How to do foot scrub at home?

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Foot scrub: We used to care for the face and hands – they are always in sight, but footsteps care is needed almost more caring. Our legs hold us all day – and weight, sometimes considerable, and even in heels! – you get swelling, abrasions, calluses, corns, cracks, and trauma. Comfortable shoes we wear not always – many women think about fashion and appearance more than health. And the legs get less attention than other parts of the body: after all rough and chapped skin in the shoes and especially the boots! – not visible.

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In the summer we care for the feet to wear sandals and walk the beaches “in all its glory”. Meanwhile, winter is the time for careful foot care, all day “business” in a closed and “nonbreathable” shoes. Homemade scrubs for legs is a great way to maintain healthy feet and to deal with most problems, from peeling and dryness to cracks and calluses. However, until recently, better not to bring.

Using scrubs for feet at home 1-2 times a week, you can return the feet soft and smooth, and the bioactive points on the feet about 100, – will be better able to work for the benefit of the health of all internal organs.

Foot Scrub

What is the use

Homemade scrubs for feet have many useful effects.

Cleanse the skin from dead skin layers, accelerate the renewal process of epidermal cells, relieve foot fatigue, return feet smooth and soft, stimulate circulation, increase the protective properties, etc.

More homemade scrubs contain ingredients rich in vitamins and other nutrients – so nourish the skin. When the ingredients-abrasives clean the dermis mechanically, the nutrients are easier to get inside.

Useful any scrubs for legs at home – for example, scrubs, nourishing scrubs-masks-and-cream-scrubs, but choose based on the stop condition. Cause scrubs, usually on a pre-steamed skin.

Scrubs-peels from the stratum corneum

Most “handy” household abrasives to scrub-peeling – salt and sugar: always on hand and easy to wash off.

Salt scrub-exfoliation for feet

To make exfoliating scrub for feet at home, salt, regular or large sea, rich in minerals, is mixed with vegetable oil – the primacy of the olive, and Scrabulous foot after the soda bath.

You can use this: salt (3 tablespoons) with Apple cider (wine, balsamic) vinegar and honey (1 tbsp); after the rinse oil cream.

Scrub with shower gel (20 ml), sugar (50 g) and favorite fragrance oil (3-4 drops) is used in the same way, processing of the foot (shins, knees and elbows): clears skin, reduces tiredness after a busy day.

Homemade honey nut peeling with the strongly coarsened skin of feet. In a coffee grinder to grind into medium crumb hazelnuts or almonds (7-8 pieces), add 1 tbsp of oatmeal and the same amount of honey, 2 tbsp thick cream (or 4 tbsp. of plain yogurt). Foot massage 5 minutes in circular movements, rinse with cool water: dead cells are removed, skin is softened and becomes smooth.

Popular exfoliation with fresh tomato and a relatively small sea salt. On the big tomato without skin – 1 tbsp salt to turn into the puree and gently massage for 3-5 minutes. Rinse with warm water, apply the cream.

Exfoliating scrub with lactic acid

Exfoliating Scrub With Lactic Acid

The fashionable process of “peeling socks” can be made at home, bought at the pharmacy lactic acid. Dilute it with water so that the concentration does not exceed 20%. Solution soak cropped cotton socks (leave the bottom part of the foot) and slide, and the top is plastic bags. With packages on the legs, you can walk around the apartment, doing business, and you can go to relax. Remove them 2 hours later, feet wash with warm water and oil cream. To do so for about a week. The result – on the 2nd – 3rd day: start the peeling, the skin will “move layers”, but to tear them away is impossible. Continue the procedure and soon feet will be soft and young.

Mask-scrub for feet

The most “favorite” legs masks include chocolate, nourish and moisturize the skin, making it elastic and velvet.

Chocolate mask-scrub for feet

Chocolate scrub for the feet a lot. “Eastern” called the scrub-mask with cocoa powder, dark sugar and ground coffee (1 tbsp), spices (ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, ½ tsp) and olive oil (2-3 tbsp). “Milk” option easier: cocoa and sugar (1 tbsp) with warm milk. Both mixtures are applied on a steamed skin. Massage 5 minutes, rinse with warm water.

For sensitive skin legs – “superfood” scrub at home with butter (2 tsp), raw egg yolks of quail eggs (2 pieces) and walnut flour (walnuts, 2 tbsp). Melted butter, all mix; keep on steamed skin for 3-5 min, massage 2-3 minutes and rinse. You can take chicken eggs.

Cereal is cheaper, but like the legs, like chocolate. Mix them with different nutrients. The easiest way milk (cream): 2-3 tbsp of crushed cereal to dilute to the consistency of cream, apply, massage, leave on for 8-10 minutes and rinse.

Homemade face mask-foot scrub with cucumber: cleans, nourishes and refreshes. Small cucumber RUB on a medium grater, mix with 1 tbsp of cereal, let stand for 20 minutes. To massage the foot for 5-7 minutes in circular movements, rinse with warm and rinse with cool water, smear with cream.

Chocolate Mask-Scrub For Feet

In the same way, done peeling mask with cereal and fresh carrot juice (add a little finely grated raw carrot).

Exfoliating creams at home

Recipes-scrubs for feet in the home are less common, perhaps because such cosmetics includes less readily available ingredients. This is illustrated by the purchase of products, but women are not always satisfied with shopping options.

So, exfoliating product Effect company Freedom gathered a lot of unflattering reviews, “feet dry – rough”, “nonsense”, “a little confused, ineffective effect” and others have “soft scrub, moisturize, refresh, remove inflammation and provide comfort.” Well, you can create a “home effect”, combining the main components of the composition. Peach pit house grind will not work – they can be replaced with nuts, mix with white clay, peach oil, glycerin, and witch hazel extract – a plant with many beneficial properties: antioxidant, anti-aging, anti-fungal and. To buy at the pharmacy or online store. This scrub will have to wash off, although often after applying such funds, it is recommended to dispense water, simply wipe the feet with a wet or dry cloth.

You can make it easier by buying cream for feet with witch hazel – for example, soothing with shark fat, or “Praxedis” domestic manufacturer of cosmetics Euro passport, and mixing it with scrubbing particles. A good ingredient for homemade cream of scrubs will be granules of polyethylene: they are in stores selling products for soap making, and in some cosmetic departments, and are cheap.

Exfoliating Creams At Home

Pellets will be tender and delicate homemade scrub cream for feet if you add the melted beeswax and jojoba oil (to the consistency of cream), essential oils of bergamot and fir (3-5 drops). A similar composition is a cream scrub for the feet of the Belarusian producer Belita: one of those times when you can’t rinse and wipe dry with a towel. Apply available as steamed, and dry skin.

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