable hotel, buying beautiful underwear for her.

Try to find a room with a jacuzzi. Have some wine. Tell us about what you love most in each other, and how you will always try to maintain sincerity and love in your relationship.

Wear terry bathrobes, room service and watch old black and white films. Then make love or just hug the girl until you fall asleep.

48. Romantic date

Original romantic date is a great way to make a girl feel special.

49. Cheer her up

Sometimes life becomes too serious, so light up the seemingly harsh everyday life with laughter and fun.

You know a girl better than anyone, but if you cannot come up with a new reason for joy, remember past funny experiences or funny situations.

50. Joint photoshoot

When was the last time you took photos together? On your wedding day 10 years ago? Perhaps it’s time to schedule a meeting with the photographer.

The girl will be very pleased that you organized a photoshoot, and evidence of the facts of this event will remain with you for many years.

51. Surprise during working hours

All girls are crazy about this kind of display of attention. And your friend will shine with joy when you send a bouquet of flowers directly to her office.

52. Slow dance

You can invite a girl to a nightclub, but to be honest, slow dance in the kitchen is 1000 times more romantic. You don’t even need a slow composition. Just take her hand when she is having lunch or cooking, and dance with her for a minute.

53. Touch her hand (shoulder) when talking to her

This is a nice gesture that shows the girl that you really feel close to her, especially since it requires almost no effort. Cool, isn’t it?

When you touch a girl in this way, it is always romantic, sensual, and also saturated with notes of sincerity and respect.

54. Put a surprise in the refrigerator

Put a delicious cupcake, chocolate bar or a bottle of her favorite wine in the refrigerator with the note “For you!”. Thus, the girl will be able to immediately relax, having come home after a hard working day.

55. Joint shopping

This is a tedious task for most men, but you can really make a girl nice. Just treat shopping as a joint pastime.

In addition, realizing that shopping is not the most pleasant event for you, the girl will make you a response gesture many times more likely.

56. Train her

Teach the girl to shoot firearms, play billiards, cook perfect skewers, ride ATVs or fish.

In addition to having fun, you can increase your ego, because you will prove to be a very experienced master in your field.

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