Bananas: Everyone’s favorite banana is a native of Malaysia, which is located in Southeast Asia. This perennial herb belongs to the family of banana and is now grown in almost all tropical countries. Malaysian wild-growing bananas can no longer be found because breeders have brought out new cultivated varieties with an improved taste that are being exported. This business is a very significant part of the profits of many countries because the largest export bananas are in fourth place after rice, wheat and corn. And it is not surprising, because a banana is an independent food product, and not an addition to the main food, as many people think. This is what we now have to find out.


The rich composition of vitamins and minerals

Vitamins in the composition of banana

Banana contains a huge amount of nutrients that can prevent many diseases, help in getting rid of certain ailments and simply to bring pleasure to their great taste. See for yourself: the composition of the banana has vitamin C – famous wrestler with aging. It acts as an antioxidant, that is, attaches to itself the free electrons, giving them the potential to adversely affect the cells of the body. This vitamin also prevents the impact of infectious diseases in all organs.

Another vitamin in the composition of the banana – Infamous because it allows you to maintain a healthy three most important components of female beauty: skin, hair and nails. If this vitamin is sufficient, the skin is not too dry, nails do not break and become thinner, the hair remains strong and healthy. About the carotene contained in the banana, and say nothing. The presence of this substance in the banana says that the lovers of this fruit will greatly reduce the occurrence of heart and vascular diseases, protect yourself from cancer and will significantly delay the aging process in your body. Vitamin E is also very valuable. It is an antioxidant, prevents the development of thrombosis and very beneficial for the skin. Thus, banana contains two vitamin that helps maintain youthfulness. So anti-aging properties of the banana are due to its rich composition of essential vitamins.

Mineral composition of banana

Mineral composition of banana

With regard to the mineral substances in the composition of the banana, the first thing you should pay attention to is potassium. Is a mineral well normalizes water balance in the body, helps to smooth muscles (including cardiac muscle), affects blood concentrations and maintains normal acid-alkaline balance of the body. Specialists, nutritionists believe that two bananas a day are enough to intake a sufficient amount of potassium.

Not less important and useful for human health is contained in the banana, the amino acid tryptophan, which the human body produces serotonin, more known under the name “happiness hormone”. Serotonin is produced in certain organs, and increasing vitality. Many have noticed that after eating the banana-the other they have increased mood, there is energy, feel happier and want to literally move mountains. This is all the influence of the hormone serotonin.

It should only remember that the food – not tablets that operate on the principle of “drink better”. With bananas, it will not work. But how to benefit from a banana? Easy: like any mildly active substance, useful properties of banana require a systematic use – that is, the bananas need to eat slowly, but continuously, then the result and the benefits will certainly follow.

Useful properties and treatment banana

All the useful properties of banana make it an essential element for treatment of many diseases. Let’s bring some national recipes of treatment of a banana.

The use of banana under high pressure. If every day to eat one banana, it eliminates the need of taking drugs, because the banana will normalize the blood pressure. People with the overweight number of bananas should increase, but remember, banana is a nutritious product that contains a lot of carbohydrates. Try to eat bananas for Breakfast only.

Treatment the banana gastrointestinal tract. In exacerbations of gastritis with normal or increased acidity of the banana, its fibrous structure is better suited than any other fruit, because it does not irritate.

Swelling caused by heart failure. The ability of bananas to support the blood and regulate the water metabolism in the body will help patients with this diagnosis medications Supplement delicious the fruit. If the swelling is small, you can try a banana without drugs.

Useful properties of banana

The useful properties of the banana in diabetes. The fructose in bananas will not bring any harm to the suffering from diabetes. In addition, refreshes the blood, and bring excess water from the body.

Banana migraine. It is proved that migraine is often a consequence of a lack of serotonin in the body. The banana will help to fill this gap because it helps the formation of serotonin.

The useful properties of the banana with the lack of power. This symptom may be caused by different reasons, but to try the banana treatment is pleasant and helpful. Vitamins, carotene and serotonin will certainly bring the body to the missing energy. No wonder doctors advise athletes to eat bananas before and after training.

Age peculiarities. Children and the elderly are most vulnerable to infectious diseases, so they require the most complete and balanced nutrition. Banana is the best suited for this purpose.

Banana and weight. Bananas are so high in calories that to lose weight they don’t succeed. The fact that the banana contains a lot of starch, making it similar to a potato. However, in some period the starch is converted into fructose, but it is not very heartwarming wanting to lose weight – too much fructose is also not very good. So bananas and excess weight are best friends. Although one banana one has a fat man did not. Here there is a Golden rule: eat the banana – run to the gym. Burn extra calories, and everything will be fine.

Use for face and body

Proven effective benefits of banana for aging skin face and body. Thanks to the anti-aging properties, banana is often used in cosmetics, both home and professional. Give a few healthy recipes with banana for your face and body.

Use for face and body

  • Very good banana mask for smoothing the skin, take a banana and cream for removal of wrinkles – banana, egg yolk and sour cream for large pores on oily skin – banana and lemon juice. The proportions arbitrary, it takes about one banana and one teaspoon of everything else. Apply it on the face for 15 minutes, wash off with warm water. For the most noticeable effect is about 20 procedures. You can do them through the day.
  • Banana bath. A kilogram of mashed banana, 2 tbsp of olive oil is placed in a bath of warm water. Bath shall be made within 20 minutes, then a warm shower. Body skin is young and smooth.
  • “Energy mask”. Half banana, one slice of orange are mixed and this mass is applied to clean skin for 15 minutes. It’s like an explosion of youth for skin cells!
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